Who is Eligible

Non-commissioned, commissioned and warrant officers of the uniformed services of the United States - Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, NOAA, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard


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Why Join ROA

There are many exclusive benefits to ROA membership. When you join ROA you receive direct access to tools and resources tailored specifically to the needs of today’s serving Reservists and their families. No one else understands the challenges of Reserve duty like ROA, add your voice to our fight today and find out how strong we can be together.

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Life Membership

Becoming an ROA Life Member is the ultimate commitment to our cause. Life members are the backbone of our association, representing our most engaged and passionate members. Join their ranks by becoming a life member today.


Stand Together for America’s Reservists

The ROA STARS Foundation is a direct line of support to the most under-resourced population within our armed forced. Through exclusive programs, tailored to support the most pressing needs of Reservists and their families, STARS donors are on the front line of support for some of America’s most deserving veterans. 

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