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2007 Law Reviews
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No. 0701 No Telepathy Required
No. 0702 What Are You Thinking?
No. 0702-Update What Are You Thinking?
No. 0703 USERRA's Pension Rules Apply to Short-Term Military Periods
No. 0704 The President of the Company Has Rights under USERRA
No. 0705 Health Insurance Coverage for Son of Employee
No. 0706 Joint Employer Doctrine Revisited
No. 0707 KIA and USERRA: A claim can survive the death of the plaintiff
No. 0708 Stolen Valor Act Signed into Law
No. 0709 Letter to Election Officials About Military Voting
No. 0710 Applying for Reemployment-Continued
No. 0711 ESGR Volunteer Recovers $100,000 for USERRA Claimant
No. 0712 USERRA Applies to Hiring Halls-Continued
No. 0713 Willful USERRA Violation: Judge determines company's denial of wrongdoing is not credible
No. 0713-Update Court of Appeals Affirms Favorable District Court Decision
No. 0714 USERRA Still Applies in DoD's Consecutive Call-up Policy
No. 0715 Does USERRA Apply to Foreign Employers in the United States?
No. 0716 The Fourth Circuit Upholds the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act.
No. 0717 You Must Make an Effort to Mitigate Your Damages
No. 0718 Combat Zone Tax Options for Families of Deceased Servicemembers
No. 0719 Reemployment and Regulars: USERRA supports recruitment of older individuals to meet higher Active Duty end-strength authorities
No. 0720 Long-term Deployment and Vacation TimeLong-term Deployment and Vacation Time
No. 0721 Veterans' Preference Act
No. 0722 Federal Circuit Reverses the MSPB, Again
No. 0723 More on Successor in Interest
No. 0724 Does USERRA Have a Statute of Limitations?
No. 0724 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0725 Contractual Statute of Limitations Held to Apply to USERRA Case
No. 0725 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0726 MSPB Reversed, Yet Again: USERRA provides an absolute right to a hearing
No. 0727 Federal Government Considered 'Model Employer' under USERRA
No. 0728 Condo Association Can't Trample Right to Display U.S. Flag
No. 0729 Kirkendall - VEOA and Equitable Tolling of Claim
No. 0730 Are Schedule C Employees Protected by USERRA?
No. 0731 Another Recent Case on the Burden of Proof in USERRA
No. 0732 USERRA Applies to Deferred Compensation Plans
No. 0733 City of Columbus Held Not Liable for Suicide of Returning Veteran
No. 0734 GAO Reports on USERRA Enforcement
*No. 0735 DoD Needs to Know about Your Civilian Job
No. 0736 Proposal to Require Employers to Grant Leave for Family Member of Wounded Warrior
No. 0737 Right to Trial by Jury under USERRA
No. 0738 Successor in Interest-Continued
No. 0739 Burden of Proof in Section 4311 Cases
No. 0740 Federal Employees Protected from RIF during Military Service
No. 0741 Am I Permitted to Make Up Missed Employee Contributions to My Pension Plan Account after Leaving the Employ of My Pre-Service Employer?
No. 0742 Predatory Lending: Servicemembers get new protections from some loan practices.
No. 0743 Death Gratuity and the “Blended” Military Family
No. 0744 How the Death Gratuity Could Be Better Handled for Forgotten Military Orphans: Legislative Proposals for Congress to Consider
No. 0745 Recent Ohio Supreme Court Case on USERRA Enforcement
No. 0746 USERRA Forbids Discrimination in Initial Hiring
No. 0747 Russell v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
No. 0748 Federal Law and New York Law Governing Non-Federal Public Employees in New York and Military Service
*No. 0749 USERRA Primer (Replaced by No. 12081)
No. 0750 Target Hit: National Guard member wins USERRA case plus tort damages under state law.
No. 0750 Update (March 2009)
No. 0751 Rules Change for Flying Flag at Half-Staff
No. 0752 Habit Forming: Federal Circuit reverses MSPB two more times.
No. 0753 A 'Motivating Factor': USERRA case reiterates that military duty need only contribute to termination of employment to be a violation of the law
No. 0754 Firmer Teeth: Legislation introduced to enhance USERRA enforcement.
No. 0755 The Federal Case: A description of USERRA's enforcement mechanisms for complaints by federal government employees.
No. 0756 Laid Off and Called Up: Layoffs still employment relationships under USERRA, other factors may keep you from getting your old job back
No. 0757 Buy Back Time: Your primer on the Civil Service Retirement System in regards to military service.
No. 0758 Taking the Leap: Employer cover-up fools DOL, but not the jury
No. 0759 Get In the Vote: GAO issues scathing report on voting woes for military members.
No. 0760 Second Careers: USERRA applies to retirees voluntarily returning to Active Duty
No. 0761 Veterans' Preference Act requires a federal agency to waive maximum age rule
No. 0761 Update (June 2008)
No. 0762 Airline discourages Reserve service with contrary paycheck, insurance, and leave policies
No. 0763 The Office of Personnel Management has specific responsibilities under USERRA
No. 0764 High School Recruiting: Military recruiters have access to secondary schools
*No. 0765 Reservist loses job for collecting undeserved benefits.
*No. 0766 USERRA: A Primer: A summary of  servicemembers’ reemployment rights under federal law. (Replaced by: No. 12081 Your Rights Under USERRA)

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