2017 Convention Wrapup
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 2017 ROA National Convention Photos

Additional program, awards, and banquet photo coverage can be viewed online HERE
and on CAPT Henry Plimack's Flickr page HERE

During the RC Chiefs panel Saturday, USAFR Staff Sgt. April Hill asks her boss, Lt. Gen. Maryanne Miller, chief of the Air Force Reserve, about initiatives she is taking to inform her command about ROA.  General Miller has indicated that she will support a broader understanding in the USAFR of ROA’s constructive role. Staff Sergeant Hill is a security forces defender and career advisor, drilling at Andrews AFB, Maryland; she works as a program manager with Amazon in Atlanta. She was subsequently elected Air Force Junior Vice President. (Selma Smulders photo.)
Former Under Secretary of the Army and U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy offers banquet keynote remarks. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

Banquet Reserve Sentry Spotlights USAR Maj. Dan Rousseau and wife USAR Capt. Lisa Rousseau, USAFR Sr. Airman Julimar Fuentes, and USNR Cmdr. Eric Brown. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

Lisa Korade, wife of ROA’s Naval Services Director retired Capt. Brett Korade, is flanked by Coast Guardsmen Rick Thomas (port) and Gary Ausman (starboard), both retired captains and both Semper Paratus. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

ROA President Sweeney presents DoD Public Affairs Specialist David Nokes with the National President’s Award. (Geoff Chesman photo.)  

National President Col. James R. Sweeney II, USMC (Ret.) offers his thoughts as he closes out his term of office. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

Capt. Richard L. Kallemeier, USN (Ret.) shows the banquet how to “Sail on to victory, and sink their bones to Davy Jones.” Applauding his seaborne comrade, President-elect Lt. Col. Don Stockton, USAFR (Ret.) keeps the beat. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

Going off into the wild blue, USAFR Sr. Airman April Hill and Lt. Col. Layne Wroblewski give ‘em the Air Force song gun. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

Representing Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, retired Army Brig. Gen. Carol Eggert, Senior Vice President, Military and Veteran Affairs, accepts from STARs Foundation chairman Col. Margaret Cope, USAFR (Ret.), ROA’s Nathan Hale Award for exemplary support of ROA and the nation’s Reserve Force. (Geoff Chesman photo.)

United Healthcare Military & Veterans President Dr. John Mateczun, a retired Navy vice admiral, with his Twice the Citizen Award for support of the Reserve Force and ROA. (Geoff Chesman photo.)