ROA Education Experience

Duty in the Reserve and Guard is complicated and most people simply don’t get it.  The truth is, Reservists are everywhere. They’re teachers and firefighters, community leaders and entrepreneurs. Reservists represent the most direct connection between the public and our military yet most of us don’t know what they do or how they do it.

That's why ROA’s Defense Education Forum (DEF) is an essential tool for today’s serving Reservists. As a respected center of excellence and a leader in joint professional development, DEF provides a one of a kind resource for Reservists in and out of uniform. Holding down a civilian job while navigating a military career is no easy task. Over the last decade, thousands of young Reservists have received the knowledge and resources they need to succeed through their attendance at one of many professional development seminars from ROA’s Defense Education Forum. Your support of ROA’s Defense Education Forum helps us continue to provide the latest tools and the most comprehensive resources to these Citizen Warriors so they can focus on success on and off the battlefield.


Since 1999, thousands of young officers have enhanced their careers through ROA’s professional development courses. Hosted in unique locations twice each year, ROA’s Joint Officer Professional Development Seminars feature a joint service agenda and are among the nation’s premier professional development opportunities available to junior officers.

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