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When the Minuteman Memorial Building was constructed back in 1967-68 the main reason for the successful completion of the project – mortgage free – was the support and donations of the membership. For a $100.00 contribution, the member’s name would be engraved on the walls of the lobby. For $500.00 the name would be gilded. More than 4,100 members responded to the appeal.


On June 6, 1970, the first-floor lobby was finished and dedicated. On the wall were the building fund contributors, and so the “Wall of Gold” was born in these early years of our great facility. In the 1980’s, a marble wall was added to the third floor and names were added to the “Total Force Wall.” In the 1990s, the “Wall of Gold” inscriptions returned to the lobby on a new marble wall. By that time, the minimum contribution was $1,000.00 and all names were in inscribed in gold.


Today the minimum contribution of $2,500 helps maintain ROA’s Minuteman Memorial Building, where ROA’s staff is perfectly positioned to work with Congress, advocating for Reservists and their families.


There is a time remembered quote from the early days when a member generously contributed his first retirement check with this comment:


Where else can I see my name engraved in gold on marble on Capitol Hill and still be alive to see it?”