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What ROA is Doing for You!


ROA is the nation’s leading advocate for members of the Reserve Components, their families, and veterans of the Reserve force. Reserve service members face the unique burdens of balancing civilian and military commitments. Too often, the Reserve force is treated as an afterthought in law and policy, in modernization, training, use, and funding, and in benefits.

America’s citizen-warriors deserve a dedicated voice in creating government policy. ROA provides that voice.


ROA membership offers access to tools and resources to balance your military and civilian lives. From professional development to travel, ROA members can be sure to profit from everything ROA offers!

About ROA

ROA is America’s only exclusive advocate for the Reserve and National Guard – all ranks, all services.
With a sole focus on Reserve and National Guard issues, ROA promotes the development and execution of a legislative agenda that ensures an adequate national security through strong Reserve Components. Together, ROA’s members sound off in one voice for one mission.

Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

Over the past ten years our nation's Reserve Components have become essential to the capability of America’s total force – adaptable, operational, and battle-tested. ROA’s mission is simple: support our citizen-warriors and their mission through a commitment to a strong Reserve force and specialized attention to individual Reservists, their families and veterans of the Reserve force.  We call that Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

Reserve Strength

  • Vigorous advocates fighting for a strong national defense with a strong Reserve force as an essential partner in the total force
  • A trusted, influential, and effective voice in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill
  • Policy experts leveraging RC-specific knowledge for your needs
  • Leaders in the effort to sustain the resources necessary for a trained, equipped & operational RC
  • A legislative agenda dedicated to the needs of Reservists

Reserve Life

  • A dependable source for Reservist career counseling both military and civilian
  • A trusted source for Professional Military Education
  • Civilian employment assistance for Reservists
  • A center for the most reliable deployment and transition resources for Reservists and their families

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