2018 National Convention
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2018 National Convention

9/27/2018 to 9/30/2018
When: 27-30 September 2018
Where: Hilton Omaha
1001 Cass St
Omaha, Nebraska  68102
United States
Contact: Diane Markham

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More than 180 people attended the 92nd National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska, where ROA made some ground-breaking decisions, including expanding membership eligibility to include all ranks, and establishing the ability to create a DBA (doing business as) of Reserve Organization of America.


The following record of events provides detailed information on what happened during the convention.


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Thursday, 27 September 2018

The ROA National convention started on Thursday morning with an ROA Academy, Medical Seminar, and ExCom meeting. The Academy was conducted by the National Membership Committee, led by CAPT Rafael Ortiz, USCG (Ret.). The Medical Seminar, facilitated by MG Peggy Wilmoth, USA (Ret.), heard from BG Lisa Doumont, USAR, and BG Sean Collins, ANG, Assistant for Mobilization and Reserve Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.


Thursday evening, attendees gathered for the welcome reception, where the Nebraska Pershing Rifle team gave the crowd a show.


Friday, 28 September 2018

The formal convention assembly was called to order by President Lt. Col. Donald L. Stockton, USAF (Ret.), on Friday, 28 September 2018, at the Omaha Hilton in Omaha, Nebraska.


Friday morning began with a memorial breakfast led by ROA and ROAL chaplains. The guest speaker was Mr. Michael G. Reagan, Artist/President of the Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation. The General Assembly’s keynote address was given by Maj. Gen. Richard J. Evans III, USAF, Director of Reserve Forces and Mobilization Assistant to the CDR, USSTRATCOM, Offutt AFB.


Service section and ROAL breakouts heard from BG Doug Cherry, USA, Deputy Commanding General, 76th Division (Operational Response); RDML Matthew W. Sibley, USCG, Acting Director, Reserve & Military Personnel, U.S. Coast Guard; Maj. Gen. Eric S. Overturf, USAFR, Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of the Air Force Reserve; Mr. Michael G. Reagan, Artist/President, Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation; and Mr. Mike Dunn, Offutt AFB.


Attendees reconvened in General Assembly that afternoon to present three awards. The Chaplain of the Year award went to Capt. Matthew Wilson, USAFR. The CWO4 Michael Novosel Award for the ROA Warrant Officer of the Year was given to CW3 Linda D. Thomas, USAR. The Twice the Citizen Award went to two Southwest pilots, LCDR Tammie Jo Shults, USNR, and Maj. Darren Ellisor, USAFR.


Saturday, 29 September 2018

On Saturday, the General Assembly received a briefing from Dr. Jody W. Donehoo, Ph.D., Chief, Reserve & TRICARE Special Programs (RTSP), Deputy Assistant Director, Healthcare Ops/TRICARE Health Plan, Defense Health Agency (DHA). Following his presentation, the ROA STARs Foundation recognized founding members of the Pershing Society. ROA Executive Director Jeff Phillips wrapped up the session with a State of the Association address. Later that afternoon, the general assembly reconvened, and the national staff provided a legislation update, conducted grassroots legislation training, and facilitated a membership workshop.


That evening, 140 people attended a formal banquet, during which ROA inducted Mr. Tom Shull, Director and CEO of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, into the Minuteman Hall of Fame. The dinner’s keynote address was delivered by Congressman Donald J. Bacon of Nebraska’s 2nd District and the House Armed Services Committee.


Sunday, 30 September 2018

The business meeting of the convention assembly was called to order by President Lt. Col. Donald L. Stockton, USAF (Ret.) on Sunday, 30 September 2018. Following the invocation and the presentation of several media awards, President Stockton called for the report of the Credentials Committee. Credentials Committee member Col. Scott S. Russell, USAFR, reported that 106 delegates, representing 35 departments, had checked in. Representation allowed based on association membership was 45 departments, 606 delegates with 303 votes. ROA Executive Director, Jeffrey E. Phillips called role, then announced a quorum was present. President Stockton declared a quorum and announced the appointment of LTC Milton D. Houghton, USA (Ret.) as the Parliamentarian and LTC Charles E. Fairbanks, USAR, and LTC Melissa L. Mitravich, USAR as the Sergeant-at-Arms.



