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2012 Law Reviews
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No. 12122 Does USERRA Violate the 10th Amendment?
No. 12121 Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act
No. 12120 Make the States Waive Sovereign Immunity Concerning USERRA Lawsuits or Lose Federal Funding—No, that Won’t Work
No. 12119 USERRA Forbids Discrimination in Employment Based on Uniformed Service—Not Limited to Reserve Component Service
No. 12118 DOJ Sues NYC Internet Business for Violating USERRA
No. 12117 Good News on Military and Overseas Voting from Isle of Wight County, Virginia
No. 12116 Contractor Employees in Afghanistan Are Not Protected by the SCRA or USERRA
No. 12115 Good News from Rhode Island on Enforcing USERRA against a State Agency as Employer
No. 12114 USERRA Does Not Apply to PHS Selection of PHS Officers
No. 12113 Good News on Military and Overseas Voting from Kane County, Illinois
No. 12112 I Need Time off from my Job to Travel to my Drill Weekend
No. 12111 Don't Be Fooled by "Duffel Blog" Spoof
No. 12110 SCRA as Solution to Problem of Student Loan Debt for Service Members—Not so Fast
No. 12109 USERRA Forbids Discrimination with respect to Retention in Employment
No. 12108 DOJ Sues NC School District on Behalf of Army Reservist
No. 12107 Reemployment Rights for Laid Off Employees
No. 12106 Don’t Give Employer Excuse to Fire You
No. 12105 What Are the Reserve Components?
No. 12104 DOJ Expands Investigation of USERRA Violations by NYC
No. 12103 Pension Credit for 1980s Military Service
No. 12102 Coast Guard Reservist Mobilized Soon After Hired for New Job
No. 12101 Ballot Dispute Delays Absentee Ballot Mailing on Long Island
No. 12100 Yes You Can Double-Dip!
No. 12099 There’s a Hole in USERRA. Will States Fill it if Congress Won’t?
No. 12098 Now that You Are Retired from the Army, You Must Register To Vote in Virginia
No. 12097 Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
No. 12096 Army Cadet Command Implicitly Admits that it Violated USERRA in its Treatment of ROTC Employee Michael Hanke
No. 12095 Lawsuits against DOD for Breach of Private Medical Information
No. 12094 Who Gets To Decide that a Period of Service Is Exempt from the Five-Year Limit under USERRA?
No. 12093 USERRA’s Protection against Post-Reemployment Firing
No. 12092 Illegal Non-Judicial Foreclosure on Service Member’s House
No. 12091 Please Contact your Local Election Official Today!
No. 12090 You only Need one Employee to Be an Employer for Purposes of USERRA
No. 12089 Affirmative Defenses under USERRA
No. 12088 More on Ohio Lawsuit regarding Early Voting
No. 12087 Dependents with Disabilities: Adult children can qualify for IDs and Tricare with proper documentation
No. 12086 TSA Screeners Now Finally Have Enforceable USERRA Rights
No. 12085 GOP Rules Require that Military Personnel Have a Reasonable Opportunity to Vote in the 2016 Presidential Nomination Process
No. 12084 Federal Court Finds DOD to Be “Arbitrary and Capricious” for Denying TRICARE Coverage for Autism Therapy
No. 12084 (Update) TRICARE Management Agency Implements Court Decision
No. 12083 DOJ Files Class Action USERRA Lawsuit against NYC
No. 12082 DOJ Gets Job Back for Mobilized Navy Reservist
No. 12081 Your Rights Under USERRA (Replaces No. 0766)
No. 12080 Keep on Voting in New Hampshire, not Ohio
No. 12079 Act Now to Vote in 2012
No. 12078 Don’t Make Service Members Wait another 60 Years to Vote!
No. 12077 ROA Intervenes in Ohio Lawsuit to Protect Military Voting Rights
No. 12076 Presidential Memorandum Gives Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) Guidance to Federal Employers
No. 12075 Sixth Circuit Holds that Nashville-Davidson County Willfully Violated USERRA and Must Pay Liquidated Damages
No. 12074 No Retirement Points for Midshipman Cruises
No. 12073 Minnesota Teacher Called to Active Duty—Was He Required to Finance his own Substitute?
No. 12072 USERRA Covers Time Away from Work for Examination to Determine Fitness to Enlist
No. 12071 Don’t Conflate Section 4311 of USERRA with Section 4312
No. 12070 Civilian Pension Credit for Military Service Time before 1994
No. 12069 DOJ Sues Commonwealth of PA to Enforce USERRA and Secures a Great Settlement
No. 12068 Getting out of a Lease upon Deployment of Soldier
No. 12067 Is Harassment a Cognizable Claim under USERRA—(Continued)
No. 12066 Honoring Whistleblowers
No. 12065 Are Illegal Immigrants Permitted to Enlist in the Armed Forces?
