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2017 Law Reviews
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No. 17127 USERRA Applies to Small Employers
No. 17126 You Don’t Need an Honorable Discharge To Have the Right to Reemployment under USERRA
No. 17125 SCRA Coverage for National Guard Members on Title 32 Duty
No. 17124 The SCRA and the Active Duty Service Member—Full-Time National Guard Duty Is Not Active Duty
No. 17123 New Federal Statute Protects Federal Employee Whistleblowers
No. 17122 Involuntary Service Does Not Count Toward Exhausting your Five-Year Limit under USERRA
No. 17121 You Are Entitled to Seniority and Pension Credit for the Entire  Period that you Were away from your Job for Military Service
No. 17120 The Five-Year Limit Is Based on your Periods of Service, Not Absence from the Civilian Job
No. 17119 Military Personnel Officers Need to Dot is and Cross Ts with respect to USERRA’s Five-Year Limit
No. 17118 The Collective Bargaining Agreement Cannot Deprive the Service Member of the Right To Bid on a Vacation Time
No. 17117 The Territorial Government of the United States Virgin Islands Does Not Have Sovereign Immunity with respect to USERRA Lawsuits
No. 17116 Enforcing USERRA against the State of Minnesota
No. 17115 Enforcing USERRA against a State—Good News from Texas
No. 17114 The MSPB Has Ground to a Halt
No. 17113 Using your Vacation Does Not Mean that the Period of Service Does Not Count toward the Five-year Limit
No. 17112 Yes, Your Son Can Have the Right to Reemployment after Regular Navy Service
No. 17111 Yes, a Reservist Can Be Entitled to Veterans’ Preference
No. 17110 Yes, USERRA Applies to 12304b Duty
No. 17109 Great New USERRA Victory in the 9th Circuit
No. 17108 School Principal and School District Violate SCRA in their Treatment of Deployed Service Member regarding School Registration
No. 17107 Don’t File an EEO Complaint for a USERRA Violation
No. 17106 Firing you Probably Violated USERRA
No. 17105 Executive Order Authorizes Air Force To Recall up to 1,000 Retired Aviators to Active Duty—Yes, they Will Have USERRA Rights
No. 17104 Being a Supervisor Is Part of the Status to which the Returning Veteran Is Entitled to under USERRA
No. 17103 Helping the Army Reserve Work Out Problems with the Civilian Employers of Army Reserve Soldiers
No. 17102 USERRA and the SCRA for the Military Recruiter
No. 17101 Relationship between USERRA and other Federal, State, and Local Laws and Ordinances
No. 17100 Urban Search and Rescue Personnel
No. 17099 FEMA Reservists Do Not Have Reemployment Rights under USERRA
No. 17098 The No FEAR Act Does Not Apply to Discrimination against Reserve Component Service Members
No. 17097 The Escalator Does Not Always Ascend
No. 17096 Location Is an Aspect of Status
No. 17095 In Computing your Civilian Pension Benefit, the Employer Must Look to what you Would Have Earned in the Civilian Job but for your Military Service
No. 17094 The Copyright Act Applies to the Federal Government
No. 17093 Reemployment Rights of Texas National Guard Members on Duty for Hurricane Harvey
No. 17092 Applying Section 4318 of USERRA to the Situation of a Returning National Guard Member
No. 17091 Recent Second Circuit Case about a Rape at West Point
No. 17090 Pension Credit for Military Service Time Is Not Limited to Five Years
No. 17089 Reinstate your Civilian Heath Insurance upon Reemployment
No. 17088 USERRA Gives you the Right To Continue your Civilian Health Insurance while you Are on Active Duty, But you Probably Don’t Want To
No. 17087 The Civilian Employer Does Not Get a Veto
No. 17086 Enforcing USERRA against a State Government Employer—Continued
No. 17085 New York City Expands its Human Rights Law To Protect Uniformed Service
No. 17084 An Instructive USERRA Case from the Central District of California
No. 17083 Accrual and Use of Vacation Before, During and After a Period of Military Service
No. 17082 Differential Pay for Federal Employees Voluntarily on Active Duty as National Guard or Reserve Service Members
No. 17081 DOJ Sues City of Glendale for Violating USERRA
No. 17080 Military and Overseas Voting in 2017
No. 17079 New Jersey’s Law against Discrimination Protects Service Members and Veterans
No. 17078 Military Retiree Must Wait 180 Days after Retirement To Start DOD Civilian Job
No. 17077 USERRA Rights of the Returning Veteran Trump the Rights of the Incumbent
No. 17076 USERRA and Federal Employees
No. 17075 Recent 5th Circuit Case on Rights of Reservist after Returning from Drill Weekend
No. 17074 Recent Case on Section 4311 of USERRA
No. 17073 New Case about USERRA and Disabled Veterans
No. 17072 The Federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Does Not Apply to National Guard Members on Full-time National Guard Duty, but such Members May Have SCRA-type Rights under State Law.