Resolutions for review and renewal were presented by CAPT Morgan Little, USN (Ret.), committee chairman. The National Resolutions Committee recommended 13 resolutions to the convention for renewal in addition to 7 new resolutions for approval.


Upon a properly made motion and convention vote it was resolved to adopt the following resolutions. Each resolution begins its resolved clause with “Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Reserve Officers Association, chartered by Congress…”


18-01: Air Force Warrant Officer Reinstated

“… urge the Secretary of the Air Force to reinstate Air Force Warrant Officer grades in recognition of the service’s ability to fill critical and appropriate specialties.”


18-02: Eligibility for Blended Retirement

“… urge the Department of Defense to change the Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System Policy to base reserve component member eligibility for Continuation Pay on a minimum of 50 points for a qualifying year of service per Department of Defense Instruction 1215.07.”


18-03: TRICARE Inequities Between Reserve and Active Retirees

“… petition Congress to mandate that TRICARE for retired Reserve Component members and their families be established the same as their active duty counterparts.”


18-04: Fully Maintain the A-10 Thunderbolt II

“… recommends to Congress and the Air Force that the current A-10 fleet should be fully maintained with new wings and all other needed and appropriate upgrades to maintain the current and future A-10 fleet combat capability; and be it further resolved that the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, recommends the Air Force not proceed with any A-10 fleet reductions, until critically and fully analyzing results of the proposed comparative testing of the A-10 against the F-35 or other proposed replacement aircraft for close air support operations.”


18-05: Funding the Reserve Components

“… urge the Department of Defense to not change policies and/or legislation that reduces entitlements or causes Reserve Component servicemembers to absorb the cost of performing duty.”


18-06: Naturalized US Citizenship Recruiting Programs

“… urge the Department of Defense to ensure all Green Card (I-551) holding service members who entered basic training prior to October 13, 2017 are properly notified of the process required to complete their application for citizenship with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service; and be it further resolved federal agencies should allow VISA extensions to accommodate the security clearance process timeline; and be it further resolved Congress should make service in the military a permanent program as a path to naturalized U.S. Citizenship.”


18-07: In-Flight Injuries to Pilots, Flight Crew Members and Other Reserve Servicemembers

“… urge Congress to require that a Veterans’ Affairs presumptive service connected or service connected disability or Department of Defense medical discharge with disability pay be granted to former pilots, crew members and other servicemembers who develop neurological, muscular and skeletal injuries or disabilities, after being verified by any combination of military records, VA documents or private health care provider disability evaluations.”


Upon a properly made committee motion, and upon a unanimous vote, it was resolved to renew the following resolutions:

15-01: In-Theater Destruction of Medical Records

15-06: National Security at Armed Forces Facilities

15-07: NGREA

15-09: Sustain TRICARE Benefits

15-10: Opposition to Merger of Reserve and National Guard

15-11: Expand Eligibility for Early Retirement

15-14: Fund U.S. Coast Guard and Strategic and Operational Support

15-15: Tax Incentives for Employers of Reservists

15-16: Health Professionals Scholarship Program

15-17: Hazardous Duty-Aviation Career Incentive Pay

15-18: Individual Ready Reserve Funding

15-20: TBI and PTSD Treatment

15-22: Procurement of C-130 Cockpit and Navigation Upgrade


Constitution and Bylaws

President Stockton called upon Ms. Diane Markham, staff liaison to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, who reported to the convention on activities of the committee and presented six proposed amendments. The following motions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws were made.


Motion #1 – Association Name - PASSED

A motion was made by the Department of Indiana to change the name of the association to Reservists of America.

A motion was made from the floor by the Department of National Capital Region to amend Indiana’s proposed amendment and create a DBA (Doing Business As) of Reservists of America instead of changing the legal name.

By a rollcall vote of 176 to 76, the convention body voted to table the motion until other relevant C&B amendments had been considered.

