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2013 Law Reviews
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No. 13169 Military Pension Division: The Warrant Officer and the Wingman
No. 13168 Interest Rate Reduction upon Mobilization
No. 13167 SCRA Rights to Terminate Apartment Lease
No. 13166 Reserve Component Opportunities for Individuals Leaving Active Duty Short of Retirement Eligibility
No. 13165 What Happens if I Fail to Report for Duty?
No. 13164 When Does the UCMJ Apply to Reservists?
No. 13163 Disability Benefits for Officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Public Health Service (PHS)
No. 13162 Predatory Lending: Service Members Get New Protections from some Loan Practices
No. 13161 DHS Clarifies Immigration Benefits for Family Members of Select Reserve and Veterans
No. 13160 Significant Development Regarding Differential Pay for Federal Employees Mobilized Under "Voluntary" Authority
No. 13159 CFPB Enforces Rules on Military Payday Loans
No. 13158 Why are Service Members Treated Differently?
No. 13157 The Physical Disability Board of Review for Medical Retirement Reevaluation
No. 13156 Counties and Other Political Subdivisions are not Immune - Western District of Virginia gets it Wrong
No. 13155 Where Am I to Vote?
No. 13154 Remove the "Race" Question from the FPCA Form
No. 13153 Is it Unlawful for my Civilian Employer to Contact the Commanding Officer of my National Guard Unit?
No. 13152 The Service Members Civil Relief Act Does Not Bar all Lawsuits Against Active Duty Service Members
No. 13151 I Think that my Employer Must Make both the Employer and the Employee Contributions to my Pension Plan
No. 13150 Credit for Military Time for Leave Accrual Purposes as a Federal Employee
No. 13149 DOL Must Comply with USERRA with respect to its own Employees if it is to be Effective with other Employers
No. 13148 Federal Agencies Must Train Supervisors on USERRA
No. 13147 OSC Effectiveness in Enforcing USERRA against Federal Agencies as Employers
No. 13146 Detroit Bankruptcy and USERRA
No. 13145 Important New USERRA Case in Fifth Circuit
No. 13144 The SCRA and USERRA - Protecting the Civil Rights of Service Members in the 21st Century
No. 13143 I Signed a Contract and Received a Corporate Signing Bonus, and Now I Have Joined the Army
No. 13142 Texas Teacher Retirement System PDF Gets USERRA Wrong
No. 13141 Is the Defendant on Active Duty? Can I Obtain a Default Judgment?
No. 13140 You’re in the Army now, your First Amendment Rights Are Circumscribed
No. 13139 How Much Must I Pay to Obtain State Pension Credit for my Year of Active Duty?
No. 13138 USERRA Pension Credit for Military Service Beyond Five Years
No. 13137 USERRA Pension Review
No. 13136 Does USERRA's Escalator Principle Apply to Defined Contribution Pension Plans?
No. 13135 Payment of $100,000 Death Gratuity During the Shutdown
No. 13134 Returning to Active Duty with VA Disability Rating
No. 13133 NYPD Violates USERRA Again
No. 13132 VA Benefits & National Personnel Records Center Fire
No. 13131 DOJ Files USERRA Lawsuit against Delaware Employer
No. 13130 Bill Introduced that Would Expand Veterans' Preference in Federal Employment to Include Reserve Component Members
No. 13129 Reservists Who Are Attorneys Are Not Precluded from Representing Clients Against Federal Agencies
No. 13128 ROA Access to Reserve Centers and other Military Installations
No. 13127 First Circuit Reemphasizes Broad Scope of the Escalator Principle
No. 13126 Sometimes DOL-VETS Is Not Totally Worthless
No. 13125 Buying Federal Civilian Retirement Credit for Reserve Service
No. 13124 Beware the Judgement-Proof Defendant
No. 13123 VA Fails to Clean Up Dirty and Dangerous Conditions at Hospital in Jackson, MS
No. 13122 USERRA Protects National Guard Service, Even if SCRA Does Not
No. 13121 Maintaining Domicile and Avoiding State Income Tax while on National Guard AGR Tour
No. 13120 Can I Keep my Texas Domicile while on a Three-Year AGR Tour in DC?
