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The Reserve Officers Association is the professional association for all uniformed Reserve services of the United States. Chartered by Congress and in existence since 1922, ROA advises and educates the Pennsylvania & United States Congress, the Governor & President, and the American people on issues of national security, with unique expertise on Reserve issues. ROA advocates for adequate funding of equipment and training requirements, recruiting and retention incentives, and employment rights for all members of our Reserve forces.

Reserve, National Guard, active, retired & former commissioned & non-commissioned officers, warrant officers of the Uniformed Services, ROTC & Military Academy cadets, as well as spouses, widows, or widowers of current or former ROA members are cordially invited to join the ROA and the Department of Pennsylvania.

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Recent/Upcoming Department & National Events


* 20-22 June 2014 - Dept of PA Convention in Chester, PA
* 23-26 July 2014 - ROA National Convention @ Long Beach, CA
* 20 Sep 2014 - Dept Fall Meeting @ Zimmerman/Zerbe Cabins in Penns Creek, PA
* 21 Feb 2015 - Dept EXCOM @ Army Heritage & Educ Center, Carlisle, PA, 1000-1500
* 16-17 Mar 2015 - ROA Leaders Week / National CouncilMeeting, Washington, DC
* 19-21 June 2015 - Dept of PA Convention hosted by Chap 53, Dubois, PA
* 25-27 July 2015 - ROA National Convention (in conjunction with CIOR Convention), Wyndham Hotel, Washington, DC 
* ? Oct 2015 - Dept Fall Meeting @ Zimmerman/Zerbe Cabins in Penns Creek, PA



Chap  11 – “CENTRAL” – Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Gettysburg Area

          14 – “CONNEMAUGH VALLEY” – Johnstown, Altoona, Ligonier, Greensburg Area

          18 – “ERIE” – Erie, Franklin, Edinboro Area

          23 – “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Beaver Falls, New Castle Area

          33 – “LEHIGH VALLEY” – Bethlehem, Allentown, Stroudsburg, Easton Area

          34 – “LUZERNE COUNTY” – Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton Area

          50 – “SEA SERVICES-PITTSBURGH” – Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Monroeville Area

          53 – “TRI-COUNTY” – Dubois, Clarion, Clearfield, Centre County Area

          62 – “MILITARY GOVERNMENT” – Philly, Doylestown, Bensalem, Bala Cynwyd Area

          63 – “PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL” – Philly, Norristown, Doylestown Area

          99 – “TRI-SERVICES” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Greensburg, Butler, Grove City Area





ROA Department of PA Convention General Session Minutes

Marriott Springhill Philly Airport Suites, Ridley Park, PA

21 June 2014

(draft submitted by LTC Dan Daley, 25 June, 2014)


1. Call to Order @ 0800 by LTC Pentecost, along with Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation.

    - Sign up roster-Roll Call - Quorum – approved

Attendees present:

 - LTC Bill Pentecost, Chap 99 (President)

 - LTC Karen Aravich, Chap 53 (Sr VP/Pres Elect)

 - COL Shawn Bhagwandien, Chap 99 (VP, Army

 - Lt Col (Ret) Gordon McKay, Chap 23 (VP, Air Force)

 - LTC (Ret) Dan Daley, Chap 11 (National Council Rep)

 - LTC (Ret) Alan Smith, Chap 99 (Treasurer)

 - Col (Ret) Chip Holsworth, Chap 23 (JAG)

 - Ms Betty Lehman, ROAL (PA ROAL Pres)

 - MG (Ret) George Bauer, Chap 99

 - Capt (Ret) Karl Ludwig, Chap 50

 - LTC (Ret) Don Aravich, Chap 53

 - LTC (Ret) Warren Hull, Chap 18

 - Capt (Ret) Marshal Hanson (Dept Guest-ROA Dir, Legislative Affairs & Sea Services)

    - President’s Welcome / Intro (LTC Pentecost) - LTC Pentecost outlined the agenda and welcomed attendees.

    - National Convention: The upcoming ROA National Convention is scheduled for July 23-26, 2014 in Long Beach, CA (additional info on the ROA website). Members to attend as Dept of PA delegates are Col Holsworth & LTC Pentecost.  There will be an election for the next National President, to take over as President-elect. The next president will come out of the Sea Services section. There are two candidates; Capt Gordon Austin, USN, Ret (Dept of GA); and COL James Sweeney, USMCR, Ret (Dept of IN).  (*Capt Austin has since, withdrawn his candidacy.)

    - Proposed National Resolutions: There is one proposed resolution to urge ROA to ensure that anyone who seeks access to ROA Services must first become a member or associate member of the ROA, in order to grow the national membership, while still providing a valuable service to the reserve forces. Additional Resolutions will be accepted at National up to two weeks prior to the start of the National Convention (July 6). 

    - Proposed C&B Amendments:  LTC Pentecost & Capt Hanson then reviewed the following proposed Constitutional Amendments to be reviewed, discussed & voted on at the National Convention (full proposed amendments attached in order listed below);

      (1) Amendment CB 2014_1 (proposed by ROA staff/Diane Markham) BL changes to the Junior Officer Committee.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Approval.

      (2) Amendment CB 2014_2 (proposed by ROA Pres, BG Silva) BL change Executive Director to Chief Operating Officer.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Approval.

      (3) Amendment CB 2014_3 (proposed by ROA Pres, BG Silva) Policy D-1 reduction of Dept membership dues rebates.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Approval with a caveat stating “This reduction should last for a period of no more than five (5) years”.

      (4) Amendment CB 2014_4 (proposed by ROA Pres, BG Silva) BL to adjust Presidential Authority to appoint beyond committee maximums.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Approval.

