NCO Sponsor Program

Extending the Legacy of Leadership

During your military career there were those along the way who helped guide and shape your future. When key decision-points were on the horizon, they took the time to steady your path. Your best interests were their passion; they simply would not let you fail. Those mentors left an indelible mark on your life in and out of uniform. In fact, many of us have those mentors to thank for our membership in ROA. As a current member you now have an opportunity to extend that legacy of leadership.

Individually, mentorship has always been at the heart of what it means to be an ROA member. That call to leadership is also central to our collective mission; creating one voice for one fight.

On August 10th, delegates to ROA's annual convention overwhelmingly approved a measure to expand membership eligibility to include non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

An overwhelming majority of us know a NCO that we have especially mentored in our military careers. We still maintain contact with those outstanding NCOs. Whether up-close or from a distance we have had the privilege of seeing the professional development of  these NCOs as a result of their hard work, personal motivation and maybe a helping hand from us along the way.

Now once again we as ROA members have the opportunity to lead through mentorship. By sponsoring an NCO for membership in ROA through one of several pre-paid membership options we can once again demonstrate our faith and confidence in these especially worthy men and women.

Do not let this mentorship opportunity pass without taking action. Sponsor an NCO for membership in ROA and continue your legacy of leadership today.

Sponsor an NCO