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Welcome to the Department of the Golden West

July 2020 Issue of the Golden West Sentinel has been posted.

You may find the Sentinel by opening the "Group Pages" found in the upper left hand corner of this page.  Click open NEWSLETTERS to find the July 2020 SENTINEL and other historical issues. They are  PDF documents that can be saved and / or printed  -- Updated by Milt Houghton on 12 August 2020.


President: Lt. Col. Beverley Houghton, USA (ret)

Executive Vice President: Lt. Col. Marissa Marquez, USAFR

Immediate Past President: Capt. Rafael Ortiz, USCG (ret)

Vice President - Army: Lt. Col. Steven Dolgin, USA (ret)

Vice President - Naval Services: Capt. Leon Dame, USCG (ret)

Vice President - Air Force: Col. Ken Morrison, USAF (ret)


Treasurer: Col. Richard Keagy, USA (ret)

JAG: Col. Don Dorfman, USAF (ret)

Chaplain: Col. Don Forden, USA (ret)