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2014 Law Reviews
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No. 14102 USERRA in the New Mexico Supreme Court
No. 14101 We’re so Productive that We Are Being Sent Home Early
No. 14100 Sometimes Arbitration Does Work for USERRA Plaintiffs
No. 14099 My Colleagues Received a Bonus while I Was on Active Duty, and I Missed Out—Help!
No. 14098 A Great New Case on the Escalator Principle
No. 14097 OSC Honors Three VA Whistleblowers with “Public Servant of the Year Award”
No. 14096 USERRA Rights of RC Members Employed by University Police Department
No. 14095 Right to Health Insurance Reinstatement under USERRA
No. 14094 You Have 90 Days To Apply for Reemployment
No. 14093 USERRA Forbids Discrimination Based on Having Performed Uniformed Service or on Having Sued To Enforce USERRA
No. 14092 Working at Civilian Job during Drill Weekend
No. 14091 Harassment, Hostile Work Environment and Available Damages or Equitable Relief under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
No. 14090 Erickson v. United States Postal Service—The Saga Continues
No. 14089 Captain Wright Teaches NJ Lawyers about USERRA
No. 14088 UCMJ Reforms in the National Defense Authorization Act
No. 14087 DOJ Gets Serious about Suing States that Disenfranchise the Brave Young Men and Women Who Are away from Home and Prepared To Lay Down their Lives for our Country
No. 14086 Why two Absentee Ballots in 2014? When Can I Expect To Receive my State Ballot?
No. 14085 Please Contact your Local Election Official
No. 14084 The Period of Service, not the Period of Absence, Is Subject to the Five-Year Limit under USERRA.
No. 14083 Terminating an Apartment Lease upon PCS Orders
No. 14082 If I Am Selected for AGR Tour, Can I Get out of my Apartment Lease?
No. 14081 Does my Active Duty Time Count toward my Five-Year Limit under USERRA? Does the Time help me Qualify for Early Receipt of Reserve Retirement? That Depends....
No. 14080 The Supreme Court’s Recent Hobby Lobby Decision Is Unlikely to Present a Significant Problem in USERRA Enforcement.
No. 14079 MILITARY DIVORCE: Not Just any Attorney…
No. 14078 “Good to Go” (and Return!) Part 1: Unraveling the Rules
No. 14077 Judge Orders Navy Sailor on Sub in Pacific to Appear at Court Hearing in Michigan—Can She Do that?
No. 14076 DOJ Sues Adjutant General of Missouri for Violating USERRA and Survives Motion to Dismiss
No. 14075 Why Does the Service Members Law Center Provide Information to Persons Who Are Not ROA Members?
No. 14074 Right to Use Vacation Days for Military Service
No. 14073 After 42 Days of IMA Duty, How Long Do I Have to Report back to my Civilian Job?
No. 14072 Don’t Quit your Job if you Want to Sue under USERRA
No. 14071 USERRA Protections for National Guard Personnel
No. 14070 United Airlines Settlement Sets New USERRA Record
No. 14069 DOJ Reaches Settlement with Penske on USERRA Violations
No. 14068 Equal Civilian Retirement Credibility for all Branches of ROTC
No. 14067 Iowa Expands Benefits for Military Retirees
No. 14066 Military Leave and State University Policy
No. 14065 What Does "Employment at Will" Mean?
No. 14064 I Can't Find a Job Because of my Reserve Service
No. 14063 Federal Laws Restricting Post-Government Employment
No. 14062 Civilian Salaries, Military Compensation and the Impacts of Terminal Leave
No. 14061 That Promotion was Mine
No. 14060 How is my Civilian Pension Computed After Military Service?
No. 14059 EEOC Sues Employer for Firing Disabled Veteran
No. 14058 Calling Up Reserve Units During Domestic Emergencies - USERRA Impacts
No. 14057 New Recall Authority for Selected Reserve Units
No. 14056 Does SCRA Protect us from Non-Renewal of a Lease?
No. 14055 DOJ Sues Con-Way Freight for Violating USERRA
No. 14054 Three New Georgia Laws for Service Members
No. 14053 Progress for Service Members & Veterans in Indiana
No. 14052 I am Being Mobilized - Help!
