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Welcome to Santa Clara County Unified Chapter #63

In the heart of Silicon Valley


  • Chapter Headquarters:  Was Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley -- 1350 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95112 --  SPECIAL NOTE:  On Friday 30 March 2018, The Holiday Inn notified the Chapter #63 Secretary that the hotel restaurant (including the Wine Room) will be closed for lunch for the rest of 2018.  The master plan is to renovate the entire hotel first floor.  Accordingly, the Holiday Inn has cancelled all future Chapter #63 luncheon events in the hotel.  ADDED 16 May 2018 -- Effective with the 12 June 2018 meeting, the New EXCOM Meeting location is Moffett Federal Airfield -- Air Operations Building -- Orion Conference Room -- Second Deck (floor) -- North End -- Airfield Side of the Building -- 158 Cody Road.  Check in via the squawk box at the Air Operations Building front door. Let the Ops Desk know you are there for a meeting.  They will buzz you in and provide directions.  A new location for luncheon program meetings has yet to be found.  


  • Proximity to local Reserve Units:  The new EXCOM Location is within easy commuting distance of the following Reserve Units.

-63rd Readiness Division (formerly the 63rd Regional Support Command), USAR -- 230 R. T. Jones Road -- Mountain View CA 94043


-Navy Operational Support Center, USNR -- 995 E. Mission St, San Jose, CA, 95112


  • Chapter Mission/Purpose:

    It is useful to state ROA’s mission and clarify how Chapter #63 supports that mission.  "The objective of this Chapter shall be to support a military policy for the United States that will provide adequate National Security and to assist in the development and execution thereof."  This Chapter would fulfill its mission by developing and adopting resolutions, at the Chapter level, for ultimate enactment at ROA Department and National levels.


  • Meetings:  Chapter #63 currently holds monthly Executive Committee Meetings, but has discontinued Luncheon Programs


  • Executive (EXCOM) Business Meetings:  Effective 12 June 2018 EXCOM is still held the second Tuesday of the month between 1100 and 1300 hours (New Time) in the NEW LOCATION -- Moffett Field Air Operations Building Orion Conference Room -- See NEW EXCOM MEETING LOCATION under Chapter Headquarters above!!  

  • Luncheon Programs:  Regrettably, with the Holiday Inn discontinuing luncheon service, Chapter #63 has temporarily discontinued luncheon programs.  As of 15 August 2019, the Holiday Inn renovation had not started, and dining facilities are still closed for lunch.
  • Joint ROA / MOAA Luncheon Programs:  (Note location change) when held – normally are hosted by MOAA’s Silicon Valley Chapter (SVC) – are held the third Thursday of the month in the Biltmore Hotel -- 2151 Laurelwood Road – Santa Clara, CA. The buffet luncheon price is - $30.00 – The Social Hour starts at 11:00 AM. The buffet luncheon is served o/a 11:45 AM followed by a speaker program.  

  • Event Announcements and After Action Reports:  Announcements for the luncheon programs are generated through a combination of newsletters, mass e-mails to ROA Chapter #63 members, and web site announcements.  Push the Group Pages Button above this welcome notice to the upper left -- You will find two (2) after action reports for the 63rd Regional Support Command (RSC), (now 63rd Readiness Division) USAR and two (2) after action reports for the San Jose Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), USNR which document most of Chapter #63's interactions with these local nearby Reserve organizations. 

