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March 15, 2018


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Henry J. Reilly Scholarship Program for the
2018-19 Academic Year is Open

The Henry J. Reilly Scholarship Program for the 2018-19 Academic Year is now open. Applications are due by April 18, 2018, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone.

The applicant portal link is

In its second year within ROA’s program of revitalizing, for academic year 2017-2018, ROA will award up to twenty $2500 scholarships to students pursuing courses of study leading to certificate, associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees.

“We are excited to offer up to twice as many Henry J. Reilly scholarships this year as last,” said ROA’s President, retired USAF Lt. Col. Donald Stockton. “General Reilly prized education and one of ROA’s priorities is helping members with professional development and self-improvement. This program is of great benefit to ROA members and their families.” READ MORE >

ROA Leadership Meeting attendees have unique opportunity Monday

The Library of Congress
Veterans History Project was introduced in 2000 as part of the American Folklife Center, one of the world’s most respected research and cultural institutions. VHP’s purpose is to collect, preserve and make accessible the personal accounts of America’s wartime veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand their selfless service.

Veterans who served in the United States military, in any capacity, from World War I through recent conflicts have participated in this project and the VHP continues to accept new submissions, regardless of branch or rank. As contributors to this national preservation effort, volunteers from around the country interview veterans and collect first-person narratives. Any individual or organization may participate, including veterans’ family members and friends age 15 or older, high school and university educators, authors, veterans’ service organizations, places of worship, retirement communities, Scout troops, local businesses and professional associations. Loved ones of deceased veterans may submit their veteran’s first person narratives.

Attendees can join an LOC representative for a VHP interview kit, and guidance for how to document your service and that of your Veteran colleagues during our Atrium luncheon on Monday. Col. Karen D. Lloyd, USA (Ret.), acting director, of the Veterans History Project, will make a brief presentation during the Department National Council Meeting on Monday morning.

VHP accepts veterans’ personal narratives in the forms of original, unedited audio and video recorded interviews, photographs, letters, diaries, journals, military documents, two-dimensional artwork, maps and unpublished memoirs that meet minimum requirements. VHP also welcomes video and audio recordings of the impact of their loved one’s service from Gold Star family members, defined as a parent, spouse, sibling or child of a member of the armed forces who became missing in action or who died of injuries as a result of their wartime service.

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Legislative Update

ROA’s leadership on biennial defense funding gets national ink

(Photo: U.S. Navy)

ROA’s third opinion piece was published March 2 in The Hill titled, “Two-year defense spending smooths the way to a ready military.” The article’s focus is on the importance of biennial defense funding.

The budget deal signed Feb. 9 by President Trump funds the federal government for two years and postpones further damage to military readiness, especially that suffered by our hometown members of the Reserve and National Guard, by exactly that length of time.

The House and Senate reached this compromise after a two-day shutdown drove a stopgap spending bill through March, giving members of Congress time to hammer out the legislation. The biggest winner is the Department of Defense with $700 billion in defense spending in fiscal year 2018 and $716 billion in fiscal year 2019, levels well above the sequestration caps mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

“After nearly a decade of asking our troops to do more with less,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in a joint statement with Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), “we hope this agreement will allow the military to begin to rebuild and ensure that process can continue into next year.”

For members of our Reserve and National Guard, who stand ready to leave everything — home, family, jobs — to serve the nation, it reduces the threat of cancelled drills, with their disruption to readiness, employment and family finances.

ROA is the only military group in Washington to have a monthly column in the Washington media; this is our third column published since the new year in The Hill. READ MORE>

Trump salutes military, highlights commitment to increased defense spending

On 13 March, 2018, President Donald J. Trump thanked the men and women of the military for their service and highlighted his commitment to increased defense spending and national security in a speech at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California.

Service members have the love and support of the American people, Trump said at the start of his address. He thanked military families for backing their loved ones, saying none of what the military does would be possible without that support.

The commander in chief underscored his commitment to modernization and investments in military people and equipment and in national security. “The Trump administration is committed to a policy of peace through strength,” he said, pointing out that the recent budget deal put an end to sequestration

“The two-year budget agreement I just reached with Congress will provide $700 billion in defense funding this year, the largest ever — larger by far than any country has ever spent,” and “next year, defense funding will be $716 billion”, he said.

“We’re also investing in our greatest weapon of all, our most powerful weapon, our most beautiful weapon, our most brilliant weapon: you,” he said, pointing out to the service members in the hangar. He added that he seeks to give them their largest pay raise in more than a decade next year, a comment met by applause and cheers.

