International Reserve Congress Headed to U.S.

In a release from the 2014 Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers this week in Fulda, Germany ROA formally announced plans to bring the Congress to Washington DC in 2015. Text of the full release:

FULDA, Germany – Leaders from the Reserve Officers Association announced this week that the United States will host a landmark meeting of international Reserve officers known as CIOR in August of 2015. The NATO associated event was last held in the US in 1994.

Ahead of the announcement Reservists from more than two-dozen countries have gathered here to take part in the 2014 Congress of the, Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, known globally by the French acronym, CIOR. Now in its 66th year, this international conference plays a critical role in maintaining readiness for millions of Reservists represented here by these NATO partners.

 Part diplomatic conference part military competition, the Congress is an annual meeting designed to facilitate CIOR’s mission of support to the NATO Alliance. Through committees that examine issues and provide analysis relating to reserve forces and international competition that display combat and medical tactics, the Congress has also become a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity for individual Reservists.

As if the complexities of Reserve service weren’t enough, CIOR is chiefly responsible for maintaining the continuity of Reservists across international borders and advising on the use of Reserve forces in joint operations worldwide: no easy mission. But leaders here say it’s essential to maintaining the levels of Reserve efficiency and capability the US military has come to expect and rely upon.

 “Freedom is not free and success in battle takes readiness training.” said Brigadier General Michael Silva, USA (Ret), National President of the Reserve Officers Association of the US. The CIOR Military Competition brings reserve forces together from our NATO allies to compete and demonstrate their skills in fundamental military tasks. But, the value to the individual Reservist doesn’t stop there as the exposure to Reserve Forces of other nations adds a broadening dimension that is unique. Silva said international events like these add a level of readiness training and international broadening that, “US service members simply can’t find anywhere else outside of actual coalition operations.” Silva added, “In addition to the MILCOMP, this Congress also has a Young Reserve Officer Workshop (YROW) that really serves to enhance the professional development and ultimately the cultural capability of our young Reserve officers. CIOR is a valuable experience more American Reservists should have in their careers as global perspectives will be even more important to our future leadership.”

Officials announced this week that the US will host the CIOR/CIOMR Congress in 2015 in Washington, DC. In making the announcement Silva expressed a sense of duty. Noting that although the Congress is a large undertaking, it’s worth it for the value it brings Reservists. “ROA’s job is to support our citizen warriors through opportunities to participate in training. Next year, the CIOR US congress will provide a greater opportunity for Reserve Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to participate in this NATO affiliated program either as a competitor, YROW or delegate to the Congress.”

Organizers here promised attendees detailed Congress informaton over the coming months.