  • Our 24 June 2017 luncheon program was the first of two highlighting the Vietnam War. See the AFTER ACTION Report in the Group Pages above under HISTORICAL CHAPTER EVENTS..
  • Our Saturday 28 October 2017 was our second luncheon program highlighting the Vietnam War -- Cadet Travis Chew, AROTC -- Santa Clara University Bronco Battalion -- presented THE HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM WAR -- SEE THE AFTER ACTION REPORT IN THE GROUP  PAGES ABOVE under HISTORICAL CHAPTER EVENTS.
  • On 17 November 2017, CWO5 Robert (Gunner) Landgraf, USMC (Ret.) was the honored guest and featured speaker at the Branham and Del Mar High Schools' JROTC Marine Corps Birthday Ball. SEE THE AFTER ACTION REPORT IN THE GROUP PAGES ABOVE under HISTORICAL CHAPTER EVENTS. 
  • On 14 August 2018 -- the Chapter #63 Executive Committee presented the Department of the Golden West Outstanding National Security Writer Award to CDR Otto Lee, USNR (Ret.) for his, "Time Running Out," North Korean article published in the local Mercury News in September 2017 (last year).  CDR Lee served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), was a former Sunnyvale, California Mayor, and is a life member of ROA.  A report with a photo, the award certificate, and the citation to accompany the award appears in the group pages above.
  • 25 August 2018 -- Congressman Ro Khanna -- 17th District (California) was our featured Chapter #63 guest.  Congressman Khanna is on the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee -- hence relevant to ROA's national security mission.  The Congressman was with us for one (1) hour from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon.  The program addressed In-Theater Destruction of OPERATION DESERT STORM / OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM combat medical records (Speaker: Brigadier General Gerald Griffin, Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.) -- and In-Flight Injuries to Pilots and Flight Crew Members (Speakers: Lt Col Neil Miles, USAF (Ret.) and Lt Col James McMichael, USAF (Ret).  Without medical records, Veterans experience significant problems proving to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that their injuries are service-connected.  The objective was to urge Congressman Khanna to support legislation to rectify these issues.  The objective was achieved.  A complete report is in the group pages above entitled, "Chapter hosts Rep. Ro Khanna 25 Aug '18."  This section will be updated as events unfold. As of 16 April 2019, Congressman Ro Khanna's Washington D.C. National Security team reported to Captain Kromrey that legislative bills may be required to trigger exhaustive investigative factfinding studies on "Medical Record Destruction" and "In-Flight Injuries" by both the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) as pre-requisites to achieve appropriate legislation.
    Susan Lukas from ROA’s legislative office said, “Congress begins their legislative efforts by gathering data and Rep Khanna is working with the House Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee to start that process.”
    On 18 April 2019, Captain Kromrey, who regularly attends his Congressman's monthly Town Hall meetings, took the initiative to discuss these findings with Congressman Khanna, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.
    These periodic local face-to-face discussions between ROA constituents and U.S. Congressmen assist in keeping ROA's legislative agenda on their radar screen. Mr. Tom Pyke, now CA-17 District Director, summed it up saying, "This is really democracy at work."
  • On 13 August 2019, Congressman Khanna introduced H.R. 4183 into the 116th Congress (House of Representatives).  The bill's title is, "Identifying Barriers and Best Practices Study Act."  The bill needs more than two (2) co-sponsors before it can be considered by the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  On 25 August 2019, Captain Kromrey transmitted an "e-blast" through ROA's web mail system urging every Department of the Golden West ROA member with an e-mail address to ask their specific representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 4183 (116th Congress).
  • On 17 December 2019, H.R. 4183 passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a majority vote.  On 19 December 2019, a companion bill, S.3110 was introduced in the United States Senate, and referred to the Senate Veterans Affairs (VA) Committee.  Senator Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican, is the sponsor.  At this writing, there are no co-sponsors supporting S.3110, however on 29 January 2020 the Senate VA committee approved S.3110 without amendment for consideration by the full Senate. 
  • Updated by Captain Jerry E. Kromrey, USAFR (Ret.) -- 09 January 2020
  • On 17 January 2019, Chapter #63 and the MOAA Silicon Valley Chapter hosted a Luncheon program entitled, "Genocide in Cambodia - 1975 - 1979 in the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, California.  See the after action report in the Group Pages Above. 
  • On 19 December 2019, Chapter #63 and the MOAA Silicon Valley Chapter hosted a luncheon program entitled, "Neutralizing Domestic and International Terrorism," in the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, California.  The program featured FBI Special Agent Michael Gimbel.  See the after action report in the Group Pages Above.
  • ELECTION / INSTALLATION -- 2020 - 2021 OFFICERS -- On Tuesday 10 March 2020, Chapter #63 held its annual election / installation during the monthly EXCOM.  The slate consisted of the incumbent officers.  Reciting the ROA Chapter Officer Oath of Office, the incumbent officers swore themselves in for another year.  A 27 February 2020 e-blast announced the event to Chapter #63 members with e-mail addresses and invited any interested members to attend.  A Chapter Officer Election Report has been transmitted to ROA Member Services and Department of the Golden West Leadership. Update:  It is our sad duty to announce that CDR Robert C. Whitten, USNR (Ret.), our Senior Consultant Emeritus died on 21 May 2020.  May he rest in peace.
  • DONATIONS:  The Chapter welcomes donations to help support operations, communications, and events.  A donation form resides within the group pages above.  It can be opened and printed for your convenience.
  • ROTC and JROTC:  Chapter #63 presents ROA ROTC awards to deserving cadets at the San Jose State University (Air Force) and Santa Clara University (Army) annual awards ceremonies.  Chapter #63 presents a $1,000.00 scholarship check to a deserving Santa Clara University Army cadet in the name of the late LTC Frank E. Holt, U.S. Army (Ret.) who was a strong ROTC supporter during his lifetime.  SEE THE NEWS RELEASE IN THE GROUP CUSTOM PAGES FOR DETAILS.  Chapter #63 also presents ROA Junior ROTC awards to deserving high school cadets.
  •  Chapter Leadership:  Chapter #63 is led by a cadre of elected officers from the local area.  An election and installation luncheon is usually held in March.  The officers currently serve one year terms between April and the following March.  Chapter #63 would welcome currently serving – locally available – reserve component members to join its leadership cadre.  The current Chapter #63 Officers are:


-President:  LtCol Maurice M. Casey, USMC (Ret.) – E-Mail:


-VP Army: COL Warren B. Enos, USA (Ret.)


-VP Air Force:  Lt Col Paul D. Schaefer, USAF (Ret.)


-VP Naval Svcs:  CWO5 Robert Landgraf, USMC (Ret.) E-Mail:


-Senior Consultant Emeritus:  In Memoriam  CDR Robert C. Whitten, USNR (Ret.) -- 6 December 1926 - 21 May 2020


-Newsletter Editor:  LTC Albert L. Grayson, Sr., USA (Ret.) E-Mail:


-Treasurer:  LtCol Robert W. O’Connor, USMC (Ret.) E-Mail:


-Secretary:  Capt Jerry E. Kromrey, USAFR (Ret.) E-Mail:


Summary:  Once again – thank you for visiting our web site.  Please feel free to take the next step -- attend our events, and participate in our operations.

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