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2019 Law Reviews
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No. 19020 SCRA Amended regarding Voting Rights of Military Spouses
No. 19019 New SCRA Amendment Changes the Treatment of Military Spouses for State Income Tax Purposes
No. 19018 Returning to a Federal Civilian Job while on Terminal Leave
No. 19017 Service Member Hearing Loss May Be Caused by Defective Earplugs
No. 19016 Don’t Try To Work at your Civilian Job while you Are on Active Duty—Part 3
No. 19015 Applying USERRA to the National Guard Technician
No. 19014 Small Sacrifices from all Will Make the All-Volunteer Military Work
No. 19013 The Court Must Grant a 90-day Continuance to the Absent Service Member Who Applies for a Stay and Meets the Statutory Conditions
No. 19012 Yes, the SCRA Applies to Child Custody Proceedings
No. 19011 USERRA Rights of the Returning Veteran
No. 19010 Section 1044b of Title 10 Requires Local Governments To Accept and Act upon Military Powers of Attorney
No. 19009 Who Is Eligible for Military Legal Assistance?
No. 19008 Who Can Act as a Notary within the U.S. Military?
No. 19007 You Need a Military Power of Attorney
No. 19006 It Is Not Illegal for a Reservist who Is a Lawyer To Represent an Individual with a Claim against the Federal Government
No. 19005 Accrual of Annual Leave as a Federal Civilian Employee—Credit for Prior Active Duty
No. 19004 Relationship between 5 U.S.C. 8332(c)(2) and 38 U.S.C. 4318
No. 19003 In a Lawsuit, you Don’t Get a Mulligan
No. 19002 My Civilian Employer Strenuously Objects to my Enlistment
No. 19001 How Much Military Leave Am I Entitled to under USERRA

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