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Patricia A. Upton wrote on the Chapter: South Carolina - Midlands (017) wall: The Midlands Chapter held its quarterly meeting at noon, 4 June 2020 via teleconference. COL (Ret) Joe McLamb, newly appointed Chief of Staff for the South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs was the guest speaker. He provided an update as to the status of veterans affairs in South Carolina. The Department was just recently elevated to Department level, making its new leader, MG (Ret) William F. Grimsley, a cabinet-level secretary. The department is restructuring, and completing a thorough analysis as to its current status, with the goal of better serving veterans in South Carolina. The department will be putting together a two to four year campaign plan with the goals of 1) better aligning resources to meet needs; 2) making more efficient use of numerous veterans services agencies; and 3) identifying problems earlier in the process to minimize resources needed. The department will be launching a new and better web page in the next 30 days (+/-)… check it out. Many thanks to COL (Ret) McLamb for sharing his time with us today.
Posted Thursday, June 4, 2020
Patricia A. Upton wrote on the Chapter: South Carolina - Midlands (017) wall: ROA is currently offering the Eileen M. Bonner Scholarship for Medical Excellence... to any ROA member in the medical field to further their medical education. Go to ABOUT ROA > MEMBER BENEFITS > Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page under SCHOLARSHIPS > CLICK HERE for information. Deadline to apply is July 1st.
Posted Friday, May 29, 2020
Patricia A. Upton wrote on the Chapter: South Carolina - Midlands (017) wall: The Midlands Chapter held a teleconference call Thursday, 30 April 2020 to provide an update to members on the state of operations at Fort Jackson, SC. COL Wes Hankins, FJSC Garrison Commander updated the group at the request of COL Marty Akers, Chapter President. Operations at Fort Jackson are proceeding while implementing social distancing procedures. Significant numbers of employees are teleworking from home. Non-essential personnel have limited access to FJSC. Retirees and veterans can access post services on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Face coverings are required in the PX and Commissary. Expect possible meat shortages, restrictions on bulk purchases, and price increases due to the closure of meat processing plants in the US. Basic training operations have adjusted to include a 2 week quarantine period prior to beginning in person training. Fort Jackson will have a progressive/phased plan to return to full operations. Following COL Hankins' presentation, Chapter officers presented brief updates which will be discussed in more detail during the quarterly meeting, hopefully in June. Thanks to COL Hankins for providing this information to the group.
Posted Friday, May 1, 2020
Patricia A. Upton wrote on the Chapter: South Carolina - Midlands (017) wall: The Department of South Carolina hosted a virtual annual conference on Saturday 4/18/2020. During the conference, COL Akers presented his annual report on activities within Chapter 017, The Midlands Chapter. His report has been posted and is located in our File Library under the heading of Chapter Organizational Documents.
Posted Friday, April 24, 2020

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