Joint Officers Professional Development Seminars

JOPDS is one of the premier professional development opportunities available to our younger officers and is one of the only professional development seminars to emphasize joint service participation. To date, more than a thousand young officers from all services have benefited from these ROA events.

JOPDS Agendas Feature:

  • Senior officer speakers and briefings from the Reserve components
  • Exclusive mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Leadership development and training by well-respected service leaders and commanders
  • Interacting with Senior Officers–open forum panel

What past attendees of has said:

"From day one, the hands-on officer professional development and interactive speakers made a lasting impression on me. I will take this experience with me forever."

"Every JO can benefit from JOPDS - I will be sure to carry this message back to my commander and my unit. JOPDS was an excellent opportunity to expose JOs to senior leaders and potential mentors."

"The information I received here is priceless in helping us with our careers and professional growth - ROA, thank you."


Open to all serving Reservists (O1-O4 and WO1-CW4). Funding is the individual's responsibility.

Registration and Payment:

Registration fees cover administration costs, daily meeting room fees, audio/visual charges and other services provided by the hotel. Additionally, the registration fee includes the costs of two breakfasts, two dinners, and one lunch.  This is a reimbursable expense and a receipt will be included in your registration package for your travel voucher.
*This seminar is a reimbursable expense if authorized on orders.


Duty uniform for daytime events.  Business casual for evening activities.

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