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2006 Law Reviews
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Effective January 2006, the numbering system for the Law Reviews changed. They now will carry a four or five-digit designation with the first two digits representing the year and the last digits the article's sequential order for that year.  For example, the first published in 2006, is numbered 0601. It was first published as Law Review 207 in the January/February 2006  issue of The Officer. Previous law reviews retain their original numbering in the ROA archives.

No. 0601 (old 207) Vote, And Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted
No. 0602 Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted (For UOCAVA Voters)
No. 0603 Virginia Voter Registrar Unlawfully Challenges The Voter Registration Of Military Personnel And Spouses
No. 0604 Department of Labor's New Regulations Give Reservists a Boost under USERRA
No. 0605 Demonstration Project on USERRA Enforcement Within the Federal Government
No. 0606 Can I Request DOJ Assistance After I Run Out Of Money To Pay My Lawyer?
No. 0607 How Does USERRA Apply To the Relationship Among Employers and Pension Plan Administrators?
No. 0608 I'm Not Dead Yet: If Social Security Says You're Dead, Get a Second Opinion
No. 0609 Userra's Prohibition on Discrimination Applies Even to "Temporary" Positions of Employment
No. 0610 Where Do I Go for USERRA Assistance?
No. 0611 Does USERRA Provide for Interest on Back Pay Awards?
No. 0612 Supreme Court Gets It Right
*No. 0613 Summary Of Law Review Articles On USERRA
No. 0614 Trilogy of New Rulings Affects Federal Employees
No. 0615 Under UCMJ, right to free speech does not mean anything goes
No. 0616 Effect of State Employment at Will and Right to Work Laws
No. 0617 SCRA Applies to Bankruptcy Proceedings
No. 0618 Military Spouse Voting in Virginia-Problem Solved
No. 0619 Mandatory Arbitration Mandate: Court ruling sets back USERRA Enforcement
No. 0620 USERRA Coverage for National Guard Members Assisting in Border Control Efforts
No. 0621 Does USERRA Apply to Probationary Jobs--YES!
No. 0622 Don't Apply For Reemployment Until You Are Ready To Return To Work
No. 0623 GAO Reports on USERRA-Enforcement
No. 0624 Voting Matters: Servicemembers helping enfranchise people in Southwest Asia should exercise their own precious right despite being far from home
No. 0625 Medals & Awards: An Act of Stolen Valor
*No. 0626 Primer on Military Voting
*No. 0627 Sen. Conrad Burns--Friend of the Military Voter
No. 0628 Domicile of the Military Voter: Where Am I Supposed To Vote? If Not Here, Where?
No. 0629 War and Taxes: IRS insists it can audit a limited liability corporation while the principal is serving in a combat zone.
No. 0630 Do IDF Reservists Have Reemployment Rights Under USERRA?
No. 0631 Is Harassment a Cognizable Claim under USERRA?
No. 0632 I Want To Sue the Boss Personally!
No. 0633 Limits on Rights of Disabled Veterans
No. 0634 More on Successor in Interestt
No. 0635 Child Custody: SCRA can assist deployed servicemembers caught up in child custody cases, but be careful of misusing the law.
No. 0636 Documentation of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad
No. 0637 Does USERRA Apply to TSA Screeners?
No. 0638 Interest Rate Reduction to 6 Percent After Mobilization
No. 0639 Mandatory Arbitration -- Continued
No. 0640 Returning Disabled Veteran to Work: Employers' Obligations Under USERRA
*No. 0641 Bill Introduced To Permit Recallees To Terminate Cell Phone Contracts
*No. 0641 UPDATE Termination or Suspension of Cell Phone Contracts When Deployed
*No. 0642 Veterans' Reemployment Rights, USERRA and Time Limits

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