2015 Law Reviews

No. 15119 Check out the Law Review Library
No. 15118 Maintain your Domicile on the Indian Reservation To Avoid State Income Tax while on Active Duty
No. 15117 Maintain your Texas Domicile until you Retire and Leave Active Duty
No. 15116 New USERRA Primer
No. 15115 The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Has Moved
No. 15114 Voting by Active Duty Service Members and Severely Disabled Veterans in Presidential Caucuses and Conventions in 2016
No. 15113 The Service Member Has a Constitutional Right to Register and Vote in the Community where He or She Is Stationed
No. 15112 Which Employers Are Exempt from USERRA Enforcement?
No. 15111 Congress Should Amend USERRA To Provide for Enforcement against Indian Tribes as Employers
No. 15110 Unconstitutional for State to Tax Federal Pensions while Exempting State and Local Pensions
No. 15109 Amend the SCRA To Preclude Predispute Binding Arbitration Clauses
No. 15108 NDAA 2016 Fixes USERRA Glitch
No. 15107 Section 4311 of USERRA Protects Veterans as well as Currently Serving Reserve Component Members
No. 15106 Section 4311 of USERRA
No. 15105 Army Reservist Survives Summary Judgment in Section 4311 Case
No. 15104 Navy Reservist Survives Employer’s Motion for Summary Judgment but then Loses Jury Trial
No. 15103 Coast Guard Reservist Alleges USERRA Violations by Drug Enforcement Administration
No. 15102 What Is the Escalator Principle?
No. 15101 Location Is an Aspect of Status
No. 15100 The French Company Fired my Wife!
No. 15099 Under USERRA, the Employer Can Be Required To Pay the Prevailing Service Member’s Attorney Fees and Costs, but under no Circumstances Can the Service Member Be Required To Pay the Employer’s Fees and Costs
No. 15098 SSGT Baldo Bello’s USERRA Lawsuit against the Village of Skokie
No. 15097 As an Employer, New York City Mistreats Marine Corps Reserve Officer
No. 15096 Thou Shalt Not Politick while on Active Duty
No. 15095 Military Voting in 2016
No. 15094 Unfavorable Sixth Circuit USERRA Case
No. 15093 Having a National Guard Member as an Employee Is a Pain, But you Can Handle it.
No. 15092 2015 New Jersey Military Law Symposium
No. 15091 The National Guard Makes up more than Half of Reserve Component Strength
No. 15090 Does my Mother Lose her Military Widow Benefits if she Remarries?
No. 15089 Proposals to Improve USERRA
No. 15088 Does USERRA Provide for the Recovery of Nonpecuniary and Punitive Damages? No
No. 15087 Seventh Circuit Reverses Unfavorable District Court USERRA Decision
No. 15086 Sixth Circuit Reverses Unfavorable District Court USERRA Decision
No. 15085 Purchasing Federal Civilian Retirement Credit for Active Military Service before You Began Your Federal Civilian Career
No. 15084 Sometimes You Get Federal Employee Retirement Credit for Military Service, and Sometimes such Credit Is Precluded
No. 15083 Yes, You Can Purchase State Public Employee Retirement Credit for Service Academy Time, at Least in California
No. 15082 You Must Stay within the Five-Year Limit To Obtain Civilian Pension Credit for Military Service Time
No. 15081 You Must Leave Active Duty and Apply for Reemployment to Obtain Civilian Pension Credit for your Military Service Time
No. 15080 New NLRB Decision Points the Way to Stronger USERRA Enforcement
No. 15079 Unlawful for Federal Agency to Fire Employee for Contacting Congress
No. 15078 State Budget Crisis Does Not Excuse USERRA Violation
No. 15077 If You Sign a Vehicle Lease while not on Active Duty and then Go on Active Duty during the Term of the Lease, You Have the Right to Terminate the Lease
No. 15076 SCRA Precludes Oregon from Making you Pay State Income Tax in Oregon while you are Serving there in the PHS
No. 15075 USERRA Applies to Voluntary as well as Involuntary Military Service
No. 15074 Descending Escalator or Employer’s Changed Circumstances?
No. 15073 Recent Favorable USERRA Case from Massachusetts
No. 15072 Being a Nurse Practitioner, rather than simply a Registered Nurse, Is Part of the “Status” to which You Are Entitled upon Reemployment
No. 15071 New Air Force Memorandum on USERRA’s Five-Year Limit
No. 15070 What Happens when your Probationary Period Is Interrupted by a Call to the Colors?
No. 15069 It Is Unlawful for an Employer To Deny Initial Employment Based on Unavailability on the Start Date, When the Unavailability Is Based on Active Military Service.
No, 15068 ROTC and JROTC—What Is the Difference?
No. 15067 The Reemployment Statute Turns 75
No. 15066 Calling you an Independent Contractor Does Not Make you one.