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Reserve Component Mobilizations — By the Numbers
(as of 15 March 2018 )

The Department of Defense publishes contingency activations of the Reserve Components on a weekly basis. When DoD considered stopping the contingency reporting earlier in 2017, ROA was instrumental in pressing DoD to keep it as a reporting requirement. This information is important because Congress uses this information to gauge how the Reserve Component is being used for operational missions which results in authorizations and appropriations.

Additionally, this report reminds the President and Congress that the Reserve Component is still being used for contingency activations despite years of drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Reserve Chiefs Updates
The Reserve Service Chiefs and the Office of the Secretary Of Defense have traditionally provided service updates, which were printed in The Officer magazine. Throughout the spring we will publish these 2018 updates here in The Reserve Voice. We thank the chiefs and OSD for providing these timely updates. In this issue we feature updates from the Chief of Army Reserve and the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel, U.S. Coast Guard.

America’s Army Reserve Ready Now; Shaping Tomorrow

Lieutenant General Charles D. Luckey, Chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General,
United States Army Reserve Command

As the Army’s dedicated federal reserve force, America’s Army Reserve must be able to move fast, engage quickly, and support the Army and the Joint Warfighter in order to win decisively on the battlefields of today – and tomorrow.

We have covered much ground over the past year – significantly increasing the readiness of our forces, closing interoperability gaps with the Joint Force, and posturing our team to respond quickly in a new and complex threat environment. Today, over thirty percent of your Army Reserve units are pressing hard to attain and sustain higher levels of peacetime readiness in order to reduce post-mobilization training time when called upon to meet contingency surge requirements and to Fight Fast.


Increasing Value and Utility, Setting Strategic Priorities to Maximize Readiness

Rear Adm. Scott McKinley, Director of Reserve and Military Personnel

Since 1941, the Coast Guard Reserve has served as an essential force multiplier for the Coast Guard across a wide variety of contingency operations. Representing only 1.1% of total Coast Guard resources, the Reserve is currently capable of providing a surge capacity of nearly 17% of current active duty end strength within 48 hours.

While the level of resources available to support the Reserve has fluctuated over time, the patriotism, professionalism, and preparedness of our workforce has never wavered. Our strength comes from these amazingly talented and selfless people, who have chosen to make a career serving their country as members of the Coast Guard Reserve. READ MORE >

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Army Reserve Update

Troops to Firefighter provides training for Transitioning Soldiers

The Army Continuing Education System recently hosted the Troops to Firefighters program,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assist veterans, transitioning service members and family members in becoming nationally certified firefighters and 911 emergency dispatch operators.

Troops to Firefighters serve as a liaison for those interested in the public safety career field, utilizing their partnerships to recruit, mentor and advocate for jobs on behalf of the program participants. It is through coordination and collaboration with organizations such as Priority Dispatch and the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch that interested individuals will receive training and certification to meet employment requirements. Upon successful completion of the entire 911 dispatch operators' program, participants receive certifications in Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Fire Dispatch, Emergency Police Dispatch, Emergency Telecommunicator Course and International Academies of Emergency Dispatch EDQ, of which all are international certifications.

ROA has been an active supporter of many efforts lead by the U.S. Department of Labor to foster and promote programs that assist transiting service members, including Reserve Componant members, from deployments to civilian jobs in our communities. READ MORE>

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New York Guard chaplain shares U.S. experience dealing with PTSD

Members of the New York Army National Guard Chaplain Corps recently participated in round-table symposium focusing on post-traumatic stress with Ukrainian medical professionals, psychologists, chaplains, and lawyers.

Maj. Andrew Ayres, the chaplain for the Joint Multinational Training Group Ukraine, was on hand to share the American military's experience in coping with PTSD.

The Ukrainian military, which has been engaged in an anti-terrorism campaign since early 2014, has an ever-increasing number of combat veterans, many of whom suffer from the disorder. As the number of PTSD and combat stress cases increase, the Ukrainian military is striving to provide soldiers and their families with much needed assistance. As part of the initiative, medical professionals, military officers, lawyers, psychologists and religious leaders gathered together to collaborate on different actions to take to best address this growing concern.

“This is a topic that we have been dealing with in the United States for some time now,” Ayers said.

