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One Voice, One Fight

As Reserve duty has changed so has ROA. Founded in 1922 by General Blackjack Pershing to support a U.S. military policy that will provide adequate national security, today’s ROA is more dynam­ic than ever. We’re providing the tools, resources, support and education Reservists and their families need to succeed in and out of uniform. We’re an or­ganization on the move; serving more Re­servists than ever. ROA is proud to welcome NCOs from all branches of service. Because service isn’t about your rank, it’s about what you do.

Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

America’s Reserve Compo­nents are one of the most unique, adapt­able and operational forces in the world. At ROA, our mission is simple: support these brave men and women and their mission through a commitment to strong Reserve Components. Our focus is the resourcing, education, training, use and care of the Reserve and Guard, their families, and veterans of the Reserves. We call that Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

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Legislative Agenda 
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Reserve Strength

  • Advocate for a strong national defense with a robust Reserve force as a pillar
  • A trusted and credible voice in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill
  • Policy experts leveraging knowledge for a better Reserve force
  • Leaders in the effort to get the resources for a capable operational RC
  • A legislative agenda dedicated to the needs of Reservists

Reserve Life

  • A dependable source for RC career counseling, both military and civilian
  • A trusted source for Professional Military Education
  • A growing network of military professionals
  • Leading providers of civilian employment assistance for Reservists
  • Deployment and transition resources for Reservists and their families.
  • Affinity and lifestyle products and services

Why Join ROA?

ROA is the only national military association 100-percent focused on advocacy for the Reserve Components,their families and veterans. Supporting the Reserve Components is part of what some other groups do - it's all that ROA does.

America relies on its Reserve Components as never before. That isn't going to change. Yet, the flow of budget dollars often shortchanges your service. Your membership in ROA helps ensure the Reserve force has the funding, equipment, and congessional support you need to be ready.

ROA members get direct access to resources tailored to today's serving members of the Reserve, National Guard, and their families. The heart of ROA's value proposition is its unrivaled, effective advocacy for you in Washinton. Membership brings benefits from professional developement to student loan consolidation, and more:

Who is Eligible?

Any person who is a currently serving, retired, or former member of the federal uniformed services – Active or Reserve Components of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, USPHS, NOAA, or National Guard – who at any time upon entering the federal uniformed services took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and, if no longer serving, whose separation occurred under honorable conditions.

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