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2019 Law Reviews
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No. 19113 You Are Required To Provide Documentation to your Employer when Applying for Reemployment After a Period of Service of 31 Days or More
No. 19112 Another Favorable Appellate Case on Section 4311 of USERRA
No. 19111 Disabled Veteran Federal Civilian Employees Have the Right To Time off from their Civilian Jobs for Medical Treatment—Is it Limited to Treatment for Service-Connected Disabilities?
No. 19110 The Military Record Is Wrong about the dates I Drilled in August 2009
No. 19109 USERRA Protects all Absences from Work that Were Necessitated by your Uniformed Service
No. 19108 USERRA Gives you the Right To Be Absent from Work When your Absence Is “Necessitated by Reason of Service in the Uniformed Services”
No. 19107 Seventh Circuit Reverses the Northern District of Illinois in a USERRA Case
No. 19106 DOD Instruction 1205.12 Is Wrong and Should Be Rewritten
No. 19105 The Coast Guard and USERRA’s Five-Year Limit-The Title 14 Section Numbers Have Changed
No. 19104 Recent Favorable Appellate Court Decision on USERRA
No. 19103 Sorry, but I Don’t Have a Magic Wand
No. 19102 The Definitive Reference on USERRA—2019 Edition
No. 19101 DOJ Sues Walmart for Violating USERRA
No. 19100 You Have the Right To Terminate your Apartment Lease when you Go on Active Duty
No. 19099 Multiple Tours of Active Duty with Short Breaks
No. 19098 Logjam at the MSPB—When Will it ever End?
No. 19097 Important 2018 Supreme Court Case on SEC ALJs—What Does it Mean for MSPB AJs?
No. 19096 I Have Been Denied the Right To Telework because of my USAR Service
No. 19095 Your Civilian Employer Cannot Make You Quit the Army Reserve, but the Army Reserve May Screen you out Because you Are a Key Employee.
No. 19094 ROA Member Honored for Representing Service Members with USERRA Claims
No. 19093 USERRA Lawsuit against SWA Is Settled
No. 19092 Under USERRA, You Are Entitled to Imputed Earnings during The Time You Were Away from Work for Service
No. 19091 Your County Government Employer Does Not Have Sovereign Immunity under the 11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
No. 19090 Court Can Use its Equity Powers To Enforce USERRA
No. 19089 DOJ Sues Coahoma County Sheriff for Flouting USERRA
No. 19088 Veterans Preference Under Washington Initiative 1000
No. 19087 Do I Have To Work on my Day Off? Part Two
No. 19086 The Federal Reemployment Statute Has Had many Names
No. 19085 The Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act Does Not Require Employers To Notify Employees about USERRA
No. 19084 The Company’s Personnel Director Is Not your Friend, and she Has No Obligation To Explain to you your Legal Rights
No. 19083 USERRA Is a Floor and not a Ceiling
No. 19082 Special Additional Sick Leave for New Federal Employees who Are Disabled Veterans
No. 19081 What Is a Reserve Component Technician?
No. 19080 Apply for Reemployment when you Return from Military Service although the Employer Purportedly Fired you on the way out the Door
No. 19079 Military Service during your Career as a Federal Civilian Employee—What Effect on your Civilian Retirement?
No. 19078 You Have only One Domicile—Be Certain and Consistent
No. 19077 Domicile and Residence for Tax Purposes of the Spouse of the Active Duty Service Member
No. 19076 Don’t Sleep on your Rights, because if you Snooze you Lose
No. 19075 You Can Have the Right to Reemployment in more than one Job
No. 19074 State Laws Protecting the Civilian Jobs of National Guard Members on State Active Duty—Do they Apply to Federal Employees?
No. 19073 Full Pay while on the Basic 15 Days of Paid Military Leave, But only Differential Pay during the Extra 22 Days
No. 19072 The Department where you Worked Has Been Abolished—That Does Not Necessarily Mean that you Don’t Have the Right to Reemployment
No. 19071 Mobilization Interrupts Start of New Job
No. 19070 New Department of the Navy Memo on USERRA’s Five-Year Limit
No. 19069 Federal Employee away from Work for Uniformed Service Is Entitled to Step Increase upon Reemployment, Not during Service
No. 19068 Fast Approaching Deadline To Apply for Refund
No. 19067 You Don’t Need Prior Approval of your Federal Agency Employer To Join a Reserve Component of the Armed Forces
No. 19066 You Must Meet USERRA’s Five Conditions for Reemployment to have the Right to an Accommodation for a Service-Connected Disability or The Right to the Special Protection against Discharge
No. 19065 The Bladensburg Memorial Is Safe because the Supreme Court Reversed the Fourth Circuit.
No. 19064 Supreme Court Case on VA Benefits
No. 19063 Excellent New Appellate Case on USERRA
No. 19062 New Army Memorandum on USERRA’s 5-Year Limit
No. 19061 National Guard Technicians Are Sometimes Treated Unjustly
No. 19060 Where Does Congress Get the Authority To Overrule a Supreme Court Decision?