When the convention body returned to consider this topic, Department of Golden West made a motion to amend NCR’s proposal, suggesting the DBA be Reserve Organization of America.

By a rollcall vote of 127 to 121, the convention body accepted Golden West’s proposal, thus changing the motion for consideration to one that would create a DBA of Reserve Organization of America.

By a vote of 186 to 62, it was resolved to amend the constitution as follows:

Article A-1: Name

Section 1: Full Name — The name of this organization shall be the Reserve Officers Association of the United States. The organization may also do business as (DBA) Reserve Organization of America.

Section 2: Short Reference — The Reserve Officers Association of the United States and its DBA, Reserve Organization of America, may be referred to in this constitution or in the bylaws as the "Association."


Motion #2 – Fiscal Year – PASSED

A motion was made by the Budget and Finance Committee and the Executive Committee to remove the specific dates of ROA’s fiscal year from the constitution. Upon a rollcall vote of 200 to 52, it was resolved to amend the constitution as follows:

Article A-11, Section 1: Fiscal Year; Annual Audit — The fiscal year of the Association shall begin each year on the first day of April. There shall be an audit of the Association books by a certified public accountant selected by the Executive Committee.


Motion #3 – Eligibility – PASSED

A motion was made by the Department of Indiana to amend the constitution to expand eligibility to all ranks. Upon a majority vote, it was resolved to amend the constitution as follows:

Article A-3, Section 1: Regular Membership — Any active, retired or former commissioned officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, petty officer, or officer candidate member of the federal uniformed services (as defined in 10 U.S.C. § 101) who at any time upon entering the federal uniformed services took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and, if no longer serving, whose separation occurred under honorable conditions circumstances, is eligible for Regular membership.


Motion #4 – Associate Membership – Withdrawn

A motion was made by the Membership Committee to remove Associate Membership from the constitution. After discussion among the delegates, the Membership Committee withdrew their motion.


Motion #5 – Executive Committee Minutes – PASSED

A motion was made by the Executive Committee to increase the number of days the staff has to distribute minutes of ExCom meetings. By a majority vote, it was resolved to amend the bylaws as follows:

Article B-4, Section 4: Minutes — The Executive Director shall be responsible for having copies of the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and all their actions taken between meetings forwarded to all members of the National Council and all department presidents within 10 15 business days after the end of each Executive Committee meeting or action taken. The minutes shall set forth all resolutions, actions and motions adopted by the Executive Committee during that meeting and since the last meeting and shall be posted on the Association website.


Motion #6 – Warrant Officer Committee – PASSED

A motion was made by the Warrant Officer Committee to dissolve the Warrant Officer committee by removing it from the bylaws. Upon a majority vote, it was resolved to amend the bylaws as follows:

Article A-10 - Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees — There shall be the following standing committees which shall act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee and the president.

(l) Warrant Officers — The Warrant Officers Committee shall act in an advisory capacity on all matters relating to warrant officers.

Section 3: Appointments and Service Representation — President’s authority, ratification and service section representation.

(b) Service Section Representation — Each standing committee shall have representation from each service section with the exception of the Warrant Officers Committee.

Section 5: Varied Terms, Members

(l) Warrant Officers — The Warrant Officers Committee shall consist of nine members. Members shall serve for staggered terms of three years.


Dues and Rebate Policy

Motion #1 – Compliance – PASSED

A motion was made by the Executive Committee to add language to the compliance section of the rebate policy to add an expiration date to dues rebates. The Department of Texas made a motion from the floor to amend the motion to include a requirement for staff to notify departments of their delinquency and possible forfeiture of rebates. Upon a majority vote, it was resolved to amend the Dues Structure and Department Rebate Policy as follows:

Policy D-1, Section 2: Compliance — Dues rebates will be paid to departments only after departments have complied with all IRS and Constitution and Bylaws requirements. Any department not in full compliance by the end of the fiscal year in which a rebate will be paid will automatically forfeit their rebate in that fiscal year. Under no circumstances will such rebates be forfeited without the delinquent department having been notified by National Headquarters in writing at least 90 days in advance of the proposed action by certified mail, return receipt requested or courier service showing delivery or attempted delivery to the last known Department President and Executive Secretary at their last known addresses.


