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Law Reviews 1-206
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No. 001: David Beats Goliath in Federal Court (October 2001)
*No. 002: Pension Credit for Military Service that Predates Civilian Employment (March 1998)
No. 003: Military Voting Rights (May 1998)
No. 004: Pension Rights (July 1998)
No. 005: Notice to Your Civilian Employer (August 1998)
No. 006: Character and Duration of Service (September 1998)
No. 007: Deadline for Returning to Work (November 1998)
No. 008: Entitlements of the Returning Veteran (December 1998)
No. 009: Pension Rights Continued (March 1999)
No. 010: Health Insurance (June 1999)
No. 011: Discrimination Against Reservists (July 1999)
No. 012: Enforcement of USERRA Rights (November 1999)
No. 013: Pension Credit for Pre-Employment Military Service (June 2000)
No. 014: Effect of Reserve Drill Pay on Unemployment Compensation (July 2000)
No. 015: Pension Credit for Military Service Continued (August 2000)
No. 016: Department Involvement in State Issues (September 2000)
*No. 017: Summary of Published Articles (October 2000)
No. 018: USERRA and Employer Policies (November 2000)
No. 019: Promotion Board Consideration of Reserve Officers on Active Duty (On web site only)
No. 020: Service Academy Appointments for Children of Reserve Component Members (On web site only)
No. 021: State Retirement Credit for Military Service; Virginia Agrees with ROA's Position (December 2000)
*No. 022: Division of Military Pension in Divorce (January/February 2001)
No. 023: Military Voting Rights (March 2001)
No. 024: Enforcement of Reemployment Rights Outside the U.S. (April 2001)
No. 025: Use of Federal Government Equipment and Time for Reserve Unit Activities (May 2001)
No. 026: Use of Vacation for Military Service (June 2001)
No. 027: The Military Whistleblower Protection Act (July 2001)
No. 028: Applying USERRA To Multi-Employer Situations (September 2001)
*No. 029: I am Being Recalled. What About My Civilian Job? (October 2001)
No. 030: Does USERRA Apply to Voluntary Service? (October 2001)
No. 031: Re-employment Rights After Being Furloughed (October 2001)
*No. 032: Does USERRA Apply to Students? (November 2001)
*No. 032 Update 1: Posted 24 February 2003
*No. 032 Update 2: Posted 2 April 2003
*No. 032 Update 3: Posted 1 June 2003
No. 033: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees (November 2001)
No. 034: Applicability of USERRA to the Legislative and Judicial Branches (November 2001)
No. 035: Impending Service Results in Immediate Firing (December 2001)
No. 036: Activation Prevents Start of New Job (December 2001)
No. 037: Elected Officials and Reserve Duty (December 2001)
No. 037 Correction (March 2002, Reader Feedback)
*No. 038: Mobilization and Family Support (December 2001)
--Related DefenseLink article: Check Child Support Rules for Mobilization
No. 039: Possibility of Layoff Before or During Military Service (March 2002)
No. 040: Pension Rights Continued (March 2002)
No. 041: USERRA Rights During Service (April 2002)
No. 042: Progress on Exemptions From USERRA's Five-Year Limit (April 2002)
No. 043: Military Voting Rights (May 2002)
No. 044: Military Voting Rights--Continued (May 2002)
No. 045: USERRA and SSCRA Coverage For National Guard Members (June 2002)
No. 045 NOTE: Congress Closes Loophole in the SSCRA (added November 2002)
No. 046: Coverage of the PHS Commissioned Corps (June 2002)
No. 047: Good News from California (June 2002)
No. 048: Retirement Benefits For Government Employees Who Are Reservists (Jul/Aug. 2002)
No. 048 Update: Tennessee Complies with 10 U.S.C. 12736 (added February 2003)
No. 049: Voting Rights Letter to State/Local Election Officials (Jul/Aug. 2002)
No. 050: USERRA Coverage for Examination to Determine Fitness (Sept. 2002)
No. 051: USERRA Coverage for Funeral Honors duty (Sept. 2002)
No. 052: USERRA Coverage of the NOAA Corps (Sept. 2002)
No. 053: Retroactive Promotion for Recalled Reservist (Oct. 2002)
No. 054: Uniformed Service Counts Toward FMLA Thresholds (Oct. 2002)
No. 055: Voting in Union Elections While Mobilized (Oct. 2002)
*No. 056: USERRA Review (Nov. 2002)
No. 057: State "No Double-Dipping" Rules Violate Federal Law (Nov. 2002)
No. 058: Furlough or Leave of Absence Clause Revisited (Dec. 2002)
No. 059: Vacation Benefits Under USERRA (Dec. 2002)
No. 060: Escalator Principle Applies to Entire Period of Military-Related Absence (Dec. 2002)
No. 061: Not Necessary to Establish Discriminatory Intent under Section 4312 (Dec. 2002)
No. 062: Paid Military Leave for Federal Civilian Employees (Dec. 2002)
No. 063: Effect of Resignation (January/February 2003)
No. 064: Discrimination in Hiring (January/February 2003)
No. 065: Letter to the Department of Justice Regarding USERRA (March/April 2003)
No. 065 Update: DoJ Responds to ROA letter regarding USERRA