PTSD remains an important topic for discussion in the U.S. Reserve Component, as well. ROA continues to play an important role in that discussion with Washington, D.C.-based The Military Coalition (TMC) by signing letters to members of Congress and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. READ MORE>

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Naval Services Update

The History and Tradition of the Naval Reserve

Found neatly folded in a 1965 book entitled, The Navy from Wood to Steel: 1860-1890, by Capt. Daniel Carrison, USN, this clipping on the Navy Reserve from the Sept. 1973 issue of All Hands caught the eye of executive director Jeff Phillips. According to Wikipedia, All Hands Magazine of the U.S. Navy was a monthly published magazine of the United States Navy for its sailors published since August 1922 under different names; the recent title was established in 1945. Its last issue was published December 2011.

All Hands Magazine was brought back as a digital Web-based publication in February 2013. It is online at Click here for the magazine archives.

Read the clipping “The history & tradition of the Naval Reserve,” by Jerry Wolff.

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Calling all Navy Reservists!!

(Photo: US Navy)

The U.S. Navy is currently conducting a service wide survey to better implement the recently released Navy Reserve Action Plan - Ready to Win. The Chief of Navy Reserve, Vice Adm. Luke M. McCollum, sent out a message this week asking for your input on a quick survey.

“This survey will be used to baseline the Force's opinions on various topics and satisfaction with subjects such as pay and utilization of civilian and military skills. Your input is critical to provide us with a "navigation fix" of where we currently stand to inform our innovative teams on where we need to go,” McCollum said.

The survey is completely anonymous with no login information required . . . just click and answer the questions.

The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes, but your feedback is needed to inform decisions going forward. Click the below link to get started:

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Reserve Marines receive new tactical vehicle

(Photo: USMC)

On March 9, 2018, Marine Forces Reserve New Orleans, La., showcased the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. The JLTV, manufactured by Oshkosh Defense, is finding its new home with the Marine Corps Reserve as the successor to the Humvee, which has served the U.S. armed forces for over three decades.

The Marine Corps will be introducing the first 130 of 5000 new tactical vehicles into circulation as early as the beginning of 2019 for the active component and will be fielded to the reserve component in 2021.

Transportability is a key JLTV requirement. The JLTV has an electronic adjustable height suspension that allows the vehicle to ‘squat’ to fit in restricted height spaces on amphibious warfare ships and the ability to be raised to traverse difficult terrain while carrying armor and payload. The JLTV also has comparable off-road performance, acceleration and speed to the Humvee and is air transportable connecting externally via helicopter or riding internally via cargo plane.

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Air Force Update

Officials Approve HSM for Disasters

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Alexx Pons

The Joint Staff has approved the Humanitarian Service Medal for the Reserve Components for Hurricane Harvey (Aug 23 – Oct 31, 2017) and Hurricanes Irma and Maria (Sept 8-Oct 20, 2017). “This medal was authorized by Executive Order 11965, Jan. 19, 1977. It was established to honor personnel of the armed forces of the United States who distinguished themselves by meritorious direct participation (hands on) in a significant military act or operation of a humanitarian nature or have rendered a service to mankind. Specifically excluded from eligibility are service members or elements remaining at a geographically separated location or to a location and did not make a direct contribution to influence the action. There are no points given for the medal under the Weighted Airman Promoted System.

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Air Guard Member Assists in Accident

Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Hughes

One rainy night Staff Sgt. Zara Huber was traveling home when she came upon an accident where a 13-year old boy had been struck by a car. Keenan Harris was laying unresponsive in the street when Sgt. Huber `immediately acted to stabilize the boy and treat him for shock. She later learned that he was the son of unit member and softball team mate, Master Sgt. Doug Harris. "I don't care how cliché it is, at the 180th we are a big family," Zuber said. "We take care of one another, we come together when things are going wrong for someone and we help support each other. However, neither Sergeant Huber or Harris knew the ties to family would occur this way. Despite a life-threatening head wound, Keenan was able to recover from an injury that normally sees only a five percent survival.

Military Life

Army and Air Force Exchange Hiring Veterans

DALLAS – The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is helping Veterans in the workforce reconnect with their military family through a special management training program, reaffirming the Department of Defense retailer’s commitment to hiring those who served.

The Veterans Retail Management Training program introduces veterans to the business that drives the 122-year-old Exchange benefit. Participants in the immersive program receive two weeks of classroom training at the Exchange’s Dallas headquarters, learning about the organization’s enduring mission to take care of soldiers, airmen and their families.

