The all-volunteer force: Is it working, and will it work in the future?

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 10:00 to 11:30
Event Location:
Reserve Officers Association Minuteman Building, 4th floor, , 20002
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This year marked the 40th anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force. It has had a profound effect on our national security, budgets, and social fabric. Despite twelve years of war, very few citizens have served in the military and only one percent are currently serving. We now have two generations of Americans who have not been required to serve in defense of the nation. This may raise questions about fairness, efficiency, and sustainability. A panel of military experts will discuss questions facing our military in the coming decades stemming from the All-Volunteer Force – and potential solutions.


Featured speakers will be:

MG (Ret) Dennis Laich, author of Skin in the Game: Poor Kids and Patriots
Lawrence Korb, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
MG (Ret) Donna Barbisch, President of Global Deterrence Alternatives
David McGinis, Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs


For more information, contact Bob Feidler at 202.646.7717