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2008 Law Reviews
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No. 0801 Supreme Court holds that veterans' preference is not sex discrimination
No. 0802 Legislation addresses retroactive promotions for World War II Navy and Marine Corps POWs
No. 0803 First Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute: Fishgold v. Sullivan Drydock & Repair Corp., 328 U.S. 275 (1946).
No. 0804 USERRA Applies to Employment as Adjunct Professor
*No. 0805 USERRA Does Not Apply to Students-Part 3
No. 0806 Taxation of Disability Retirement Benefits
No. 0807 Bonus Bust: Mobilization deprives Soldier of earned bonus at civilian job
No. 0808 The Meaning in Shift: Daytime work is part of the “status” to which the returning veteran is entitled
No. 0809 Second Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute: Trailmobile Corp. v. Whirls, 331 U.S. 40 (1947)
No. 0810 Attempt to Expedite USERRA Enforcement Process
No. 0811 Notice to Civilian Employer Not Requesting a Leave of Absence
No. 0812 Prior Notice To Employer Not Required To Predict Return To Job
No. 0813 Despite its longtime contention, AAFES is not exempt from USERRA
No. 0814 Vets May Give a Military Salute Thanks to Benefits-Filled NDAA
*No. 0815 New Reporting Requirement for ESGR Cases
No. 0816 Enhanced Leave Entitlements for Family Caregivers of Wounded Warriors
No. 0817 Now You Can Designate Beneficiaries for the Death Gratuity
No. 0818 My Professional License Has Expired-Part 2
No. 0819 Congress Emphasizes that SCRA Applies to Child Custody Proceedings
No. 0820 Third Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute: Aeronautical Industrial District Lodge 727 v. Campbell
No. 0821 The Burden of Freedom: Recent USERRA burdens on employers are not unconstitutional or unprecedented
No. 0822 Time Management: Don’t confuse the five-year limit with the 90-day deadline
No. 0823 Fourth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Oakley v. Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., 338 U.S. 278
No. 0824 USERRA and Statute of Limitations—Continued
No. 0824 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0825 Hard Cases Make Bad Law
No. 0826 Hard Cases Make Bad Law—Part Two
No. 0826 Update: Hard Cases Make Bad Law—Part Two
No. 0827 Returning Veterans & NSPS: DoD’s National Security Personnel System generates USERRA complaints
No. 0828 Fifth Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute Ford Motor Co. v. Huffman, 345 U.S. 330 (1953)
No. 0829 USERRA Overrides the Interests of the Replacement Employee
No. 0830 Servicemembers Precluded from Tort Recovery for Personal Injury or Death Incident to Service
No. 0831 Applying for Reemployment after Military Service
No. 0832 Wounded Servicemember Reporting Back to Civilian Job
No. 0833 Keep your employer informed about when to expect your return
No. 0834 Sixth Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute Diehl v. Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.
No. 0835 Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees on Long-Term Military Duty
No. 0836 USERRA Coverage for National Guard Technicians
No. 0837 USERRA Coverage for Individuals Performing National Guard AGR Duty
No. 0838 Right to Reemployment at the End of the Initial Active Obligated Service
No. 0839 SCRA Does Not Apply to Arbitration Proceedings, But It Should
No. 0840 My Mobilization Comes at a Terrible Time for my Employer
No. 0841 How NOT To Prove a Discrimination Case Under USERRA
No. 0842 Seventh Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute McKinney v. Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Co.
No. 0843 Important New Law for Military Families Affects Civilian Employers
No. 0844 Vacation Days: A recent settlement casts a new light on vacation accrual for Reservists who take time off for military training or service
No. 0845 Law Gives Small Businesses Tax Credit on Differential Pay
No. 0846 Eighth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Tilton v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., 376 U.S. 169 (1964)
No. 0847 Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act
No. 0847 Update: Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act
No. 0848 Enforcing USERRA against a State—Part 2
No. 0849 Unlawful to Fire Army Recruit
No. 0850 Veterans’ Preference Act Enforcement
No. 0851 More Than Workers’ Comp: Employer’s USERRA obligation applies to Reservist injured on drill
No. 0852 Intelligence Not Superior: USERRA applies to Intelligence agencies.
No. 0853 Ninth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Brooks v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.. 376 U.S. 182 (1964)
No. 0854 Legal Assistance for Wounded Warriors—USERRA Component
No. 0855 Mobilized Reservist Should Not Miss Out on Promotion Opportunities
No. 0856 Unlawful for Airline To Deny You Free-Space-Available Travel to Your Drill—Right to Time Off for Travel to and from Your Drill Weekend
No. 0857 You Cannot Waive Your Reemployment Rights Until You Return from Service
No. 0858 Right to Jury Trial and Liquidated Damages Survives Death of the Unlawfully Fired Employee
No. 0859 The Ordinance and the Ordained: USERRA does not afford protection to clergy as it does to other employees
No. 0860 Harassment Is a Cognizable Claim under USERRA
No. 0861 10th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Accardi v. Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 383 U.S. 225 (1966)
No. 0862 Recalled Reservist Tackles Health Flexible Saving Arrangement
No. 0863 USERRA Applies to Salespersons on Commission
No. 0863 Update (March 2009)
No. 0864 Another New Appellate Case Shows USERRA Has Teeth

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