Junior Officer Perspectives on National Security

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00
Event Location:
Reserve Officers Association, , 20002-5618
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A boots on the ground perspective on pressing national security issues; this program will offer the views of junior officers on a variety of key topics related to the military and national security. Featuring Benjamin Luxenberg, Andrew Tuttle, Joe Tate and  moderated by  Army Special Operations Officer, Michael Waltz. Topics will include the effect of budget cuts on ops, training, equipment; leadership in the military; compensation and retirement issues; sexual assault and women in the military; why they joined/why they left; and views on macro world issues of the day. Michael Waltz, the moderator, has a distinguished background both in government where he served as Vice President Cheney’s Special Advisor for South Asia and Counterterrorism, in his Reserve military career in Special Operations, and in his private sector career where he does defense related consulting related to strategic analysis, policy development and intelligence support. The junior officers have all had diverse experiences and several of them have deployed to war zones.