No. 17071 ROA Members File Class Action Lawsuit against Southwest Airlines
No. 17070 USERRA and Noncompete Agreements
No. 17069 ROA Testifies in Favor of Bill To Preclude Binding Arbitration of USERRA Disputes
No. 17068 The Definitive Reference on USERRA—2017 Edition
No. 17067 Relationship between USERRA and State Law on Pension Entitlements for Public Employees Who Serve in the Reserve Components
No. 17066 NELA Advocates for USERRA Improvements
No. 17065 Good News for VA Whistleblowers
No. 17064 We Must Maintain Employer Support for Reserve Component Members
No. 17063 Obtain a Duplicate DD-214
No. 17062 New Supreme Court Decision on Dividing Military Retired Pay in Divorce
No. 17061 Career Service Member Is Eligible To Vote in the Community where she Lived before Enlisting
No. 17060 Military Absentee Ballots Must Go Out at Least 45 Days Before Election Day
No. 17059 Person Entering Military Service Has the Right To Terminate an Apartment Lease
No. 17058 USERRA Rights of the Returning Disabled Veteran
No. 17057 Police Department Must Give Reemployed Service Member the Opportunity To Take a Make-up Promotion Examination
No. 17056 USERRA Does Not Permit a Declaratory Judgment Suit Initiated by the Employer
No. 17055 Don’t Carp about “Burdens” that Military Personnel Impose on the Rest of us
No. 17054 USERRA and Arbitration—Good News from Nebraska
No. 17053 Update on the Supreme Court “Stolen Valor” Decision
No. 17052 The State of Washington Pays out $13 Million for Violating USERRA and Washington’s Veterans’ Preference Law
No. 17051 USERRA and the 401(k) Account at your Pre-Service Employer
No. 17050 Yes, AFTPs are Protected by USERRA
No. 17049 DC Government Is Treated as a State for USERRA Purposes
No. 17048 Important New USERRA Case from the 6th Circuit—Part 2
No. 17047 Important New USERRA Case from the 6th Circuit
No. 17046 Duty Performed under 10 U.S.C. 12310 Does Not Count in Qualifying a Reserve Component Member To Receive RC Retirement before Age 60
No. 17045 Who Is the Named Plaintiff in a USERRA Lawsuit Initiated by DOJ?
No. 17044 USERRA Precludes Employer-Initiated Lawsuits
No. 17043 How to Avoid Losing Your Retirement by Going to Work for an Entity of a Foreign Government
No. 17042 Reserve Components Are a Repository of Cyber and other Critical Skills
No. 17041 PowerPoint Presentation on USERRA
No. 17040 With only one Remaining Member, the MSPB is Constrained
No. 17039 How Does the SCRA Section on Domicile and State Income Tax Liability Apply to Military Spouses?
No. 17038 Is it Lawful for the State where I Am Stationed but not Domiciled To Tax my Non-Military Income?
No. 17037 SCRA Makes It Unlawful for State To Consider the Service Member’s Military Income in Determining the Rate at which the Income of the Non-Military Spouse Is Taxed
No. 17036 USERRA and SCRA Coverage for National Guard Members Serving on “Full Time National Guard Duty”
No. 17035 USERRA Rights of Airline Pilot Injured while on Active Duty
No. 17034 The SCRA and Vehicle Registration
No. 17033
Can You Sue the State of Tennessee for Violating USERRA?
No. 17032 Enforcing USERRA against State Government Employers
No. 17031 How Does USERRA’s Escalator Principle Apply to Government Contractors
No. 17030 Is a National Guard Member on Active Duty Eligible To Vote in an NLRB Union Representation Election at her Civilian Workplace?
No. 17029 USERRA Applies all over the World to the United States Government and other United States Employers
No. 17028 Federal Employee Is Exempted from the Descending Escalator
No. 17027 Don’t Let USERRA’s Five-Year Limit Bite You
No. 17026 Please Help Preserve Hazlewood Act Educational Benefits in Texas
No. 17025 Don’t Expect the Employer To Help You Exercise your USERRA Rights
No. 17024 Don’t Apply for Reemployment until you Are Ready To Return to Work
No. 17023 Pro Bono Attorney Does Great Job for USERRA Claimant
No. 17022 USERRA and the Tax Bump
No. 17021 New FPCA Form Eliminates the Obnoxious Race Question
No. 17020 USERRA Information Available
No. 17019 Presidential Executive Order 13607 Establishes Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members, April 27, 2012: Expanded Coverage of 34 CFR 668.18 To Include Mobilizations of 30 Days or Fewer
No. 17018 USERRA and the CAA
No. 17017 Case Study in Proving a Violation of Section 4311 of USERRA
No. 17016 Proving a Violation of Section 4311 of USERRA: A Case Study
No. 17015 USERRA Makes It Unlawful for an Employer To Discriminate Against You Based on Regular or Reserve Military Service, Recently or Long Ago.
No. 17014 If a Reserve Component Service Member Is Called to or Retained on Active Duty for Medical Treatment, that Period of Active Duty Should Be Exempted from the Computation of the Member’s Five-Year Limit.
No. 17013 Because of NDAA 2017, National Guard Technicians No Longer Receive Paid Military Leave under 5 U.S.C. 6323 while on AGR Duty
No. 17012 Time for Act II of the MOVE Act: Five Proposed Overseas and Military Voting Reforms
No. 17011 Congress Amends USERRA To Provide Reemployment Rights to Urban Search and Rescue Personnel
No. 17010 USERRA Entitles You to Return to a Position of like Status
No. 17009 If you Are Claiming that the Firing Violates USERRA, you Can Appeal to the MSPB even if you Are a New Federal Employee
No. 17008 Am I Stuck with my “Domicile” in Puerto Rico?
No. 17007 Hazlewood Act’s Requirement of Texas Residence at Time of Enlistment Is Not Unconstitutional
No. 17006 Military Pension Division: The Frozen Benefit Rule
No. 17005 Don’t Forget the Agent Orange Sailors in the 115th Congress
No. 17004 Where Can I Go for Detailed Legal Information about USERRA?
No. 17003 Did I Waive my USERRA Rights as a Disabled Veteran when I Asked the Employer To Reinstate me and Put me on Sick Leave?
No. 17002-ExemptionMemo Navy's policy on exemptions from five-year limit
No. 17002-AF-Memo  Air Force Memo on Civilian Reemployment protections
No. 17002 USERRA and the Military Personnel Officer
No. 17001 Use of Rental Vehicle while on Federal Travel—Who Is Liable if I Cause an Accident



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