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2018 Law Reviews
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No. 18017 Mr. President-Please Make Appointments for the MSPB Vacancies
No. 18016 Review on Service Member Voting and Domicile
No. 18015 Enforcing USERRA against a State Government Employer - Good News from California
No. 18014 Escalator Principle Applies to Army Physician
No. 18013 Does USERRA Forbid Employer Harassment of Employees because of their Reserve Component Service? Congress Amends the Definition of "Benefit of Employment" To Clarify that the Answer Is Yes.
No. 18012 Section 4303(2) of USERRA, Definition of "Benefit" of Employment
No. 18011 Section 4303(1) of USERRA , Definition of "Attorney General"
No. 18010 Can I Use Veterans' Preference To Avoid a Layoff in a RIF?
No. 18009 VPA Protects Federal Employee from RIF
No. 18008 What Is the Federal Veterans’ Preference Act?
No. 18007 USERRA’s Definitions
No. 18006 Relationship between USERRA and the CBA
No. 18005 Section 4302 of USERRA and Forced Arbitration
No. 18004 Under Section 4302, USERRA Is a Floor Not a Ceiling
No. 18003 The Federal Government Must Be a Model Employer Section 4301(b) of USERRA
No. 18002 Section 4301(a) of USERRA
No. 18001 In the New Year, Back to Basics on USERRA

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