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One Voice, One Fight

As Reserve duty has changed so has ROA. We may have been founded in 1922, but today's ROA is more dynamic than ever. Providing the tools, resources, support and education Reservists and their families need to succeed in and out of uniform. After 90 years we're also an organization on the move; expanding to serve more Reservists than ever. Today we’re proud to welcome NCO’s from all services. Because service isn’t about the rank on your sleeve, it’s about the sacrifice you make.

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Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

Over the past 10 years our nation’s Reserve Components have evolved into one of the most unique, adaptable and operational forces in the world. At ROA, our mission is simple: support these brave men and women and their mission through a commitment to a strong Reserve force and specialized attention to individual Reservists; a mantra we call Reserve Strength. Reserve Life. 

Reserve Strength

  • Vigorous advocates for a strong national defense with a strong Reserve force as a pillar
  • A trusted and reliable voice in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill
  • Policy experts leveraging their knowledge for your needs
  • Leaders in the effort to sustain the resources necessary for a trained, equipped & operational RC
  • A legislative agenda dedicated to the needs of Reservists

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Reserve Life

  • A dependable source for Reservist career counseling both military and civilian
  • The nation’s only law center dedicated to Reserve service members
  • A trusted source for Professional Military Education
  • Leading providers of civilian employment assistance for Reservists
  • A center for the most reliable deployment and transition resources for Reservists and their families

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