No. 15065 It Is not your Responsibility To Document your Physical and Psychological Readiness To Return to Work
No. 15064 The MSPB Adjudicates Claims that Federal Executive Agencies Have Violated USERRA
No. 15063 New Favorable Case on Section 4311 of USERRA
No. 15062 Update on Angiuoni v. Town of Billerica
No. 15061 The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act only Protects Service Members
No. 15060 Beware of Asserting Inconsistent Claims
No. 15059 Does USERRA Provide for Disparate Impact Liability?
No. 15058 What Is “Chevron Deference?”
No. 15057 Returning to Police Officer Job with PTSD
No. 15056 What Is “Service in the Uniformed Services” for USERRA Purposes?
No. 15055 You Must Apply for Reemployment—Part 7
No. 15054 You Must Apply for Reemployment—Part 6
No. 15053 USERRA 101 Final Exam
No. 15052 Service Members Law Center–Six Years of Accomplishments and Continuing
No. 15051 Delaware Falls Short in Accommodating Deployed Service Members and Military Spouses
No. 15050 Reemployment Rights as an ANG Technician
No. 15049 Disability and Division of Benefits with Ex-Spouse
No. 15048 Military Service, Civil Service, Settlement and Sabotage
No. 15047 A Teaspoon of TSP
No. 15046 You Must Apply for Reemployment—Part 5
No. 15045 Reemployment Rights with the Successor in Interest
No. 15044 Does Section 4311 of USERRA Outlaw Employer Discrimination Based on a Service-Connected Disability?
No. 15043 Yes, You Have the Right to Vote under UOCAVA
No. 15042 USERRA Applies all over the World to U.S. Government, U.S. Companies, and Foreign Subsidiaries of U.S. Companies
No. 15041 Seniority for PHS Officers within the BOP Medical System
No. 15041-Update Seniority for PHS Officers; updated September 2015
No. 15040 You Must Apply for Reemployment—Part 4
No. 15039 Federal Law Protects Students Called to the Colors during a Semester, But it Does not Help the Student who Must Miss a few Days for Drills or Annual Training
No. 15038 Federal and State Laws Protect Students whoseEducational Careers Are Interrupted by Military Service
No. 15037 Reemployment Rights for Wounded Warriors
No. 15036 Time off from Work for Short Periods of National Guard Training
No. 15035 USERRA’s Five-Year Limit and the Initial Period of Obligated Service
No. 15034 Terminating Leases and Contracts when Entering Active Duty
No. 15033 Relationship between USERRA and Tennessee Law for Corrections Officers
No. 15032 State Law Protections for National Guard Members on State Active Duty
No. 15031 Santander Consumer USA Required To Pay $9.35M for Illegally Repossessing the Vehicles of Service Members
No. 15030 You Have the Right to Time off from your Teaching Job for Military Service, under both State and Federal Law
No. 15029 Judge Bucklo Gets it Wrong on USERRA
No. 15028 Why Aren’t Young Women Required to Register for Selective Service?
No. 15027 Under Current Law, not every Reservist Is a Veteran, But that Should Change
No. 15026 Missouri TAG Settles Case Alleging USERRA Violation
No. 15025 The Clean Hands Doctrine Applies in Reemployment Cases
No. 15024 Military Voting under UOCAVA
No. 15023 Please Don’t Take away my LQA!
No. 15022 Bill in Texas Legislature Would Provide Additional Benefits for State Employees Returning to State Employment after Military Service
No. 15021 Evans v. MassMutual Financial Group—Update
No. 15020 Call it the Escalator Principle, not the Elevator Rule
No. 15019 North Carolina Judge Reprimanded for Flouting SCRA
No. 15018 Computing the Five-Year Limit under USERRA
No. 15017 USERRA Applies to Local Police Department as Employer
No. 15016 Carter v. Siemens Update
No. 15015 Proving a USERRA Discrimination Case. Is it Lawful To Require the unsuccessful USERRA Plaintiff to Pay Court Costs?
No. 15014 Is it Lawful for the Employer to Make me Use Vacation Days for my Military Training and Service?
No. 15013 Yes, You Have 90 Days to Apply for Reemployment
No. 15012 Bill Introduced to Give Sick Leave Bonus to Wounded Warriors who Are new Federal Employees
No. 15011 Alabama School Districts Do Not Have 11th Amendment Immunity, Eleventh Circuit Holds
No. 15010 H.R. 22—The Hire More Heroes Act of 2015—Would it Help Unemployed Veterans to Find Jobs?
No. 15009 Applicability of USERRA to the Legislative and Judicial Branches
No. 15008 Congress Fixes the Fiscal Year Barrier Problem, but the Fix Is not Retroactive
No. 15007 To Get Pension Credit for Military Service, You Must Return to your Pre-Service Civilian Employer
No. 15006 Right to Reinstatement of Civilian Health Insurance upon Returning from Period of Uniformed Service-Continued
No. 15005 USERRA and Health Insurance
No. 15004 EEOC Obtains Great Settlement in ADA Case for Disabled Veteran
No. 15002 Is the NOAA Commissioned Corps a Uniformed Service for Purposes of USERRA?
No. 15001 What Is an Application for Reemployment?