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2020 National Convention
Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Department Chaplain
Gus E. Vitali
Department Constitution & Bylaws Chairman
Gary A. Loxley
Department Editor
George F. Williams
Department Historian
Richard L. Hoffman
Department Jr. Vice President Air Force
William H. Laidley
Department Jr. Vice President Army
Karen L. Roddy-Spikes
Department Jr. Vice President Naval Services
Frank P. DiMarco
Department Judge Advocate
Gary A. Loxley
Department Legislative Chairman
George F. Williams
Department Membership Chairman
Frank T. Mendralski
Department National Councilman
George F. Williams
Department President
Shaun T. Carney
Department Public Affairs Officer
John O. Huston
Department Resolutions Chairman
Frank T. Mendralski
Department ROTC Chairman
James R. Bodmer
Department Secretary
Frank T. Mendralski
Department Treasurer
Kenneth P. Maykowski
Department Vice President Air Force
Chaker J. Fadel
Department Vice President Army
Dennis J. Laich
Department Vice President Naval Services
Thomas B. Gregory
Department Webmaster
Frank T. Mendralski