Legislative Intern Program

ROA is a congressionally chartered non-profit military service organization.  Our focus is on Reserve and National Guard issues to promote national security through a strong Reserve Component.

The ROA internship program is an exciting opportunity for students who want to understand how Congress takes on the business of running the government.  Your view of the headlines and what the government does or does not do will never be the same.

After an internship at ROA you will understand what the press gets right or wrong, how to read between the lines and how things that appear simple are always complicated.




"My time as a ROA intern was an incredibly enriching opportunity. Engaging with both Congressional and Pentagon officials on defense and military policy gave me the complete picture on how national security issues get prioritized and funded. This perspective has been invaluable in my career because I am now able to see an issue from multiple vantage points. Additionally, ROA afforded me the opportunity to work on meaningful projects like their legislative agenda, Congressional testimony, and position papers that had a high-level impact on the organization and national policy, while also giving me the freedom to explore topics that interested me. It is rare to find an organization like ROA that will not only entrust an intern with that level of responsibility but also really seek to integrate your personal interests into the work they are doing."   — Ben Booker




“I had the honor of serving as one of ROA's legislative and military research assistants in the summer of 2018. Though I had previously been active in politics, working on several state and federal campaigns, the experienced and professional staff really taught me quite a bit more. ROA isn't one of those get coffee or answer the phones internships. From day one, the legislative staff had me learning and working on real substantive assignments.

Very quickly I attended sit-downs with congressional staff, took notes on congressional hearings, and attended closed-door meetings with senior military staff. Additionally, I was periodically given independent assignments, for example, developing a video legislative update.

If you want to help advocate for the gallant citizen-soldiers fighting for our country in the reserve, have easy access to every member of the ROA organization with freedom of candid speech, and learn a heck of a lot about how Washington works, I would invite you to apply to an ROA internship.” 

— Owen Patterson