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Reserve Officers Association of the United States

1 Constitution Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002
Local Telephone: 202-479-2200
Toll-free: 1-800-809-9448. 
Then dial the extension of the person/department listed below to be transferred.
You may also dial direct to 202-646-7xxx (using the three digit extensions listed for each person)
ROA FAX Number: 202-547-1641

Executive Committee


National President

Brigadier General Michael J. Silva, USAR (Ret)

Executive Offices

Executive Director
Mr. Jeffrey E. Phillips
800.809.9448 ext 701
Direct: 202.646.7701

Director, Executive Services
Ms. T. Diane Markham
800.809.9448 ext 728
Direct: 202.646.7728

Legislative Affairs

Director, Legislation and Military Policy
Ms. Susan E. Lukas
800.809.9448 ext. 713
Direct: 202.646.7713

Service Members Law Center

Director, Service Members Law Center
CAPT Samuel F. Wright, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
800.809.9448 ext 730
Direct: 202.646.7730

Industry Affairs

Director, Industry Affairs/Advertising
Ms. Lani Burnett
800.809.9448 ext. 758
Direct: 202.646.7758

Industry Affairs/Advertising Assistant 
Ms. Linda Cooper
800.809.9448 ext. 711
Direct: 202.646.7711

Resource Development

Director, Resource Development


Meetings and Events

Director, Meetings & Events
Ms. Kim Echols, CMP
800.809.9448 ext. 734
Direct: 202.646.7734

Manager, Meetings & Events
Mr. Aaron Machado
800.809.9448 ext. 755
Direct: 202.646.7755

Exhibits Coordinator/Events Registrar
Ms. Linda Cooper
800.809.9448 ext. 711
Direct: 202-646-7711  

Member Services

General Information and Assistance
800.809.9448, option 1
Direct: 202.646.7733

Director, Member Services
Ms. Diane Markham
800.809.9448 ext. 728
Direct: 202.646.7728

Records Management
Ms. Tracey Ware
800.809.9448 ext. 733
Direct: 202.646.7733

Service Sections

LTC Robert E. Feidler, USAR (Ret.)
800.809.9448 ext.717
Direct: 202.646.7717

Sea Services

Air Force
Col William Leake, USAFR
800-809-9448 ext. 714
Direct: 202-646-7714


Accounting Manager

Accounting Coordinator
Mr. Lorenzo Ginyard
800-809-9448 ext 723
Direct: 202-646-7723