No. 14051 DoD Proposes USERRA Amendments
No. 14050 USERRA, the Five-Year Limit, and Regular Army Service
No. 14049 USERRA and State Sovereign—Good News from Tennessee
No. 14048 Traumatic Service Group Life Insurance: The Basics
No. 14047 State and Local Government Employees Need Effective USERRA Protections
No. 14046 Marine Corps Reservist Sues Village of Skokie for Violating USERRA
No. 14045 What is an Application for Reemployment?
No. 14044 South Carolina Department of Corrections Fails to Reinstate Health Insurance Coverage of Returning National Guard Member
No. 14043 Do Not Use Your Employer's Computer to Complain About Your Employer
No. 14042 USERRA Rights of Reservist During Drill Weekend
No. 14041 New Legislation in New Mexico for Service Members
No. 14040 Is the Service Member Required to Keep the Employer Informed of Extensions of the Active Duty Period?
No. 14039 Protect Your Rights By Understanding Them
No. 14038 Is the Statute of Limitations Tolled When I am on Inactive Duty Training?
No. 14037 A Political Subdivision is not a State for 11th Amendment Purposes
No. 14036 Setback in Effort to Enforce USERRA against States as Employers
No. 14035 Is my Case Governed by VEVRAA or USERRA?
No. 14034 What is the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act?
No. 14033 Why Did I Receive this COBRA Notice?
No. 14032 New USERRA Case from the 8th Circuit
No. 14031 Veterans' Preference for State Employees in Washington
No. 14030 One Week of Excused Absence for Federal Employee Returning from Mobilization
No. 14029 DOJ Sues Missouri Adjutant General under USERRA
No. 14028 I Volunteered for Active Duty—Am I Elligible for Differential Pay as a Federal Civilian?
No. 14027 I am a Disabled Veteran and a Federal Employee—Am I Entitled to Leave Without Pay for a Medical Condition that is not Service-Connected?
No. 14026 USERRA's Five-Year Limit—Why is it so Complicated?
No. 14025 SCRA Interest Rate Reduction Does Not Mean Taxable Income
No. 14024 The Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
No. 14023 Military Voting Rights in South Carolina Primary
No. 14022 Make-Up Contributions to Your Defined Contribution Pension Plan
No. 14021 The 20-20-20 Rule and Nonregular Service
No. 14020 New Jersey Teachers Must be Credited for Military Service Time for Purposes of Layoffs and Recalls from Layoff
No. 14019 New Jersey Teachers Receive Seniority Credit for Wartime Military Service, Even if it was before Start of Teaching Career
No. 14018 Required Refund on Canceled Vehicle Lease
No. 14017 Statute of Limitations and the NYPD Class Action USERRA Lawsuit
No. 14016 Class Action USERRA Lawsuit against American Airlines Concerning Insufficient Pension Contributions for Pilots Returning to Work after extended Military Leave
No. 14015 Civilian Pension Credit for Long Period of Military Service
No. 14014 National Guard Member Works in another State - Is Her Job Protected When She Is on State Active Duty?
No. 14013 DD-214 Delay Could Delay Retirement from Civilian Career
No. 14012 Returning to Work with Two Bad Shoulders
No. 14011 What Sort of Documentation Must I Provide?
No. 14010 Requirement to Provide Documentation to Employer only Applies after Periods of Service of 31 or More Days
No. 14009 Reserve Component Leadership Should Take on the Burden of Notifying the Civilian Employer when Military Duty Will Take the Reservist away from the Civilian Job
No. 14008 SCRA and Disability Income Replacement Insurance
No. 14007 Electronic Voting for Overseas Military Voters
No. 14006 A New Election Year Has Begun, Submit a New FPCA
No. 14005 Abandonment Doctrine Rests on Slender Reed
No. 14004 Sergeant Major Erickson's Saga Continues
No. 14003 Enforcing USERRA against the State of Missouri
No. 14002 Ethan Allen is still Rolling over in his Grave
No. 14001 More than 1000 Articles about USERRA and other Law that are Especially Pertinent to Reserve Component Members

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