Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Military and Veterans: Challenges & Solutions

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00
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ROA's Minuteman Memorial Building, , 20001
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This symposium will examine the full spectrum of mental health challenges facing America's military and veteran communities by framing the complexities of mental health treatment for our military through three unique perspectives; ranging from clinical realities for our men and women in uniform, the challenges of policy implementation and the prospects of legislative solutions from Congress. Through these panels, our experts will aim to identify permanent solutions for parity and realibility in mental health treatment for our service members. 

  • Clinical and Research Perspective: Screening, identification, prevention, and treatment of mental health disorders
  • Policy Perspective: Programs and outreach efforts to improve access to mental health services 
  • Legislative Perspective: Legislative solutions to improve mental health care for military and veterans

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Agenda Highlights:

Introduction: Major General Andrew Davis, ROA Executive Director

Voice of the Veteran: Sergeant First Class Micah Welintukonis, USAR

Legislative Perspective: What is the Congressional view of how the mental health care needs of military and veterans are being met? What kinds of legislative solutions are being examined to address their mental health needs?
Featured Remarks: Senator Joe Donnelly, Senator Rob Portman, Representative Glenn Thompson (invited), Representative Tim Murphy (invited), Representative Kyrsten Sinema (invited)

Clinical and Research Perspective Panel: What does current research tell us about the mental health needs of military and veterans? How can we ensure providers are knowledgeable about current practices? What types of screening should be done to assess the mental health status of military and veterans?

  • Terri Tanelian, The RAND Corporation
  • Dr. Terry Keane, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Phil Carter Center for New American Security
  • Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Purdue Military Family Research Institute


Policy Perspective Panel: What types of innovative programs are being developed to address the mental health needs of military and veterans? How are the Departments reaching out to military and veterans with mental health needs? What are the Administration’s priorities for military and veteran’s mental health care?

  • DoD: Director, Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, Captain Richard Stoltz, USN
  • Veterans Affairs (VA): Dr. Stacey Pollack




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