PRESIDENTS MESSAGE    

I really appreciate the communications and contacts many of you have made in the past few months. I am happy to say we have two individuals who have indicated a willingness to be Focal's for Oregon. I am still looking for individuals in Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska. Please consider this role, as without communications, we as a Department and Association are doomed to continuing problems.

Communications:I am glad to see some of you have read my previous column, but the need for communications is still there, so look for ways to open communications. Some of you may be aware that Nationals website has a location for Department and Chapter websites. Department of Washington has one, thanks to CAPT. Rick Thomas who does the departments and the Seattle chapter sight. Other chapters have sites as well. If you need If you need to copy any of our information please do so. Plus, if you need past information regarding the department please look at the websites as well. We plan to add more information to the sights as we move forward over time. We are also aware that the National website is evolving and they have made plans to make it more robust in the future. This should not be seen as a reason not to use it.

New Members: Since ROA has opened its membership to Non-Commissioned Officers, I asked each of you to contact ONE, just ONE outstanding NCO from your background who you know would make a great member. I just reviewed our new members and saw very few NCO's listed, so we need more effort from us all. I must admit that Nationals website didn't have a means to sign up NCO's, but they do now. Plus, I have asked CAPT Thomas to add the form to this website so you can print it out as well. Please look for and use it. I also want to thank those Non-Commissioned Officers who voluntarily contacted me and others about joining. What a great example of leadership. I am certain your membership offering will be received. Please try it if you haven't already and let me know how it goes.

Activities: The Department of Washington has been very busy. We held our December department meeting with good attendance and lots of fun had by all. Several of us also attended both the Seattle and Snohomish Chapter dinners. Sadly, many of us also attended and spoke at CAPT Carl Swensons (USNR, ret) memorial service. Carl will be missed by all who knew him. To say he was special is an under statement. Beloved is more fitting for me. By the time you are read this, many of us will be preparing to go to or have gone to the National Council Meeting held in Washington, DC from March 3-5th. Plans are to brief the Seattle Chapter on what transpired there at their dinner meeting on March 21, 2014.

FinancesWe had one more chapter that I know of report completion of the IRS process to make them current with National, well done Bremerton. I also had communications with National regarding Department and Chapter reimbursements. National informed me (us) that with the new hire of Ms. Jessica Haberer as Finance Director, the reimbursement will follow in a logical sequence with no specific dates set. I will forward information on this as it is known to me.

Department EndorsementI am happy to announce that the Department of Washington has endorsed CAPT Rick Thomas forNational Executive Committeeman (Coast Guard Seat). CAPT Thomas is extremly well qualified and will do a great job. We are looking forward to helping him any way possible.

Chapter Visits: Please let me know when and where your Chapters are meeting as I am still striving to attend at least once per chapter as practical this year.

Finally PLEASE CONTACT those Non-Commissioned Officers and invite them to join us.


ED        you may contact me at: (h) 425-821-8525, (c) 425-999-5168, email navybrock@live.com

Mariners Salute to the Armed Forces:

Mariners Salute to the Armed Forces game is on Saturday April 26th at 6:10 PM.They will play the Texas Rangers. Tickets are available for family and friends with payment due to COL. Siscel by April 4th.They cost $11 each and please include $2 for mailing. Make checks out to Snohomish County ROA. Mail payment and number requested to COL. SIscel at 19322 73rd Place West, Lynwood WA. 98036. Tickets will be mailed to you by April 16th. ROA will be represented on the field in a special ceremony before game time. If you wish to represent your service AND SEE THE GAME FOR FREE (no ticket purchase for you) you must be in Class A or Dress Uniform. Please let COL. SIscel know if you wish to participate on the field activities as soon as possible. Seats are in the 300 level.

James Siscel President Snohomish County Chapter ROA Email: :asjs68@earthlink.net"   



Between March 1st and the 5th, several of the Department of Washington members visited ROA Headqurters in Washington, DC to attend the 2014 National Committee meeting and Gala (although only one went to the $300 a plate gala).