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2009 Law Reviews
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No. 0901 Non-Pecuniary Damages Available Under USERRA
No. 0901 Update Smith v. United States Postal Service
No. 0902 Naval Reservist Wins USERRA Case Against San Diego Police Department
No. 0903 Eleventh Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Eagar v. Magma Copper Co., 389 U.S. 323 (1967)
No. 0904 How to Prove a USERRA Discrimination Case—Continued
No. 0905 Do Life Insurance Salespersons Have USERRA Rights?
No. 0906 When Long Service Equals No Promotion You Don’t Need a Smoking Gun to Win a Section 4311 Case Under USERRA
No. 0907 12th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Foster v. Dravo Corp., 420 U.S. 92 (1975)
No. 0908 The SSCRA Means What It Says, Supreme Court Holds
No. 0909 Another New Case on USERRA Discrimination
No. 0910 You Must Apply for Reemployment after You Leave Active Duty
No. 0911 Layoffs and the Special Protection Period
No. 0912 DOJ Sues NC to Enforce USERRA Regarding a Magistrate Who Is a Reservist
No. 0912 Update: DOJ Sues NC to Enforce USERRA Regarding a Magistrate Who Is a Reservist
No. 0913 USERRA Covers Medical Exams While on TDRL
No. 0914 The Other Half of the Solomon Amendment As It Applies to College ROTC
No. 0915 13th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Alabama Power Co. v. Davis, 431 U.S. 581 (1977)
No. 0916 Getting One’s Retirement “Home of Selection” or Discharge “End of Tour of Service” Move Extended
No. 0917 Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of the SSCRA
No. 0918 DOJ Sues Alabama DMHMR
No. 0919 14th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Coffy v. Republic Steel Corp.,447 U.S. 191 (1980)
No. 0920 USERRA’s Definition of Service Is Broad But Not Unlimite
No. 0921 Federal Circuit Again Reverses the MSPB for Ignoring Rights of Veterans
No. 0922 Is Personal Animus Discrimination? A USERRA case may be headed to the Supreme Court.
No. 0922 Update Supreme Court Agrees To Review Unfavorable 7th Circuit Case
No. 0923 15th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Monroe v. Standard Oil Co. 452 U.S. 549 (1981)
No. 0924 Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s
No. 0925 No Time Limit on Justice for the Returning Veteran
No. 0926 Mobilized Reservists and the Chicago Fire Department
No. 0927 Long-Term Full-Time National Guard Duty and the Five-Year Limit
No. 0928 Not So ‘Harmless Error’: Supreme Court decides against veteran in claim process case
No. 0929 16th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute King v. St. Vincent’s Hospital, 502 U.S. 215 (1991)
No. 0930 Justice Serves: DOJ sues Nevada and a Nevada corporation to enforce USERRA
No. 0931 DOJ Sues California Department of Corrections
No. 0932 Furlough or Leave of Absence Clause Revisited
No. 0933 Promotion and Pay Raise Delayed by Military Service--Am I Entitled to Back Pay?
No. 0934 Another Good Precedent on Reemployment Rights
*No. 0935 SCRA’s New Cell-Phone Contract Termination Provision: A Welcome Provision, But Limited in Scope
No. 0936 Ethan Allen Is Rolling Over in his Grave
No. 0937 You Must Apply for Reemployment-Part 2
No. 0938 Due Process Clause Held To Apply to Veteran’s Claim
No. 0939 Let’s Try To Limit the Burden on Your Employer
No. 0940 The Ordinance and the Ordained—Part Two
No. 0941 Does the SCRA Create a Private Right of Action?
No. 0942 Attorney Fees under the SCRA
No. 0943 Is it Unlawful To Deny a Loan Because of Reserve Component Membership?
No. 0944 Get Out of Lease upon Mobilization
No. 0945 Does “Health Insurance” Include Income Replacement Insurance?
*No. 0946 SCRA Does Not Protect You from Unreasonable Overdraft Fees
No. 0947 Improve The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
No. 0948 No Time Limit on Justice for the Returning Veteran—Part 2
No. 0949 Retroactive Seniority Adjustment to Your Civilian Seniority Date Based on Military Interruption of Your Civilian Career
No. 0950 Military Voting Rights in Virginia
No. 0950 Update Military Voting Rights in Virginia-Continued
No. 0951 What Happens to the Child When I Get Mobilized?
No. 0952 Section 4311 of USERRA Is Not Limited to Reserve Components
No. 0953 Joint Employment Doctrine Under USERRA-Continued
No. 0953 Update OSC Settles USERRA Case with DHS
No. 0954 Military Service Is Not "Just Like Maternity Leave"
No. 0955 Congress Enacts Important New Protections for Military and Overseas Voters
No. 0956 Bugged: Be cautious about recording conversations with employers for use in USERRA cases
No. 0957 Veterans' Preference: Here are the eligibility standards for veterans earning special credits for federal civilian jobs
No. 0958 Military Voting—What About State Elections?
No. 0959 Congress Enacts New Provisions for Military Spouse Voting and Taxation
No. 0960 SCRA Tolls the Running of Statutes of Limitations
No. 0961 Your Civilian Job and USERRA: Beware of Gaps in Your Period of Service, And Maintain a Proper Balance of Military and Civilian Responsibilities
No. 0962 Don't Chafe the Chaplain
No. 0963 You Must Apply for Reemployment - Part 3
No. 0964 Held a Position of Employment
No. 0965 What is Service in the Uniformed Services?
No. 0966 Relationship between the Uniformed Service and the Absence from the Position of Employment
No. 0967 Prior Notice to Civilian Employer
No. 0968 The Five Year Limit
No. 0969 Only Really Serious Miscreants Lose Their Reemployment Rights for Misconduct During Service
No. 0970 Timely Application for Reemployment
No. 0971 Federal Circuit Reverses the MSPB Yet Again - When Will They Ever Learn?


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