      (5) Amendment CB 2014_5 is a 3 part proposed Amendment(s) (1-proposed by Pres Silva; 2-propost by Dept of WV; 3-proposed by Dept of IN) for a BL reduction in EXCOM size.

            - Dept of PA is opposed to a reduction in the size of the National EXCOM.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Approval of the Dept of IN proposed Amendment.

      (6) Amendment CB 2014_6 (proposed by ROA Pres candidate Capt Gordon Austin) to grant the President Elect EXCOM voting rights.

            - Dept of PA unanimously voted to recommend Disapproval.

      (7) Amendment MOROA 1-2014 / CB 2014_7 (proposed by Dept of MO) to transfer deceased ROA Life members membership to their surviving spouse.

            - Dept of PA voted to recommend Approval (LTC K. Aravich wished to be recognized as abstaining).

2.  Department Staff, Service Section & Chapter Reports

      - Secretaries Report (LTC Pentecost ILO COL Gross)

        - Comments/Approval of Feb 22, 2014 EXCOM Minutes – previously distributed via email, summarized and approved by member vote. LTC Daley will post to Dept of PA website.

      - Treasurer's Report  (LTC Smith) (Report attached)

        - LTC Smith reviewed the final 2013-14 budget, receipts & expenses (attached). Final budget balanced.

        - Current Dept assets & liabilities reviewed (attached). LTC Smith requested the Department moves the Tri-State FCU CD to Money Market fund. Motion made & approved unanimously.

         - Current 2014-215 budget reviewed (attached). Ms Lehman requested that the Dept “zero” out the ROAL budget line & move the budgeted $300 to other needed areas. Motion made & approved unanimously.

         - LTC Smith would like to get all Chapter Treasurers on a Fiscal Year budget rotation (1 April - 31 Mar), for tax form 99 submissions. Some chapters are currently on a calendar rotation (1 Jan - 31 Dec). Dept & Chapter forms 99 will be due to IRS nlt 30 June annually, when on the Fiscal Year rotation. LTC Smith will send out a letter to all Chapter Treasurers to comply, with instructions to adjust (if needed) with the IRS.

    - ROAL Report (Ms Lehman) (Report attached)

       - 41 total members

Break for Lunch - Capt Marshal Hanson reported on multiple ROA National issues, including possible Reserve forces manpower & equipment reductions in proposed Dod budget.

      - Air Force Section Report (LTC McKay)

        - New commissary & BX @ Pittsburgh Air Base, near the 911th AW & 316th HQ, will open together, later this summer.

        - A National Guard AF UAV/Drone unit activated at Willow Grove.

        - AF Reserve is currently working to get the new KC-46 refueling aircraft assigned in Pittsburgh, to replace the older KC-135’s. They are also working to convince the AF of the feasibility of utilizing the old US Air flight simulator building for simulator training for Air National Guard and AF Reserve units/personnel. 

      - Sea Services Report (Capt Ludwig ILO Cdr Krawic)

         - PA Navy Reserve HQs now collocated with the 911th AW at the Pittsburgh Air Station.

         - Reserve Naval Services will hold a tailgate party in Pittsburgh on July 10.

      - Army Section Report (Col Bhagwandien & LTC Pentecost) - NSTR

      - National Council Representative’s  Report (LTC Hull - attended March National Council Mtg in DC ILO LTC Daley)

         - National budget reported to be balanced this past year.

         - The ROA Executive Director’s term will end in Oct 2014.  ROA has begun a nationwide search for a replacement.

         - The Spring National Council Reps meeting in Washington, DC is Mar 17, 2015.

         - The Summer National Convention in Washington, DC will be July 25-27, 2015.

      - Chapter Reports:  Chapters 11, 18, 23, 50, 53, & 99 provided brief updates on chapter activities. Chap 18 (LTC Hull) needs a JROTC medal/ribbon set. Chap 11 (LTC Daley will mail it to them).

3. Department Elections: Per our EXCOM discussion on 22 Feb, a motion was made to retain the current slate of Department Officers intact for one additional year, until next summer’s Dept Convention. Motion unanimously approved. Dept Secretary will need to submit an updated election report to National, extending all officers for an additional year.

4. Pennsylvania Military Community Protection Commission Update (Col Holsworth)

       - Col Holsworth & LTC Pentecost members on the commission for the western region. Update on possible DoD BRAC in next year or two. Col Holsworth has a binder that summarizes all PA military units/posts/locations, including ROTC/JROTC units. May be able to get a computer “soft” copy from COL Joe Spielbauer, if requested.

       - The Commission is currently seeking a senior member (preferably a 3 or 4 star retired general officer). Contact Col Holsworth if interested or know of an individual who may be interested.

5. Additional Old/New Business Issues: (LTC Pentecost)

     - Upcoming ROA Department & National Events Planning (LTC Daley/LTC Pentecost)

·   July 23-26, 2014 - ROA National Convention, Long Beach, CA  

·   September 20, 2014 – Dept EXCOM – Zimmerman/Zerbe Cabins, Penns Creek, PA

·   Feb ?, 2015 - Dept EXCOM (Tentative - If required, Date & Location will be determined at our Sep 20, 2014 EXCOM)

·   Mar 17, 2015 - ROA National Councilman’s Meeting, Washington, DC

·   June 19-21, 2015 - Dept of PA Convention, Dubois, PA  

·   July 25-27, 2015 - ROA National Convention, (in conjunction with CIOR Convention), Washington, DC

6. Motion to Adjourn was approved at 1500 hrs.

Formal Banquet/Dinner at the Harrah’s Cove Restaurant, along with self-guided tour of the Casino.  LTC Pentecost announced no Sunday morning EXCOM required. 


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