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2010 Law Reviews
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No. 1099 Law Review 1008 Reconsidered
No. 1098 Paid Military Leave for National Guard Technicians
No. 1097 Is It Feasible To Expand the Active Component to Relieve the Burden on Employers of Reserve Component Personnel?
No. 1096 Prior Notice to Civilian Employer - Part 2
No. 1095 Prior Notice to Civilian Employer
No. 1094 Coverage for National Guard Members on State Duty
No. 1093 Great Victory for Military Voting Rights
*No. 1092 Military Ballots Crucial to Outcome of Texas Cliffhanger
No. 1091 Safeguarding Military Voting Rights: Progress Made and What Remains To Be Done
No. 1090 Federal Civilian Retirement Credit for Military Service
No. 1089 USERRA Most Definitely Applies to National Guard Members Performing Border Protection Duty
No. 1088 Privacy Act Applies to National Guard Even When Not Federalized
No. 1087 USERRA Forbids Discrimination in Initial Employment
No. 1086 Military Family Law Primer
No. 1085 Improve the SCRA: Progress Made and What Remains To Be Done
No. 1084 Congress Overrides State “Source Tax” Rules
No. 1083 Congress Beefs up the SCRA Enforcement Mechanism
No. 1082 USERRA and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68, Offer of Judgment: Awards of Plaintiff's Attorney Fees and Prohibition of Charging Costs Under USERRA Are Not Affected by Rule 68.
No. 1081 Congress Strengthens SCRA Provision on Terminating Cell Phone Contract upon Mobilization or Deployment
No. 1080 Congress Orders a New Demonstration Project on USERRA Enforcement
No. 1079 Congress Strengthens SCRA Provision on Terminating Lease of Premises or Vehicle upon Activation, Deployment, or PCS Orders
No. 1078 Don’t Sacrifice Military Personnel to “Paperwork Problems” in Foreclosures
No. 1077 Enhancing the Protections of USERRA: Progress Made, and What Remains To Be Accomplished
No. 1076 Congress Strengthens USERRA’s Protection against Discrimination
No. 1075 Congress Clarifies the Application of USERRA to Successors in Interest
No. 1074 New York, Illinois Fail to Deliver Absentee Ballots
No. 1073 A Small Price: Laws on the books protect the few who sacrifice for the many.
No. 1072 Military Absentee Voting in Maryland
No. 1071 Maryland Court of Appeals Case on Military Voting
No. 1070 DOJ Sues New York To Enfranchise Military Voters
No. 1069 No Wife, No Kids—Am I Eligible to Elect RC-SBP?
No. 1068 If I Choose the RC-SBP and then Die, When Does My Husband Get the Cash?
No. 1067 My Big Bank Will Be Taken Over by Bigger Bank
No. 1066 USERRA Overrides Federal Agency Rule on “Outside Employment”
No. 1065 Is the Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional?
No. 1064 Suit Filed To Protect Military Voting Rights in Maryland
No. 1063 Motor Voter Law and Veterans
No. 1062 Voting by Disabled Veterans Residing at VA Facilities
No. 1061 What to Do When Your Absentee Ballot Is Late
No. 1060 DOD Action on MOVE Act Waiver Requests-Continued
No. 1059 Reimbursement for Lodging Expenses while on Active Duty
No. 1058 Vote Early and Vote Often
No. 1057 Special Delivery for Votes
No. 1056 Maryland Will Meet the 45-Day Standard, But Only for Federal Offices
No. 1055 DOD Acts on MOVE Act Waiver Requests
No. 1054 Don’t Do Your Reserve Work on Your Employer’s Time
No. 1053 Calling Yourself an Independent Contractor Does Not Make You One
No. 1052 Readmission of Servicemembers to Postsecondary Institutions - Details Regarding the Department of Education (DOE) Regulations Implementing the New Law on Mandatory Readmission of Mobilized Reserve and Guard and Active Duty Students
No. 1051 Alabama Ordered To Comply with USERRA
No. 1050 USERRA Applies to Managerial and Executive Jobs
No. 1049 Injunctive Relief under USERRA
No. 1048 James B. Hurley’s Saga Continues
No. 1047 Proposed “Children of Fallen Warriors AMT Relief Act”
No. 1046 USERRA Damages Can Be Awarded for Lost Military Pay
No. 1045 National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act of 2008
No. 1044 Federal Agency Employer Cannot Make You Quit the Reserves
No. 1043 Does a Merger Reset My Five-Year Clock?  No.
No. 1042 New Case on Successor in Interest under USERRA
No. 1041 USERRA Liability of the Successor in Interest
No. 1040 Don’t Use Your Employer’s Equipment to Complain about your Employer
No. 1039 Successor in Interest Continued
No. 1038 Proposed Legislation To Promote Hiring of Recent Veterans
No. 1037 USERRA and Veterans’ Preference Laws Apply to California Court System
No. 1036 Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Special Treatment for Veterans' Organizations
No. 1035 The Definition of "Uniformed Services"
No. 1034 National Guard: Yes, Title 32 duty is covered by USERRA
No. 1033 What Is “Noncareer” Service?
*No. 1032 Congress Enacts New Protections for Mobilized Students
*No. 1032 Update Department of Education Promulgates New Regulations To Implement New Law on Mandatory Readmission of Mobilized Students
No. 1031 DOJ Files and Settles on the Same Day, Again
No. 1030 Prior Notice to the Civilian Employer Need Not Be in Writing
No. 1029 You Can Sue a Political Subdivision Under USERRA
*No. 1028 A Case Study of 38 U.S.C. Sections 4311 and 4312: Erickson v. United States Postal Service
No. 1027 DOJ Sues Company and Settles the Same Day
No. 1026 Special Protection against Discharge, Except for Cause
No. 1025 Union Tries To Make Returning Veterans Pay Back Dues upon Reemployment
No. 1024 Health Insurance Continuation During Service
No. 1023 Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage after Return from Military Service
No. 1022 USERRA Applies in Determining Career Overtime Average for Pension Purposes
No. 1021 The Civilian Employer Does Not Get a Veto
No. 1020 Progress on Bill Adding an Additional Exemption from the 5-Year Limit
No. 1019 The Cost to Employers: Call-ups of Citizen Warriors have hit small businesses hard, but a larger economic impact is at stake
No. 1018 SCRA Applies to USPHS Officers
No. 1017 DLA Violates USERRA
No. 1016 Army Command Violates USERRA with respect to Hiring Government Contractor Employees as Federal Employees
No. 1015 Escalator Principle Applies to Entire Period of Military-Related Absence
No. 1014 11th Amendment Does Not Bar Suit against a State by the United States
No. 1013 Absentee Ballots MUST Be Mailed 45 Days before Election
No. 1012 You Only Get One Chance To Make Your Case
No. 1011 An Instructive New USERRA Case from Ohio
No. 1010 Differential Pay for Federal Employees—Continued
No. 1009 Don’t Sign on the Dotted Line Until You Understand
No. 1008 Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan for Reservist Who Marries After Notification of Eligibility to Participate
No. 1007 Active Duty that Enables You to Receive Reserve Retirement before Your 60th Birthday
No. 1006 Prior Approval Required for Uniformed Services Retiree or Reservist to Work for a Foreign Government
No. 1005 Does the New Federal Law on Military Voting Apply to Special Elections?
No. 1004 Generous Employer Not Required to Remain Generous
*No. 1003 Differential Pay for Federal Employees
No. 1002 Voluntary v. Involuntary Service—Continued
No. 1001 New Executive Order on Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government

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