Defense Education Forum

ROA produces and sponsors a wide variety of educational events through its Defense Education Forum (DEF). As the educational branch of ROA, DEF continues to develop and implement an aggressive strategic defense education program. DEF hosts over 70 programs annually, addressing a variety of national security topics with a vision to promote education while fostering a dialogue that provides for an adequate national security.

DEF's Mission

Is to enhance ROA’s advocacy mission for our nation’s Citizen Warriors and their families. By designing an educational platform which both informs and inspires, DEF tackles the tough policy issues directly impacting America's Reservists. DEF aims to address the specific needs of the RC set against the complexities of specific security & defense topics thereby underscoring the critical role of our nation’s warrior citizens in the larger scope of America’s national security environment.


DEF's Focus

Is on the delivery of timely forums, briefings and publications focused on the role of the Reserve Components in national defense and homeland security done in a manner that will sustain ROA as a premier educational entity while enhancing and ensuring the security of our nation.


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