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04 - 08

CIOR/CIOMR Summer Meeting

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, commonly referred to by its French acronym CIOR, represents the interests of over 1.3 million reservists across 36 participating nations within and beyond NATO, making it the world’s largest military reserve officer organization. Founded in 1948 by the reserve officer associations of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, CIOR is now a NATO-affiliated, non-political and non-profit umbrella organization of member nations’ national reserve officer associations. The CIOR meets twice a year – in the summer and winter – and they work through committ...
01 - 05

UPORFA 2014 Congress

  About UPORFA UPORFA consists of reserve officer organizations of Western Hemisphere countries which are members of the INTER-AMERICAN DEFENSE BOARD (IADB) plus Canada. The purpose of UPORFA is to constitute a forum of goodwill, that promotes and advances the development and preservation of Democracy in order to assure mutual security and to develop military values within civilian societies that their respective Armed Forces defend, preserving the ethical, moral, and physical virtues that characterize military service. It is anticipated that the development of the aforementioned objectiv...