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February, 2020  

    ROA returns to print with Reserve Voice Magazine
ROA returned to print with its inaugural issue ofReserve Voice Magazine, now reaching member (old-fashioned analog) mailboxes. 
"With ROA's revitalized strength and financial picture, we can realize our goal of returning to print communications,” said Jeff Phillips, ROA’s executive director. “The annualReserve Voice Magazineand the national convention special, with its President’s message, annual report, and legislative report, begin to fulfil that goal. We look forward to increasing the number of magazine issues in the future.”
The new name reflects ROA’s expansion of membership to all ranks. Look for your issue, and let us know how we're doing; Jeff Phillips invites your thoughts:

Reserve Voice Magazine will also be available on ROA’s


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It's time to support the new tempo of service by America's military reserve units

ROA Legislative Director Kevin Hollinger published an
article in The Hill newspaper on January 5, 2020.

This article summarized his opinion of the issues members of the Reserve Components face today.  He also provides an overview of his first year on ROA’s legislative staff.

(Photo from The Hill)

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    Sinek on strategy

Bestselling author Simon Sinek, known for his works on servant leadership (which have shown how leadership as taught in the military can be useful elsewhere), offered some insight in this 2015videoon U.S. national security strategy of late.
    ROA’s March on the Hill during the 2020 Leaders Conference

A Call to Action for the 2020 Leaders Conference attendees will be e-mailed to members on or about February 14.  When you respond to the e-mail a notice will be sent to your representatives in Congress letting them know you will be in town on March 17, 2020, to visit their office. 

The Call to Action will also include information inviting your Congressional Members and staff to attend the Congressional Breakfast that will start at 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the 17th. 

ROA national staff has already invited Department of Defense Reserve senior leaders to attend the breakfast where ROA legislative awards will be presented.  Sen. Tammy Duckworth is the invited speaker. 

    ‘A slap in the face': Disabled vets push to change law that takes a cut of retirement pay

Local veterans and lawmakers in Minnesota are hoping to breathe new life into a stalled effort to put more money in the pockets of retired members of the armed forces who suffered injuries during their time in the military.

Rep. Gus Bilirakis introduced the latest version of H.R. 303, "Retired Pay Restoration Act" almost a year ago, but it has yet to move out of a congressional subcommittee.

The article explained, “The bill would change a long-running source of frustration for many veterans who receive both a disability benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as their military retirement pay. Currently, veterans whose service-related disability is rated at less than 50% have the amount of their benefit subtracted from what they receive in retirement.”


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    ROA investment advisor offers ‘Decade in Review’

Dennis Barba, PhD, president of Oxford Harriman & Company, manages ROA’s investment accounts to the association’s great satisfaction.  We thought this review penned by him might be of some value to Reserve Voice Online readers. READ HERE >

   Mission Act Allows Veterans Affairs to Share Veterans’ Health Information

The VA MISSION Act allows VA to now share your health information with participating community care providers for your care and treatment as permitted by federal privacy laws. You do not have to take any action unless you choose not to share your health information electronically.

Rest assured. Your health information is safe and secure as it moves from VA to participating community care providers. VA uses a secure network called the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) to protect and easily share in real-time your health information.

Sharing your health information saves you time and improves your health. By having all of your information available, your providers will have a more complete picture of your health history to better inform treatment decisions.

You can always opt out of sharing your information. If you don’t want to share your health information electronically, complete and return VA Form 10-10164 (Opt Out of Sharing) to the Release of Information (ROI) Office at your VA Medical Center or by mail. If you opted out of sharing, but change your mind, you can opt back in and authorize VA to share your health information by completing and returning VA Form 10-10163 (Opt In for Sharing) to your ROI Office or by mail.   Go Here to Opt Out.

There is no deadline to submit your Form 10-10164. You can submit your Form 10-10164 at any time. If you submitted Form 10-0484 before September 30, 2019, you do NOT need to submit Form 10-10164.


Department and Chapter Grassroots Efforts

During February, the House and Senate are both in session and we are ready to get to work on the FY21 NDAA

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees are starting preparations for the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2021 and the president will be sending his proposed budget over mid-month

The NDAA FY20 had some great sections for the Reserves and Guard but we will buckle down and work hard in the upcoming months to ensure FY21 is great for the RC

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    Reserve Component Mobilizations

By the Numbers (as of January 28, 2020 )
The Department of Defense publishes contingency activations of the Reserve Components on a weekly basis.

The Army Medicine Strategic Vision is now available for you to review on the ROA website at:

Army Medicine Strategic Vision (pdf)

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A recent article discussed why VSOs are not able to attract younger veterans.  The bottom-line observation is what worked in the past will not work with today’s veteran.

While this article may be addressed to VSO’s the ROA national staff believes there are lessons to be learned for Military Service Organizations.

The author included, “. . . 12 common sense steps to appeal to that younger generation of veterans . . .”

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Military Family


Veterans need VHIC for in-person Commissary, Military Exchange, and MWR access
The Defense Department has announced expanded Commissary, Military Service Exchange and MWR access Jan. 1, 2020 and established a standard for physical access to military installations.