No. 19059 Reserve Component Service Members Deserve To Receive a DD-214 Regularly
No. 19058 ROA Member Writes the Definitive Treatise on Military Family Law
No. 19057 Supreme Court Explains the Hybrid Federal-State Nature of the National Guard
No. 19056 USERRA Coverage of National Guard Personnel
No. 19055 Unfavorable Virginia Supreme Court Decision on Enforcing USERRA against State Government Agency Employers
No. 19054 National Guard Technicians Who Are away from Technician Jobs for Title 10 Active Duty Are Entitled to 15 Days per Year of Paid Military Leave under 5 U.S.C. 6323
No. 19053 They Told me that my Orders Are “USERRA-Exempt.” Does that Mean that I Don’t Get my Job back?
No. 19052 Is she Entitled to Seniority and Pension Credit for the Entire Period of Absence from the Job Necessitated by her Service?
No. 19051 The Federal Circuit Reverses the MSPB yet again
No. 19050 Blue Water Sailors Who Were Exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and later Suffered from Designated Diseases Must Now Receive VA Compensation
11.0—Veterans’ claims
No. 19049 National Guard Technicians Are Precluded from Receiving Paid Military Leave under Section 6323 of Title 5 When they Are on Active Guard & Reserve (AGR) Duty But not when they Are on other Forms of Active Duty
No. 19048 Applying USERRA to a Religious School Teacher
No. 19047 DOJ Sues the Warren County Board of Education again
No. 19046 How Much Notice Must I Give my Employer?
No. 19045 Relationship between USERRA and State Law and Union Agreements
No. 19044 New USERRA Class Action Lawsuit against American Airlines
No. 19043 Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage that Is Not through your Civilian Job
No. 19042 A Person Leaving a Civilian Job to Go on Active Duty Has the Right to Terminate his or her Civilian Health Insurance Coverage and to Reinstate it upon Reemployment
No. 19041 Enforcing USERRA against a Federal Agency Employer
No. 19040 How Do I Get Free DOJ Representation for my USERRA Claim?
No. 19039 Congratulations to DOL and DOJ for Successfully Resolving a USERRA Violation by a Small Business in Virginia
No. 19038 Actively Participating Reserve Component Members Sue L-3 Communications for Hiring Discrimination and Case Settles
No. 19037 Army Command’s Civilian Personnel Office Needs To Be Retrained on USERRA
No. 19036 Forced Arbitration-I Regret that I Did Not Know then (1991) What I Know Now (2019)
No. 19035 Forced Arbitration of USERRA Disputes
No. 19034 Am I Required To Exhaust Remedies through the Union Agreement before I Sue my Employer For Violating USERRA? No
No. 19033 USERRA Precludes Employer-Initiated Lawsuits
No. 19032 Don’t Conflate the Five-Year Limit with the 90-day Deadline To Apply for Reemployment
No. 19031 USERRA Protects Absence from a Civilian Job for Military Medical Examination but not Treatment
No. 19030 USERRA Protects Absence from Civilian Job for Examination To Determine Fitness To Serve
No. 19029 Employer Must Make Prompt Payments to Employee’s Retirement Account after Employee Returns from Military Service
No. 19028 The SCRA Forbids Non-Judicial Foreclosure of the Personal or Real Property of the Active Duty Service Member
No. 19027 Where to Find Federal and State Laws Online that Protect Students whose Educational Careers Are Interrupted by Military Service
No. 19026 New Lawsuit against Southwest Airlines for Violating USERRA
No. 19025 More on the USERRA Pension Rights of the Airline Pilot
No. 19024 USERRA and Pension Rights of Airline Pilots
No. 19023 Blue Water Sailors Who Were Exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and later Suffered from Designated Diseases Are now Likely To Receive VA Compensation
No. 19022 New Department of the Air Force Memorandum on USERRA’s Five-Year Limit and the Exemptions from the Limit
No. 19021 SCRA Amended regarding Terminating Certain Leases and Contracts
No. 19020 SCRA Amended regarding Voting Rights of Military Spouses
No. 19019 New SCRA Amendment Changes the Treatment of Military Spouses for State Income Tax Purposes
No. 19018 Returning to a Federal Civilian Job while on Terminal Leave
No. 19017 Service Member Hearing Loss May Be Caused by Defective Earplugs
No. 19016 Don’t Try To Work at your Civilian Job while you Are on Active Duty—Part 3
No. 19015 Applying USERRA to the National Guard Technician
No. 19014 Small Sacrifices from all Will Make the All-Volunteer Military Work
No. 19013 The Court Must Grant a 90-day Continuance to the Absent Service Member Who Applies for a Stay and Meets the Statutory Conditions
No. 19012 Yes, the SCRA Applies to Child Custody Proceedings
No. 19011 USERRA Rights of the Returning Veteran
No. 19010 Section 1044b of Title 10 Requires Local Governments To Accept and Act upon Military Powers of Attorney
No. 19009 Who Is Eligible for Military Legal Assistance?
No. 19008 Who Can Act as a Notary within the U.S. Military?
No. 19007 You Need a Military Power of Attorney
No. 19006 It Is Not Illegal for a Reservist who Is a Lawyer To Represent an Individual with a Claim against the Federal Government
No. 19005 Accrual of Annual Leave as a Federal Civilian Employee—Credit for Prior Active Duty
No. 19004 Relationship between 5 U.S.C. 8332(c)(2) and 38 U.S.C. 4318
No. 19003 In a Lawsuit, you Don’t Get a Mulligan
No. 19002 My Civilian Employer Strenuously Objects to my Enlistment
No. 19001 How Much Military Leave Am I Entitled to under USERRA

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