A respected presence in the halls of both Congress and the Department of Defense, ROA leads our national efforts supporting the reserve components so that together we might keep America strong and ready. Many of our Reserve Component members have served our country faithfully for a number of years, while never spending the requisite time on active duty to garner a DD214 for their efforts. Learn more how you can help to support Senate Bill S. 1360, Reserve Component DD-214 Act of 2019.

For more than 90 years the Reserve Officers Association has been the only organization dedicated to supporting Reservists and their critical role in national defense.  Reserve service carries unique burdens and for more than nine decades, the Reserve Officers Association has been the nation’s leading advocate for lifelong support in recognition of these unprecedented contributions to the cause of freedom.

Since 1922, ROA has championed the cause of Reservists at home and on the battlefield. The evolution of that mission has helped protect the rights and benefits of individual Reservists while preserving a strong and capable Reserve force as a critical component to our national security. 

Whenever and wherever they have been called to the colors, America’s Reserve forces have been ready, resilient, and reliable. Through evolving roles and missions, the face of Reserve service may have changed, but the call to duty has remained the same. Reservists of every background and branch have shared the sacrifice of service to their country; from duty at home, to Europe to Vietnam, the Pacific to Southwest and Southcentral Asia. Bravery in the face of burden, honor despite hardship; these are the tenets that have defined Reserve service for nearly a century. 

Like the service members we represent, ROA has evolved. Our nation’s Reserve Components have emerged as one of the most unique, adaptable and operational forces in the world. With reverence to the unprecedented sacrifices of this generation of Reservists, today ROA’s mission is simple: support these brave men and women through a commitment to a fundamental ethos of  Reserve Strength and Reserve Life.

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