Motion #2 – Dues – PASSED

A motion was made by the Membership Committee to simplify the dues structure by eliminating the two and five-year memberships, reducing term dues and removing the sliding scale for life dues. Upon a majority vote, it was resolved to amend the Dues Structure and Department Rebate Policy as follows:


Policy D-3: Dues Schedule

Section 1: Term Dues

(a) Associate membership is free.

(b) Dues schedule for Regular members:

One Year                            $40.00 $20.00

Two Years                          $72.00 (10% savings)

Five Years                          $170.00 (15% savings)

Section 2: Life Dues — Life dues schedule for Regular and Spouse members:

Regular Life Membership: $450.00

Spousal Life Membership: $225.00

                                                         Life Membership         Spousal Life Membership

30 or under                                             $600.00                              $300.00

31 through 40                                          $580.00                              $290.00

41 through 50                                          $530.00                              $265.00

51 through 55                                          $505.00                              $253.00

56 through 60                                          $465.00                              $233.00

61 through 65                                          $410.00                              $205.00

66 through 70                                          $360.00                              $180.00

71 through 75                                          $300.00                              $150.00

75 and older                                            $265.00                              $133.00


Henry J. Reilly Scholarship

A motion was made by the Executive Committee to add language to the purpose of the Henry J. Reilly Memorial Scholarship Fund. Upon a unanimous vote, it was resolved to revise the fund’s purpose as follows:

“The purpose of the Fund, also informally known as the ROA Scholarship fund, shall be (1) to create and maintain a resource of literature, imagery and other informational media, artifacts, educational experiences, and authorities on military subjects for the use of service members of all military components and services, veterans, students, and other members of the general public interested in military and national security subjects; (2) to create and maintain funds to support through scholarships, fellowships, internships, and other such programs, for worthy ROA members and their direct family members, ROA interns, and ROA professional development program attendees pursuing education or training in military or national security subjects or in other areas of learning designated from tim’e to time by the Executive Committee of the Association; and (3) any other educational purpose(s).



President Stockton presented the list of candidates for election to the Executive Committee as nominated by the service sections. There were no nominations from the floor. The following members were elected to the National Executive Committee by unanimous vote:


President Elect.................................................... COL Judi A. Davenport, USA (Ret.)

Army Executive Committee Member.................. MG Margaret C. Wilmoth, USA (Ret.)

Air Force ExCom Member.................................. Lt. Col. Richard B. Stephens Jr., USAF (Ret.)

Naval Services ExCom Member (1yr)................ CWO4 Dale J. Andersen, USN (Ret.)

Naval Services ExCom Member (2yr)................ CAPT Paul F. Keane, USCG (Ret.)

The convention was adjourned at 11:05 a.m., Sunday, 30 September 2018.


Annual Report

During the convention, the FY2018 Annual Report was provided to attendees.

Access the report here.


Click on the briefing title to access a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation given during the convention.


2018 State of the Association

Jeffrey E. Phillips, ROA Executive Director


Changes in the Military Health System

Brig. Gen. Sean Collins, ANG, Assistant for Mobilization and Reserve Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs


Communicating with Congress

Susan Lukas, ROA Director, Strategic Outreach


Medical Readiness Training Command

BG Lisa Doumont, USAR, Commanding General, Medical Readiness & Training Command

ROA Legislative Priorities

John Rothrock, ROA Director, Legislation and Military Policy

TRICARE Changes for the Reserve Component

Jody W. Donehoo, Ph.D., Chief, Reserve & TRICARE Special Programs (RTSP), Deputy Assistant Director, Healthcare Ops/TRICARE Health Plan, Defense Health Agency (DHA)


Maj. Gen. Richard Evans III, USAF, Director of Reserve Forces and Mobilization, Assistant to the Commander, USSTRATCOM, Offutt AFB


Click on the Album Covers to access photos of events during the national convention.