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2011 Law Reviews
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No. 11112 Why Can't the Military Voters All Register to Vote Here on Base?
No. 11111 Conflict Between National Guard Drill and Civilian Job
No. 11110 As Civilian Employer, Army Harasses and Abuses Disabled Veteran
No. 11109 Taking a Federal Early-Out Incentive and Returning to Active Duty
No. 11108 Tennessee Secretary of State Goes the Extra Mile for Military Voters
No. 11107 UOCAVA Protects Voting Rights of Overseas Americans
No. 11106 Progress on Exempting Certain National Guard Service From USERRA's Limit
No. 11105 Unemployment Rate Among Young Veterans Rises Even While Overall Rate Drops
No. 11104 Reserve and National Guard Personnel Who Die During a Drill Weekend
No. 11103 Help! The Army Has Sent Me Home Early!
No. 11102 Bunting v. Town of Ocean City Comes to a Conclusion
No. 11101 Don’t Apply for Reemployment Until You Are Ready To Return to Work—Part 2
No. 11100 Please Don't Forget the Reserves
No. 11099 Bill Introduced to Expand Exemptions from USERRA’s 5-Year Limit
No. 11098 USERRA Protection for National Guard Members
No. 11097 ROA Member Elected to Congress and Hits the Ground Running
No. 11096 NOAA Corps and PHS Corps Officers Are Treated Unfairly by OPM
No. 11095 USERRA and the State of New Mexico—Part 2
No. 11094 Matthew King's Application for UCX Did Not Justify His Firing
No. 11093 Military Voting: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
No. 11092 Voting Victims: Antiquated Process Can Disenfranchise Service Members
No. 11091 USERRA Claims Should Not Be Subject to Binding Arbitration Agreements
No. 11090 Veterans Opportunity to Work Act of 2011- part II
No. 11089 Veterans Opportunity to Work Act of 2011
No. 11088 You Can Sue a City in Federal Court under USERRA
No. 11087 DOJ Proposes SCRA Amendments
No. 11086 Whistleblower Suit Against Big Banks
No. 11085 USERRA and the National Football League
No. 11084 Military Voters Lose Out as States Race to Be First in Presidential Primaries
No. 11083 Military Voting in 2011 Elections
No. 11082 Does USERRA Apply to Me?
No. 11081 Does DOL Delay Count Against Me in Timeliness of My Lawsuit?
No. 11080 It Is Not Your Responsibility to Find a Replacement
No. 11079 SCRA Only Protects Your Military Income from State Income Tax
No. 11078 DOJ Proposes USERRA Amendments
No. 11077 DOJ Proposes UOCAVA Amendments
No 11076 Active Duty Time Counts for Federal Civilian Leave Accrual Purposes, Part 2
No. 11075 The National Guard Must Be a Model Employer under USERRA
No. 11074 Why Does a Case Take so Long?
No. 11073 Another Great USERRA Appellate Case
No. 11072 NY Legislature Strengthens Protections for Military Members Under State Law
No. 11071 What is an Application for Reemployment?
No. 11070 Million Dollar USERRA Judgment Affirmed by 2nd Circuit
No. 11069 You Need To Look Out for Your Own Interests Regarding Your Reserve Retirement
No. 11068 USERRA Protects the Co-Worker Who Testifies or Provides Information in a USERRA Case
No. 11067 Unfavorable 8th Circuit USERRA Case
No. 11066 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
No. 11065 Don't Use Employer Resources When Researching Possible Employment Rights Violations
No. 11064 Does My Active Duty Time Count for Federal Civilian Leave Accrual Purposes?
No. 11063 New Special Counsel Pledges Diligent USERRA Enforcement
No. 11062 You Need Not Report Back to Work Immediately After Military Service
No. 11061 Training Federal HR Personnel on USERRA
No. 11060 Supreme Court decision draws line between rights and values
No. 11059 Military Voting—Progress in South Carolina
No. 11058 Letter to DOJ about USERRA Enforcement
No. 11057 How Do I Prove My “Escalator” Case?