No. 13119 Reflections on the 12th Anniversary of our Generation's Date which Will Live in Infamy
No. 13118 Paid Military Leave for Military Retiree Who Returns to Active Duty
No. 13117 Applying for Reemployment is not Applying for Employment
No. 13116 Military Voting in 2013
No. 13115 Notice to your Civilian Employer before AGR Duty
No. 13114 Rand Corporation Study Reports Employer Ignorance on USERRA - Let them Call the Service Members Law Center
No. 13113 Pension Credit with State-Local Governments for Pre-1974 Military Service
No. 13112 Online Sources for Comprehensive Lists of State Benefits for Veterans
No. 13111 How to Compute One Year for Purposes of Section 4316(c) of USERRA
No. 13110 Special Protection against Discharge, Except for Cause, After Returning from Military Service
No. 13109 Licensing Hurdles for Service Members Unable to Keep Professional Certifications in Good Standing Due to Military Obligations
No. 13108 Revising USERRA to Include Non-Pecuniary Compensatory Damages as Remedies
No. 13107 Terminating a Lease Held Solely by a Servicemember Dependent
No. 13106 How Not To Treat a National Guard Member Who is Your Employee
No. 13105 Beware of the Tax Bump
No. 13104 How Do I Judge a USERRA Settlement Offer?
No. 13103 Forced to Quit Reserve to Obtain Loan to Buy Dental Practice
No. 13102 Air Force Recruit Has Right to Terminate Apartment Lease
No. 13101 Judge Advocate General of the Navy Has Authority To Enforce Professional Responsibility Rules on Civilian Lawyers Practicing in Navy Courts Martial
No. 13100 When Challenging Non-Selection for Promotion, You Must First Exhaust your Administrative Remedies
No. 13099 This Is Not your Father’s National Guard
No. 13098 Interesting MSPB Case on USERRA
No. 13097 What Is a “Title 38 Employee?”
No. 13096 You Must Track Your Five Year Limit
No. 13095 Another USERRA Case Headed for Supreme Court
No. 13094 Please Don't Supplant USERRA
No. 13093 Time off from Civilian Job To See Wife Return from Afghanistan—Good News from Maryland
No. 13092 Time off from Civilian Job for VA Medical Appointments—Good News from Louisiana
No. 13091 Political Subdivisions of States Do Not Have 11th Amendment Immunity
No. 13090 DOJ and NYPD Settle USERRA Class Action Lawsuit
No. 13089 ROA Is Authorized To Receive Support For Conferences
No. 13088 Supreme Court Reverses South Carolina Supreme Court in Indian Child Welfare Act Case
No. 13087 Do I Accrue Civilian Vacation while I Am away from my Civilian Job for Military Service?
No. 13086 Protecting ROA Access to ROTC Units and Reserve Centers
No. 13085 Federal Employees Are Protected from the Descending Escalator
No. 13084 DOJ Sues Flight Safety Services Corporation to Enforce USERRA Pension Rights of Two Air Force Reservists
No. 13083 Don’t Tell your Civilian Employer that you Are Considering Enlistment
No. 13082 Escalator Principle Not Limited to Automatic Promotions—District of Puerto Rico Gets it Wrong
No. 13081 DOJ Sues Cook County for Violating USERRA Pension Rights of Army Reserve Nurse
No. 13080 Federal Civilian Employees Who Are Disabled Veterans Have the Right to Time off from their Jobs for Medical Treatment—Thank You President Hoover
No. 13079 It Is Better for a Reserve Component to Rely Primarily upon Involuntary Mobilization
No. 13078 Good News on Military Voting in San Bernardino County, California
No. 13077 The Escalator Can Descend
No. 13076 Public Employee Promotion Exam while Mobilized
No. 13075-update3 You Can Sue a Political Subdivision in Federal Court under USERRA
No. 13075-Update2 You Can Sue a Political Subdivision in Federal Court under USERRA
No. 13075-Update: You Can Sue a Political Subdivision in Federal Court under USERRA
No. 13075 You Can Sue a Political Subdivision in Federal Court under USERRA
No. 13074 Once You File with DOL-Vets, You Are Stuck with Them for Awhile
No. 13073 Enforcing USERRA against a State Government Employer-Good News from Wisconsin
No. 13072 Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War
No. 13071 New Washington Law Protects Students who  Are Members of the National Guard or Reserve
No. 13070 Federal and State Laws Protect Students whose Educational Careers Are Interrupted by Military Service
No. 13069 CSRS and USERRA
No. 13068 Federal Thrift Savings Plan and USERRA
No. 13067 Notice Before and Documentation After Military Service
No. 13066 Sometimes the Important Dog Is the One Who Does not Bark
No. 13065 Guam Cannot Lawfully Make You Get a Guam Driver’s License
No. 13064 Be Always Ready  To Sue and Don’t Sleep on your Rights
No. 13063 The Air Force Is Not Going To Court Martial You for Sharing your Faith
No. 13062 Employers—What Is Asked of You Is neither Unreasonable nor Unconstitutional
No. 13061 Right to Health Insurance Reinstatement when Returning to Work after Military Service
No. 13060 Proposed Commission on America and its Veterans
No. 13059 Military Spouses Need Careers Too
No. 13058 Time off from Civilian Job for Travel and Rest in Connection with Drill Weekend
No. 13057 Don’t Use your Employer’s Computer for Navy Reserve Work
No. 13056 California University of Pennsylvania Sued for Violating USERRA
No. 13055 Celebrate Whistleblowers, Don’t Attack Them
No. 13054 Not All USERRA Plaintiffs Are Successful
No. 13053 Do I Receive the $100,000 Death Gratuity if I Die?
