The Confédération Interalliée des Officiers Médicaux de Réserve (CIOMR) or Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers is an association of the national medical services of the NATO member states and other nations associated with the CIOMR. 




In 1947, reserve medical officers from France, Belgium and the Netherlands set up the Interallied Association of Sanitary Officers of the Reserve (CIOMR, Conféderation Interalliée des Officiers Mèdicaux de Réserve).  It is an umbrella organization that has meanwhile joined together with the other national associations of reserve medical officers of all NATO member states.  ROAUS has been designated by the US Department of Defense to be the Executive Agent for CIOMR. The US delegation is comprised of ROA members and other selected individuals.


CIOMR is a politically independent and independent organization.  It makes significant contributions to strengthening the Alliance and to the further development of military medicine and security policy in its home countries through continuing education and training. The Presidency is a two year term which rotates on the same schedule as CIOR.

The delegates of the member associations meet each winter in the winter for a working session at NATO in Brussels and in the summer for a congress - coinciding with the CIOR Congress - in one of the member countries.  The sanitary officers of the reserve should as CIOMR delegates represent as many medical specialties and approvals as possible: human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy (pharmacists), in some countries academically trained nurses, technical medical officers and medical officers in military staffs.


CIOMR's scientific events cover all areas of military medicine (war surgery, hygiene, prevention, epidemiology, psychiatry, dentistry, veterinary subjects, etc.), with recognized experts from the fields of science, diplomacy, military, politics and public relations as speakers.  But the CIOMR delegates themselves also give scientific lectures.  As part of the summer congress, CIOMR is organizing an international first aid competition with CIOR, in particular with the referees.

The tasks and goals of CIOMR can be defined as follows:

  • Building close professional relations between the medical officers and the sanitary services of the reserve within the Alliance;
  • Studying and discussing important topics that should be incorporated into the medical service training;
  • Promoting efficient cooperation with the medical services of the armed forces;
  • Participation as active observers in the working groups of COMEDS (NATO Committee of Inspectors of Sanitation of NATO countries) to improve the medical training of all medical officers for their tasks.
Officers of the US CIOMR Delegation

U.S. CIOMR Vice President

U.S. CIOMR Delegation Secretary General

Currently all meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


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