No. 11056 Military Voting in Presidential Caucuses
No. 11055 City Employee Accused of Wrongdoing: Can He Be Fired while in Afghanistan?
No. 11054 Progress in Virginia on Military Voting
No. 11053 Is Income Replacement Insurance Covered by USERRA?
No. 11052 DOL Closing Case as "Without Merit" Does Not Bind Claimant
No. 11051 Beef Up Enforcement of the SCRA
No. 11050 TSP and USERRA
No. 11049 Another Case on State Sovereign Immunity under USERRA
No. 11048 The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Foreclosure
No. 11047 Judicial Remedy for VA Tardiness?
No. 11047-update: May 2012
No. 11046 FMLA and USERRA
No. 11045 Back to Work: Timely application for reemployment is essential.
No. 11044 PTSD, USERRA, and the State of New Mexico
No. 11043 New Evidence of Discrimination against Recently Separated Veterans
No. 11042 Where Do Military Personnel and Family Members Vote?
No. 11041 Army Reserve Dentist Loses USERRA Case
No. 11040 Suing a State Government Employer under USERRA
No. 11039 Injury or Illness Sustained During Service Can Extend Deadline to Apply for Reemployment
No. 11038 Garnishment of Military Pay
No. 11037 Federal Contractor Affirmative Action for Hiring Veterans
No. 11036 Not Used
No. 11035 Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act
No. 11034 Protection against Discharge after Reemployment
No. 11033 New York Court of Appeals Clarifies Protections for Military Members Under State Law
No. 11032 When may a Washington State government-employee veteran increase their score on a promotion exam?
No. 11031 Not Everything You Do for Your Reserve Component Is Protected by USERRA
No. 11030 Does USERRA Provide a Remedy for Employer Harassment?
No. 11029 Tax Records in USERRA Cases: How Both Parties May Obtain Each Other's Private Financial Records
No. 11028 Erickson v. United States Postal Service – Recent Implications to 38 U.S.C. 4311 & 4312
No. 11027 USERRA Prohibition Against Retaliation May Extend to Service Member’s Spouse Who Works for the Same Employer
No. 11026 Can We Fire Him for Going over the Five-Year Limit?
No. 11025 Furloughs and the Five-Year Limit
No. 11024 Federal and State laws may define ‘Veteran Status’ differently
No. 11023 The Case of the Misplaced Parentheses: Punctuation can impact USERRA five-year rule.
No. 11022 Supreme Court Reverses 7th Circuit in USERRA Case
No. 11021 Proposed Private Right of Action under UOCAVA
No. 11020 Double Serving Not Double Dipping
No. 11019 USERRA and Public Sector Pension Plans
No. 11018 Fourth Circuit Holds New SCRA Private Right of Action is Retroactive
No. 11017 Hawaii Legislature Enacts Legislation Protecting Military Parents in Child Custody Disputes
*No. 11016 Debt Collectors’ Trade Association Acknowledges SCRA
No. 11015 No Age Limit on USERRA Protection
No. 11014 Student Loans Are Now Subject to SCRA 6% Interest Rate Cap
No. 11013 Revised Military Voting in Chicago Mayoral Election
No. 11012 Fourth Circuit Reverses Summary Judgment for Employer
No. 11011 DOJ Settles USERRA Suit Against Titan Laboratories
No. 11010 USERRA Section 4302 Does Not Bar Settlement of USERRA Claim
No. 11009 USERRA Does Not Protect Absence from Work To Attend DEP Meetings
No. 11008 MSPB Holds that Disparate Impact Discrimination Is Not a Cognizable Claim under USERRA
No. 11007 I Never Asked To Continue My Health Insurance When I Left the Job To Serve
No. 11006 Important New Case on USERRA Discrimination
No. 11005 Virginia-Please Don’t Disenfranchise Military Personnel in Primaries
No. 11004 The Federal Government Is Not Bound by Incorrect Advice
No. 11003 The MSPB Is Finally Catching On
No. 11002 USERRA’s Five-Year Limit Applies to Employer Relationship
No. 11001 Concessions on All Sides: Employers, as well as Reservists, must bear the brunt of the extended deployments and separation from work.

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