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2018 Law Reviews
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No. 18042 Coast Guard Reservist Loses USERRA Case at MSPB and Federal Circuit
No. 18041 You Will Not Have the Right to Reemployment if you Leave a Private Sector Job To Become a Temporary Air National Guard Technician
No. 18040 No Reemployment for Army Deserter
No. 18039 You Don’t Have To Be a Perfect Soldier To Get your Job Back
No. 18038 You Must Use Your 22 Extra Days of Paid Military Leave During your Period of Contingency Active Duty
No. 18037 State and Local Government Pension Funds Are in Sad Shape
No. 18036 Returning Service Member Who Is Medically Disqualified from Flying Airliners Is Entitled To Return to Payroll and Use Accrued Sick Leave
No. 18035 More on the “Cooling Off Period” Required of a new Military Retiree Starting a new Civil Service Job for DOD
No. 18034 Right to Civilian Pension Credit for Military Service Prior to the Enactment of USERRA in 1994
No. 18033 National Guard Technicians Are Precluded from Receiving Paid Military Leave while Performing “Active Guard and Reserve Duty” But Not while Performing Other Kinds of Military Service
No. 18032 The Railroad Retirement Board’s Treatment of Absence from Work for Military Service or Training Is Inconsistent with USERRA, But Unfortunately USERRA Does Not Apply
No. 18031 I Think that I Am Entitled to Reemployment under State Law although I Will Be beyond USERRA’s Five-Year Limit
No. 18030 Great New Federal Circuit Case about Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees
No. 18029 Don’t Try To Work at your Civilian Job while on Active Duty—Part 2
No. 18028 USERRA’s Definition of “Uniformed Services”
No. 18027 The USPS Is a “Federal Executive Agency” for Purposes of USERRA
No. 18026 Duty under 10 U.S.C. 12301(d) Can Be Exempt from the Five-Year Limit under USERRA
No. 18025 OSC Acts To Enforce USERRA against the USPS
No. 18024 Working as an Air Reserve Technician Does Not Amount to “Service in the Uniformed Services” for USERRA Purposes
No. 18023 Fascinating Lawsuit about the Bladensburg Memorial
No. 18022 You Can Purchase Federal Civilian Retirement Credit for your Active Duty Time, and this Does Not Affect your Reserve Component Retirement at Age 60
No. 18021 Section 4303(4) of USERRA-Definition of "Employer"
No. 18020 You Have the Right To Vote by Absentee Ballot in your Home Town while You Are on Active Duty, even if You Don't Intend To Return when You Leave Active Duty.
No. 18019 Section 4303(3) of USERRA: "Employee" Defined
No. 18118 If You Are Claiming a USERRA Violation, the MSPB Has Jurisdiction To Review Your Firing even if You Have Not Completed the Initial Year of Federal Employment
No. 18017 Mr. President-Please Make Appointments for the MSPB Vacancies
No. 18016 Review on Service Member Voting and Domicile
No. 18015 Enforcing USERRA against a State Government Employer - Good News from California
No. 18014 Escalator Principle Applies to Army Physician
No. 18013 Does USERRA Forbid Employer Harassment of Employees because of their Reserve Component Service? Congress Amends the Definition of "Benefit of Employment" To Clarify that the Answer Is Yes.
No. 18012 Section 4303(2) of USERRA, Definition of "Benefit" of Employment
No. 18011 Section 4303(1) of USERRA , Definition of "Attorney General"
No. 18010 Can I Use Veterans' Preference To Avoid a Layoff in a RIF?
No. 18009 VPA Protects Federal Employee from RIF
No. 18008 What Is the Federal Veterans’ Preference Act?
No. 18007 USERRA’s Definitions
No. 18006 Relationship between USERRA and the CBA
No. 18005 Section 4302 of USERRA and Forced Arbitration
No. 18004 Under Section 4302, USERRA Is a Floor Not a Ceiling
No. 18003 The Federal Government Must Be a Model Employer Section 4301(b) of USERRA
No. 18002 Section 4301(a) of USERRA
No. 18001 In the New Year, Back to Basics on USERRA

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