No. 12064 UCS Payments for Unemployed Veterans
No. 12063 Bill Introduced to Narrow One of USERRA's Affirmative Defenses
No. 12062 What is a "Frontiero Refrigerator?"
No. 12061 DOJ Settles USERRA Suit Filed Against United Airlines
No. 12060 Service Academy Admissions Work NOT Protected by USERRA
No. 12059 Meet USERRA Eligibility Criteria in Order to Gain USERRA Pension Credit
No. 12058 Virginia- Don't Disenfranchise Service Members in the 2013 Gubernatorial Nomination
No. 12057 Federal Only or All Office Voting from Overseas?
No. 12056 Eleven California Counties Are Late in Sending Absentee Ballots for 2012 Primary
No. 12055 A Small Sacrifice Asked of the 99.25%
No. 12054 Reemployment Rights in Student Job on Campus
No. 12053 Military Power of Attorney: A Copy is Not Just as Good as an Original
No. 12052 Contractual Statute of Limitations Under USERRA
No. 12051 USERRA and Public Sector Defined Benefit Pension Plans
No. 12050 USERRA Applies to Short and Long Period of Services
No. 12049 NY Court: Calculations for Military and Regular Leave Benefits Not the Same
No. 12048 DOJ Settles SCRA Case Against Norfolk Towing Company
No. 12047 Minnesota Passes Legislation on USERRA
No. 12046 Should We Tell the Employers Now or Wait?
No. 12045 Waiver of Rights Under SCRA
No. 12044 Senator Introduces Bill to Improve SCRA
No. 12043 Senator Introduces Bill to Improve USERRA
No. 12042 SCRA Forbids Non-Judicial Foreclosure During or Within Nine Months After Active Duty
No. 12041 Redistricting Litigation in Hawaii Threatens to Disenfranchise Military Voters
No. 12040 DOJ Sues Home Depot for Violating USERRA
No. 12039 Evans vs. MassMutual Financial Group, Round 2
No. 12038 Why Can't I Retire From My Civilian Job While I am on Active Duty?
No. 12037 Military Voting Rights in Wisconsin
No. 12036 ESGR Serving 40 Years and Counting
No. 12035 OPM Director Announces Zero Tolerance for USERRA Violations
No. 12034 Coast Guard Reservist Needs Drill Credit for Medical Appointment
No. 12033 Federal Arbitration Act Severely Limits Review of Arbitrator's Erroneous Ruling
No. 12032 Eleventh Circuit Affirms Judgment Against Alabama for Violating USERRA
No. 12031 USERRA Plaintiff Does Not Have to Pay Filing Fee
No. 12030 DOJ Sues UAL to Enforce USERRA Pension Rights of Air Guard Member
No. 12029 USERRA and the FMLA- Part II
No. 12028 USERRA and the FMLA
No. 12027 One More Exemption From USERRA's Five-Year Limit
No. 12026 Federal Court Orders Alabama to Extend Deadline for Receipt of Absentee Ballots
No. 12025 Federal Court Order Protects Military Voting Rights in New York
No. 12024 Alternative Way to Enforce USERRA Against a State Government Employer
No. 12023 You Must Stay Within the Five-Year Limit to Have the Right to Reemployment
No. 12022 Congress Expands Work Opportunity Tax Credit for Hiring Qualified Veterans  
No. 12021 Why Does a Case Take So Long- Part II
No. 12020 Reservists Should Be Permitted to Take Licensed Customs Broker Exams
No. 12019 Computation of Civilian Pension Upon Returning to Work After Service
No. 12018 Let's Put Some Teeth into Military Voting Rights
No. 12017 You Must Apply for Reemployment- Part 3
No. 12016 Department of Labor to Expand FMLA Rights for Military Families
No. 12015 USERRA's Special Protection Period Against Discharge Upon Reemployment
No. 12014 Air Force Progress on Exemptions to USERRA's Five-Year Limit
No. 12013 Military Voting in Presidential Caucuses- Part II
No. 12012 USERRA and the Fair Labor Standards Act
No. 12011 Harassment as USERRA Violation
No. 12010 Working at Your Civilian Job Prior to Reporting for Active Duty
No. 12009 Don't Let Ballot Access Litigation Disenfranchise Military Voters
No. 12008 What Happens to My Stock Option Plan When I Get Mobilized?
No. 12007 Can I Sell My Holiday Time?
No. 12006 Supreme Court Endorses the Ministerial Exception
No. 12005 Military Voting and Redistricting
No. 12004 Politicking While on Active Duty? NO
No. 12003 Don't Let Redistricting Litigation Disenfranchise Military Voters
No. 12002 Vote in 2012
No. 12001 Oklahoma Attorney General Gets It Wrong on USERR

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