Veterans and Primary Family Caregivers who are eligible and want to take advantage of in-person benefits must have a Veterans Health Identification Card, or VHIC. Primary Family Caregivers must have an eligibility letter from VA’s Office of Community Care.

Veterans use VHICs for identification and check-in at VA appointments, but will also use them for base access under the new program.

Read the full story at the following link:
Veterans and the VHIC
    2020 National Veterans Day Poster Contest

Calling all artists! The 2020 National Veterans Day Poster Contest is underway. Each year the Veterans Day National Committee publishes a commemorative Veterans Day poster. The poster is selected from artwork submitted by artists nationwide and is distributed to VA facilities, military installations around the world across cities and towns in our nation.  It also serves as the cover of the official program for the Veterans Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Over the years these posters have illustrated the rich history of our country's service men and women.  The poster clearly reflects our pride and patriotism in saluting veterans while providing the thematic artistry for the year. 

The theme for Veterans Day 2020 is: “Vision: Veterans in Focus.” All veterans make a sacrifice to serve their country, whether physically, emotionally, or by being away from their loved ones and missing important life moments. As the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back on centuries of veterans’ service and sacrifice and what we have learned from the past, we must always maintain the vision for the future of veterans. Putting the veteran at the center, on Veterans Day we continue to honor all who served, while focusing on the needs of the next generation of veterans.

Poster guidelines, are available HERE.

Questions? – contact the Veterans Day Coordinator at

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    Starting Jan. 1, 4.1 Million Disabled Veterans, Certain Caregivers Can Shop Tax-Free With the Army & Air Force Exchange Service

DALLAS –It’s been more than 65 years since Arnold Reichenthal, a 92-year-old disabled Veteran who served in World War II and the Korean War, has shopped with his military exchanges. This all changes Jan. 1, when he and 4.1 million Americans are welcomed home with in-store shopping privileges.

Starting Jan. 1,Arnold Reichenthal, a 92-year-old disabled Veteran who served in World War II and the Korean War, can join 4.1 million disabled Veterans and certain caregivers with in-store shopping benefits at Army & Air Force Exchange Service stores. Read more:

Veterans who need additional information about the in-store patronage expansion can visit the Veterans section on the Exchange’s
Community Hub.

All honorably discharged Veterans can shop the military exchanges online, through a benefit that was secured in 2017. Since then, Veterans have saved more than $8 million in sales tax. Veterans can determine their eligibility to shop online at

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Law Reviews

Legal analysis on the issues impacting your life in and out of uniform

Former Service Member’s Law Center director, retired USNR Capt. Sam Wright, provides periodic law review updates. This past month 11 new Law Reviews have been posted. They are linked below. Please visit ROA’s Law Center webpage to access all of the more than 1200 ROA Law Reviews available online.

No. 20001 The Struggle against Forced Arbitration Continues
No. 20002 Favorable USERRA Decision by the 8th Circuit—Part 1
No. 20003 Favorable USERRA Decision by the 8th Circuit—Part 2 What Is an Application for Reemployment?
No. 20004 Favorable USERRA Decision by the 8th Circuit—Part 3 The Army and the National Guard Should Help the Wounded Warrior To Secure his or her USERRA Rights
No. 20005 Favorable USERRA Decision by the 8th Circuit—Part 3 The Judicial Estoppel Issue
No. 20006 Recent Favorable USERRA Precedent—Part 5 USERRA Rights of Wounded Warriors
No. 20007 Important New USERRA Case—Part 1
No. 20008 Important New USERRA Case—Part 2
No. 20009 DOL-VETS Found in my Favor—Can my Attorney Get the DOL-VETS Report into Evidence?
No. 20010 Alabama Disenfranchises Active Duty Service Members in Runoff
No. 20011 Congress Tinkers yet again with the SCRA Concerning Domicile of the Spouses of Active Duty Service Members


To publish your reunion notice in Reserve Voice, email or send by mail to
ROA Reunion Notice
1 Constitution Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002

National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association
Dates,  22-28 June, 2020
Hotel Elegante Conference & Event Center
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Hotel PH: 719-576-5900
Info, Registration:

USS Taylor (DD/DDE-468) Reunion
Date: 27-31 August, 2020
Location: Hershey – Harrisburg, PA
POC: James G. O’Neill, 14200 Hollows Drive,
Montpelier, VA 23192 • ph: 804-212-8911

USS Hornet (CV-8, CV, CVA, CVS-12), 72nd Reunion
All Ship's Company, Officers, Air Groups, Crew, Marines & Families
Date: Sept. 16-20, 2020 • Location: Buffalo, NY;
POC: Sandy Burket, email:
PO Box 108, Roaring Spring, PA 16673-9817
Phone: (814) 224-5063, cell: (814) 312-4976

USS Abnaki ATF96 Reunion
Date: 27-30 September, 2020, San Antonio, TX
Staybridge Suites Downtown Conv
POC: Steven Andersland  PH: 210-410-1820


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(Photo: Arlington National Cemetery)

During December 2019, ROA was notified of 59 of our ROA comrades passing from our ranks. On behalf of our membership, we thank these brave men and women for their many years of service and wish their families peace. READ MORE>

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