*No. 066: Letter urging priority for SSCRA cases--To Mr. Peter D. Keisler, Assistant Attorney General Designate, U.S. Department of Justice (July 2003)
No. 067: Enforcement of USERRA against Executive Agencies (March/April 2003)
*No. 068: Tax Tips for the Military-2002 (March/April 2003)
No. 069: Continuation of Civilian Health Insurance Coverage while Deployed (April 2003)*
No. 070: Adequate Travel and Rest Time before Reporting to Military Training (April 2003)*
*No. 071: Paid Leave for Federal Employees Performing PHS Service (April 2003)*
*No. 072: Right to Get Out of Lease (April 2003)*
No. 073: Immediate Reinstatement of Air National Guard Member Who Had Smallpox Vaccination (May 2003)
No. 074: Pension Entitlements Under USERRA (May 2003)
No. 075: Pension Rights Revisited (May 2003)
No. 076: Making Up Missed Contributions to Pension Plan (May 2003)
No 077: I Am Being Demobilized. What About My Civilian Job? (With sample re-employment letter)
No. 078: Bankruptcy and the SSCRA (June 2003)
No. 079: Right to Re-employment with Successor in Interest to Pre-Service Employer and Status of Re-employed Veteran (June 2003)
*No. 080: USERRA And The FLSA
No. 081: Is It "Impossible or Unreasonable" To Reinstate Me?
No. 082: Pre-Tax Dollars for Make-up Pension Contributions
*No. 083: Military Voting Rights
No. 084: Notice to the Civilian Employer
No. 085: Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage after Military Service
No. 086: Does He Lose His Job for Failure to Use the Magic Words?
No. 087:"Double-Dipping" by Federal Civilian Employees Permissible
*No. 088: Right to Continuance of Administrative Hearing
No. 089: Enforcing USERRA against a State
No. 089 Update: Clarification to Law Review 65 and 89
No. 090: Key Employee Program
No. 091: Notice and Documentation Requirements
No. 092: Going on the Offensive Using Section 590 of the SSCRA
No. 093: USERRA Enforcement by OSC (Continued)
No. 094: USERRA Overrides State Hiring Freeze
No. 095: Two Veterans Returning to Same Position
No. 096: Local Election Officials Respond to ROA Survey
No. 097: New Letter To Election Officials About Military Voting
*No. 098: Does USERRA Apply to Spouses?
No. 099: Does USERRA Apply to Partnerships?
No. 100: USERRA Coverage for Intermittent Disaster Response Appointees
No. 101: Does USERRA Apply to Temporary Positions?
No. 102: Does USERRA Apply to Non-Appropriated Fund Activities?
No. 103: Do I Have To Work on My Day Off?
No. 104: Everything You Wanted to Know About USERRA But Were Afraid to Ask
No. 105: USERRA: Frequently Asked Questions
No. 106: Don't Try to Work at your Civilian Job While on Active Duty
No. 107: Pension Entitlements Apply to Training Duty
No. 108: Letter To Federal Agency Concerning USERRA Case Involving an Agency Employee
No. 109: New Developments in Military Voting Rights
No. 110: Terminating a Vehicle Lease Upon Mobilization
No. 111: Eviction Protection After Mobilization
No. 112: Interest Rate Cap After Mobilization
No. 113: Please Don't Take Away My Pay Guarantee!
No. 114: The Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003 and How It Affects You
No. 115: Can the Employer Sue Me Under USERRA?
No. 116: Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act
No. 117: Time Off from Work before Mobilization
No. 118: Right to Reinstatement of Health Insurance after Service
No. 119: State Law Cannot Limit USERRA Pension Credit
*No. 120: Letter to Congress about USERRA Regulations (April 04)
No. 121: Re-employment of Disabled Veterans
No. 122: May We Forbid Current Employees Permission to Join Reserves?
No. 123: Opinion: Congress Should Amend USERRA
No. 124: Serving in a Combat Zone and Your Federal Income Taxes
No. 125: Legal Assistanceand it's Free
No. 126: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees
No. 127: Review of 2002-03 USERRA Cases
No. 128: New USERRA Case
No. 129: Status of the Returning Veteran
No. 130: Right To Prompt Reinstatement Despite Temporary Disability
No. 131: Criminal Prohibition on Salary Supplement for Reserve or Guard Personnel
No. 131 Update: Criminal Prohibition on Salary Supplement for Reserve or Guard Personnel
No. 132: Taxability of Employer Payments While You Are Mobilized
No. 133: State Laws, USERRA, and a $10,000 Judgment
No. 134: Employers: Please Don't Bother Them in Iraq! (Also see No. 163)
No. 135: Employer Quotas Revisited
No. 136: More on Disabled Veterans
No. 137: Taxation of Employer Payments to Reservists and National Guard Members
No. 138: Pension Credit for Military Service-Continued
No. 139: Pension Credit for Military Service
No. 140: Do I Have to Work on My Day Off Part 2
*No. 141: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees Continued
No. 142: Reinstatement of Your Health Insurance upon Re-Employment
No. 143 Standby Federal Ballot if You Do Not Receive Your Regular Absentee Ballot
No. 143 Update: Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
No. 144 Where Am I Supposed to Vote?