No. 13052 The SCRA and the “Collection Fee” on my College Tuition
No. 13051 New Georgia Law Promotes Veterans Employment
No. 13050 New Law in Maryland Helps with Employment Problem
No. 13049 New West Virginia Law Creates Tax Break for Some Service Members
No. 13048 Incentives for Civilian Employers of Reserve Component Members
No. 13047 Other Laws that Give Veterans an Advantage in Employment
No. 13046 Wounded Warriors and the Americans with Disabilities Act
No. 13045 One Year of Back Pay Is not Enough
No. 13044 National Guard Bureau Chief Testifies about Need for Employer Support
No. 13043 USERRA and the Collective Bargaining Agreement—What Is the Limit on Duration of my Active Duty?
No. 13042 ROA Member Files Two USERRA Lawsuits
No. 13041 USERRA Overrides Agreement You Signed when You Were Hired
No. 13040 Dirty and Dangerous Conditions at VA Medical Center in Mississippi
No. 13039 New Supreme Court Case on Federal Tort Claims Act and Medical Malpractice
No. 13038 The Sequester, Furloughs and Federal Employees
No. 13037 The Limit on Duration of Service only Includes Service after Starting the Relevant Job
No. 13036 Misconduct Leads to Mistrial
No. 13035 Another New and Favorable USERRA Case
No. 13034 Does Medical Hold Time Count toward the Individual’s Five Year Limit under USERRA?
No. 13033 Right to Federal Employee Differential Pay Continues if Retained on Active Duty due to Combat Wound
No. 13032 A Great American Company Must Reemploy Great American Service Members
No. 13031 State of Nevada Finally Complies with USERRA
No. 13030 Important Recent Case on the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
No. 13029 Supreme Court Case Points Way to Effective Enforcement of USERRA against State Government Employers
No. 13028 DOJ Files Amicus Brief in NM Court of Appeals
No. 13027 ROA Files USERRA Amicus Brief in NM Appellate Court
No. 13026 Child Custody and Military Service
No. 13025 The Escalator and the Sequester
No. 13024 Am I Eligible for Burial at Arlington or any other National Cemetery?
No. 13023 Help me regain my Security Clearance
No. 13022 The Escalator Can Descend as well as Ascend
No. 13021 Sergeant Major Erickson’s Struggle against the United States Postal Service Continues
No. 13020 NDAA 2013 Expands Entitlement to TRICARE Health and Dental Coverage for Reservists not on Active Duty
No. 13019 NDAA 2013 Improves Law that Protects Service Members from Predatory Lending Practices
No. 13018 NDAA 2013 Authorizes Pilot Program for Mental Health Services for the National Guard and Reserve
No. 13017 NDAA 2013 Authorizes Suicide Prevention Program for National Guard and Reserve
No. 13016 NDAA 2013 Provision on State Professional Licensing
No. 13015 NDAA 2013 Extends Duration of Temporary Expansion of Service Member’s Right to Accumulate Military Leave
No. 13014 NDAA 2013 Authorizes Transition Assistance Advisors
No. 13013 Good News on Military Voting in Avon, Connecticut
No. 13012 Enlist in Reserve Component to Repay Student Loans?
No. 13011 NDAA 2013 Provides for Reserve Component Representation on the Joint Staff
No. 13010 NDAA Provision Protects Conscience Rights of Service Members, Especially Chaplains
No. 13009 Differential Pay for Federal Employees Called to Active Duty for Contingency Service
No. 13008 NDAA 2013 Promotes Fairness for Coast Guard Reserve
No. 13007 Call Me, But Not while You Are Driving
No. 13006 Military Spouse Residency Relief Act—Part 3
No. 13005 SCRA Bars Double State Taxation of your Reserve Drill Pay
No. 13004 USERRA Does Not Provide for Reemployment of Active Duty Service Member Who Starts Job while on Active Duty and Seeks Reemployment after a Deployment
No. 13003 Military Spouse Residency Relief Act—Part 2
No. 13002 Understanding Citations in Law Reviews
No. 13001 ROA Provides a Unique Service, Not

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