From Dallas, veterans are assigned to Exchanges across the United States for on-the-job training in main stores, Expresses, troop stores and Military Clothing stores, working alongside mentors in the field. Trainees who successfully complete the program are offered permanent positions.
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Win a $25,000 Customized Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in Latest Exchange Contest

Military shoppers can grab their leather jacket and get ready for an exhilarating ride on a sleek customized motorcycle with Monster and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service’s latest sweepstakes.

Through April 30, Exchange shoppers worldwide can enter to win a
Harley-Davidson FXBB Street Bob motorcycle. This $25,000 prize will be customized by the Warrior Built Foundation, whose mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of combat Veterans and wounded service members who served our country by providing vocational and recreational opportunities. READ MORE >

At The Exchange, Veterans Reconnect To Military Community With
New Retail Careers

DALLAS – The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is helping Veterans in the workforce reconnect with their military family through a special management training program, reaffirming the Department of Defense retailer’s commitment to hiring those who served.

Veterans Retail Management Training program introduces Veterans to the business that drives the 122-year-old Exchange benefit. Participants in the immersive program receive two weeks of classroom training at the Exchange’s Dallas headquarters, learning about the organization’s enduring mission to take care of Soldiers, Airmen and their families. READ MORE

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Jobs on the Hill
Three good sources for legislative related job opportunities

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Law Reviews:
Legal analysis on the issues impacting your life in and out of uniform

Former Service Member’s Law Center director, retired USNR Capt. Sam Wright, provides periodic law review updates. Please see ROA’s Law Center webpage for more information on service members’ law.

No. 18021 Section 4303(4) of USERRA-Definition of "Employer"
No. 18022 Not all the Work that you Do as the Commanding Officer of an Army Reserve Unit Qualifies as "Service in the Uniformed Services" for USERRA Purposes
No. 18023 Fascinating Lawsuit about the Bladensburg Memorial

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To publish your reunion notice in Reserve Voice, email or send by mail to
ROA Reunion Notice
1 Constitution Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002

2018 U.S. Army Officer Candidate School Alumni Association (USAOCSAA) Reunion
DATE: March 25-29, 2018 • Location: Columbus, Ga.

Housing: Columbus Marriott Hotel
POC: Nancy Ionoff • Phone: 813-917-4309

12th TFW, MacDill AFB, FL; Cam Ranh AB & Phu Cat AB; 389 TFS & 480 TFS, Da Nang, Vietnam; 555th TFS 1964-66 and 12th FEW/SFW (Bergstrom AFB, TX & Korea), and all supporting units
Date: 4 – 7 April 2018 • Location: Tucson, AZ
Contact: E. J. Sherwood • email: • Phone: 480-396-4681

USS Carpenter DD825
Dates: April 19-23, 2018
Location: Ramada Inn, San Diego, CA
Contact: Jimmie Kennedy
Ph: 714-776-4019 email:

USS San Marcos (LSD-25) Reunion

Dates: May 4-6, 2018 • Sheraton Society Hill, Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Jack Lieberman

77th Armor Regiment Reunion
Dates: June 21-24, 2018
Location: Hilton El Conquistador Resort
10000 N. Oracle Rd., Tuscon, AZ 85704.
Registration forms:
Contact: Robert L. Basner, 989-624-4593; e mail:

Society of the First Infantry Division, "Big Red One" 2018 Reunion

Dates: August 1-5, 2018
Location: Westin Lombard, Ambler PA 19002
Contact: • PH 215-654-1969

U.S.S. John R. Craig DD885
Dates: September 5-9, 2018
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Contact: Jerry Chwalek
Email: • 734-525-1469

Army, 1st Signal Brigade (Vietnam & Korea)
5-9 September 2018
Location: Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX.
POC: John Keenan • (913) 633-2639 •

USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) Association 21st Shipmates' Reunion
Dates:12-16 September 2018
Location: Courtyard Marriott, 1001 Intrepid Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19112
(Historic Navy Yard, Philadelphia)
POC: Tim Gildea, (215) 480-4260,
Note: Open to present and past members of ship's crew, Marine Detachment, embarked staffs, specialty detachments, and air wing. Reunion participants may bring guests.
Information & Registration form:

USS Taylor (DD/DDE-468)

Dates: 07-11 October, 2018 • Location: Colorado Springs, CO
POC: CDR James G. O'Neill USNR-RET
Email: • Phone: 804-212-8911

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