*No. 145 How Do I Find Information about Candidates and Officials in My Home State?
*No. 146 Interim Voting Assistance System
No. 147 Professional Malpractice Liability for Recalled Reservists in Health-Care and Legal Services Professions
No. 148 Good News on USERRA Enforcement
No. 149 You Are Not Required To Arbitrate Your USERRA Complaint
No. 149-Update USERRA Victory in Dallas Federal Court Case
No. 149-Addendum: Court Opinion-Garrett v. Circuit City (pdf)
No. 149-Supplement: Amicus Curiae Brief - re, Defendant's Motion To Compel Arbitration
No. 149-amicus: ROA Amicus Curiae Brief in support of plaintiff
No. 150 Protection From Discrimination-Continued
No. 151 Federal Employees Who Took Military Leave before 2001 May Be Entitled to Compensation
*No. 152 When It's Over Over There, GI Joe Gets His Job Back
No. 153 Makeup Exam after Returning from Service
No. 154 Joint Employment Doctrine under USERRA
No. 155 Injured National Guard Technician
No. 156 Reporting Back to Work After Weekend Drills
No. 157 Relationship between Union Agreement and USERRA
No. 158 Military Leave of Absence when Mobilized
No. 159 Waiving the Fee for Filing a USERRA Appeal
*No. 160 2004 Federal Tax Return Tips for Reserve and National Guard Members
No. 161 Does USERRA Apply to Voluntary Service (Cont'd)
No. 162 Discrimination against Recently Separated Veterans
No. 163 Employers-Please Don't Bother Them in Iraq, Part 2
No. 164 Employers Required to Notify Employees of USERRA Rights
No. 165 Help! I Lose Money When I Drill
*No. 166 Barring Military Recruiters from College and University Campuses
No. 167 Pension Rights of Federal Employees Returning from Military Service
No. 168 Time Off from Work for Military Medical Treatment
*No. 169 Where Oh Where Have the USERRA Regulations Gone?
No. 170 Missed Promotion Examination while Mobilized
No. 171 My Professional License Has Expired-Help!
No. 172 USERRA Has Teeth
No. 173 Prearranging Funerals and Excluding Relatives
No. 174 USERRA Applies to Union Hiring Hall
No. 175 Mobilization Issues That Affect You And Your Employer
No. 176 Continuation Of Civilian Health Insurance Coverage During Military Service
No. 177 Does USERRA Apply to the Railroad Retirement System?
No. 178 Bum Scoop Can Have Bad Consequences
No. 179 Voting in NLRB Elections while Mobilized
No. 180 Returning to Work after Weekend Military Training
No. 181 Key Employee Program Continued
No. 182 Forgotten Military Orphans: Legislative Proposals for Congress to Consider
No. 183 USERRA Applies to Hiring Hall Situations
*No. 184 Protection from Discharge after Re-employment
No. 185 Does USERRA Apply to Religious Institutions?
No. 186 Does USERRA Apply to Indian Tribes as Employers?
*No. 187 Does USERRA Apply to Students?
No. 188 Vacation Benefits Under USERRA
No. 189 Appellate Review of MSPB Decisions on USERRA
No. 190 Active Duty to Mitigate Damages Does Not Count Toward 5-Year Limit
No. 191 Sometimes David Does Beat Goliath
*No. 192 Physician Regaining Hospital Privileges After Service
No. 193 Election Officials Must Accept The FPCA
No. 194 Federal Law Overrides State "Not Earlier Than" Rules
No. 195 Congress Provides Standard Federal Oath for Military Voting
No. 196 Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
No. 197 Tutorial on USERRA Procedures
No. 198 Asking Questions about Reserve Affiliation in Employment Application Forms
No. 199 Rights of Returning Disabled Veterans-Continued
No. 200 Is Injunctive Relief Available in a USERRA Case?
No. 200 Update: Is Injunctive Relief Available in a USERRA Case?
No. 201 Have I Exceeded the Five-Year Limit?
*No. 202 Illinois Leads the Way in Supporting Families of Mobilized Reservists
No. 203 Is the Right to Re-employment Absolute?
No. 204 Domicile of Military Spouses for Voting and Taxation Purposes
No. 205 Recent USERRA Victory
No. 206 Computation of Damages in USERRA Case

Effective January 2006, the numbering system for the Law Reviews changed. They now carry a four or five digit designation with the first two digits representing the year and the remaining digits the article's sequential order for that year. For example, the first published in 2006, is numbered 0601 (First Law Review published in 2006). It was first published as Law Review 207 in the January/February 2006 issue of The Officer. Previous law reviews will retain their original numbering in the ROA archives.

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