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Scholarship Season has Begun

Posted By ROA National Staff, Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ROA STARs Henry J. Reilly Scholarship Program for 2020-2021 Academic Year Now Open

Applications are due by April 16, 2020, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone.

The applicant portal link is When you click to this site, you will see a plain "Account Login" page with a background photo of new graduates in their caps and gowns. Either register and enter, or if you've registered before log in. You will then be directed to the scholarship application page with an ROA logo on the upper left.

In its fourth year, ROA will award up to twenty $2,500 scholarships to students pursuing courses of study leading to certificate, associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees.

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Talk to ROA - Survey January 2020

Posted By ROA National Staff, Thursday, January 2, 2020

ROA has supported extending TRICARE Reserve Select to military technicians as a recruiting tool for the services. When we worked on this change with the Senate, they decided it would only be fair to extend it to all National Guard and Reserve federal employees. Of course, the biggest hurdle is the offset of appropriations because this option has not been funded by DoD.

While ROA supports the recently passed legislation, it does not resolve the problem of having multiple types of TRICARE that change when orders are issued.

Please tell us how often your health care changed, either when you were in service or now as a participating National Guard or Reserve member.


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Talk to ROA - Survey December 2019

Posted By ROA National Staff, Saturday, December 7, 2019

Some argue that military tuition assistance such as the GI Bill should be the subject of new restrictions (please see accompanying article in Legislation), making it harder for for-profit schools to use these funds. Increasingly, for-profit schools offer options that traditional schools do not, such as technical and other “career” training.  While the for-profit sector has in some cases gotten a bad reputation, our research indicates the occasional problems these days are far outweighed by the benefits offered by good for-profit schools.

The VA itself testified before Congress that this could cost some 66,000 GI Bill beneficiaries their educational options – their schools would shutter or close programs or raise tuition, etc. That’s more than the size of the Coast Guard and it’s almost exactly the Army’s annual recruiting goal. It’s also about 10 percent of GI Bill beneficiaries. Where else would we as veterans’ advocates support a reduction in earned benefits that hurts 10 percent of beneficiaries?

The ROA legislation team conducted research of our own: based on a May 2019 Congressional Budget Office report, five of the 10 most popular institutions under the Post 9/11 GI Bill were private for-profit, with more than 72,000 veterans who likely would be affected by a 90/10 rule change. (That’s just the top five for-profits . . .).

ROA is interested in the real, on-the-ground, truth about where veterans attend secondary education. Please take the survey at the below link and tell us where you attended secondary education.

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Talk to ROA - Survey November 2019

Posted By ROA National Staff, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Gray Area Retirees - National Guard and Reserve servicemembers who have completed 20 years for retirement will not collect their retired pay until they reach early retirement or are age 60. These individuals are referred to as "Gray Area" Retirees. Approximately 6 months to 90 days prior to their 60th birthdate (or early retirement age) “Gray Area Retirees” must apply for their retirement pay.

The branch of service in which they last performed military service is responsible for validating the servicemembers retirement points. Once this process is complete the branch of service will send the servicemembers retirement pack to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service for continued payment of retirement benefits.

Once retirement orders for the “Gray Area Retiree” are processed DFAS will conduct a confirmation calculation of the servicemembers completed service record. This confirmation, on average, takes between 90 to 180 days. During this time the servicemember will not receive any payment of benefits.

Please take a quick one-question survey that tells ROA how long you waited for your first paycheck. CLICK HERE

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National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020

Posted By Administration, Friday, September 6, 2019
The House (H.R. 2500) and Senate (S. 1790) each passed their version of the NDAA. When Congress returns from summer recess in September they will, hopefully, quickly move to conference to resolve their differences. Here are some of the sections that need to be resolved: READ MORE (pdf) >

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Talk to ROA - Survey August 2019

Posted By ROA National Staff, Thursday, August 15, 2019

Earlier this year the Department of Veterans Affairs implemented the Mission Act which was intended to be an improvement on the Choice Act. The purpose of both Acts was to provide community care to Veterans to relieve the long waiting periods for appointments with VA. ROA would like to know how many members have used either of these community care programs to receive medical care.

Have you ever used the VA community health care program under the Choice Act or Mission Act?

Let us know by completing this quick two-question survey. CLICK HERE


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Starting a Business?

Posted By ROA National Staff, Thursday, August 8, 2019

Congress is looking at ways to increase opportunities for Veterans to start a business.



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Talk to ROA - Survey July 2019

Posted By ROA National Staff, Monday, July 8, 2019

The Department of Defense 13th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation is assessing converting the current pay and allowance (housing, subsistence) system to a single pay system based either on national averages or geographic location. 


For example, civil service pay consists of a single pay system based on national standards for General Schedule employees.  Civil Service Wage Grade salaries are based on geographic location.  Both have high cost of living geographic differential pay.


CLICK HERE to Talk to ROA and answer this question:

Should military pay and allowances be converted to a single pay system?


Talk to ROA provides members an opportunity to provide feedback to ROA’s legislation team on issues being worked either through legislation or policy. Your response will help inform ROA’s action going forward. The next Reserve Voice will give you the results of the survey and the next monthly RV question.


Please share the link with other Reserve and National Guard servicemembers who may not be ROA members and encourage them to join ROA and help with our legislative efforts!


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VA Provides MISSION Act Update

Posted By ROA National Staff, Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Today, July 2, 2019, ROA staff attended the monthly Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veteran Service Organization (VSO)/Military Service Organization (MSO) informational breakfast. Attendance was down due to the proximity of the 4th of July holiday, but it gave the few in attendance a great opportunity to dig into what issues the VA was working.

The VA discussion was led by Richard A. Stone, M.D. who addressed those in attendance. Dr. Richard Stone serves as the Executive in Charge for Veterans Health Administration (VHA), with the authority to perform the functions and duties of the Under Secretary for Health.

The discussion centered on how VA was implementing the new MISSION Act which is replacing the former community program, the Choice Act.

CLICK HERE for the full story.


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Scholarship Recipients Announced

Posted By ROA National Staff, Friday, June 21, 2019

ROA has announced this year’s 22 Henry J. Reilly Scholarship recipients, who will each receive $2,500 toward their studies.


“It is a privilege to support the education of the fine scholars selected for this year’s Henry J. Reilly Scholarships,” said ROA’s executive director, Jeffrey Phillips, a retired Army Reserve major general. “These men and women represent the future of an America secured by generations of reservists who served in our nation’s military.”



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