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The Reserve Officers Association is the professional association for all uniformed Reserve services of the United States. Chartered by Congress and in existence since 1922, ROA advises and educates the Pennsylvania & United States Congress, the Governor & President, and the American people on issues of national security, with unique expertise on Reserve issues. ROA advocates for adequate funding of equipment and training requirements, recruiting and retention incentives, and employment rights for all members of our Reserve forces.

Reserve, National Guard, active, retired & former commissioned & non-commissioned officers, warrant officers of the Uniformed Services, ROTC & Military Academy cadets, as well as spouses, widows, or widowers of current or former ROA members are cordially invited to join the ROA and the Department of Pennsylvania.

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Recent/Upcoming Department & National Events
* 19-21 June 2015 - Dept of PA Convention hosted by Chap 53, Dubois, PA
* 26-29 July 2015 - ROA National Convention, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC 
* 12 Sep 2015 - Dept Fall Meeting @ Zimmerman/Zerbe Cabins in Penns Creek, PA
* ? June 2016 - Dept of PA Convention hosted by Chaps 99, 50 & 23, Pittsburgh, PA



Chap  11 – “CENTRAL” – Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Gettysburg Area

          14 – “CONNEMAUGH VALLEY” – Johnstown, Altoona, Ligonier, Greensburg Area

          18 – “ERIE” – Erie, Franklin, Edinboro Area

          23 – “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Beaver Falls, New Castle Area

          33 – “LEHIGH VALLEY” – Bethlehem, Allentown, Stroudsburg, Easton Area

          34 – “LUZERNE COUNTY” – Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton Area

          50 – “SEA SERVICES-PITTSBURGH” – Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Monroeville Area

          53 – “TRI-COUNTY” – Dubois, Clarion, Clearfield, Centre County Area

          62 – “MILITARY GOVERNMENT” – Philly, Doylestown, Bensalem, Bala Cynwyd Area

          63 – “PHILADELPHIA RESERVE” – Philly, Norristown, Doylestown Area

          99 – “TRI-SERVICES” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Greensburg, Butler, Grove City Area




Minutes - ROA Dept of PA Meeting/Convention - 20 June 2015 - Dubois, PA

LTC Bill Pentecost opening Dept. of Pa ROA Convention with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Warren Hull offered the Prayer. 

Attendee Roster - Quorum Approved: LTC Karen Aravich (Chap 53), LTC Don Aravich (Chap 53), LTC Bill Pentecost (Chap 99), LTC Dan Daley (Chap 11), CAPT Karl Ludwig (Chap 50), LTC Gordon McKay (Chap 23), LTC Warren Hull (Chap 18), LTC Al Smith (Chap 99), MAJ Bob Zimmerman (Chap 11), COL Paul Platek (Chap 99), LTC Ruth Redenbaugh (Chap 23), Bob Strosle (Chap 53), Betty Lehman (ROAL), Betty Doty (ROAL), COL Jay Barnes (Dept of SC).  Attendees were asked to do self-introductions

Secretary, COL Denise Gross’ minutes of last EXCOM (21 Feb 15) were submitted in a written report approved by motion of COL Platek, seconded by LTC Don Aravich, motion approved

Treasurer, LTC Al Smith provided the following information and a formal financial status report;

·         No National Dues Income available

·         Chapter 43 funds being held by the Dept, due to Chap 43 disbandment 

·         Budget for next year included:

o        National Dues discussion of how long we did not receive since 2011? 

o        Budget discussion Minuteman hard copy final issue, will reduce costs in the amount of approximately $1500.00.

o        National may approve dues reimbursements to Depts, later this year, LTC Daley indicated 50/50 chance.

o         Excom requested we move a Clearview CD to our Money Market Account!  Move from Calendar year to fiscal year (April 1st - March 30th). LTC McKay and LTC Hull made motion to approve budget of 2015/2016.

o        CAPT Karl Ludwig , made a motion and LTC Gordon McKay seconded the motion to accept current budget and end discussion, vote in favor of motion, one opposed. 

National Council Representative Report from LTC Dan Daley:

·         New Director since Dec. 2014, Army Reserve Maj Gen Jeff Phillips. 

·         Director is tightening budget waste.  Tele-conferencing all National Council meeting instead of expensive travel.  Next Dept National Councilman’s teleconf on July 13, 2015. 

·         LTC Daley referred to his email notes from a month ago, National Magazine will be eliminated due to cost.  Phillips wants to do more by email and less paper mailing.  

·         Diane Markham from the ROA office controls getting electronic copies of all communication. 

·         Exec Dir Phillips, in the last Tele-Conference, spoke of 5 Lines of Effort to lead ROA back into a positive, viable & influential organization: 

              - # 1- Improve Legislative influence through testimony, Resolutions, Reserve Information, assisting with legislative language on key Reserve Component issues.   

              - # 2 - Increase revenue & decrease expenses. Maybe rent the building for special events, rent/add coffee shop on first floor, bring ATM machines on first floor, and get some income from bank. Money to hire marketing companies to get new member in ROA seems to be a waste. Refinance the ROA office at a lower interest rate then currently.  LTC Daley reviewed current staff at ROA office, down from 11 to 7 full time with one part time staff. 

              - # 3 - Improve Membership. Many ideas that will be discussed at the National Convention in July, to streamline & simplify membership levels.

               - #4- Providing quality products & services to ROA members, example would be Identity theft products, along with the Life Insurance, and other joint ventures with third party organizations selling to ROA members. ROA Serviceman’s Law Center, will continue, but full time personnel cost was cut from the budget. 

               - #5- Improving strategic communications; Bi-monthly Reserve Voice email blast, Web site update, Twitter, Face Book, Etc. 

·         COIR was to be coordinated with our National Convention and about three months ago COIR pulled out from a joint venture. 

President Pentecost asked for any National Recommendation for offices during upcoming election.  He then referred to State positions, as upcoming elected officials.


·         A discussion on Resolution # 01-15, the Deceased LIFE MEMBERS Spouse becoming member of ROA after the death of a Life Member. Captain Ludwig motion to support LTC Karen Aravich seconded the recommended National Resolution. Amended to the thought that no additional National cost is occurred by ROA National.  Motioned Passed   

·         Next Bylaws Change # 2015-1, idea is to combine the Legislative Committee and the Resolutions Committee, with 6 members for 3 year terms. Motion made by LTC Don Aravich and CAPT Karl Ludwig second. Motion Passed.

Members attending National Convention as Dept Delegates were requested by the President to put their name on a roster as attending.  We are entitled to 11 delegate votes and we might have 5 attending (Pentecost, K. Aravich, D. Aravich, Daley, Holsworth?).  It was confirmed that the Dept of Pa has in the past and will continue to vote as a block.

Branch Reports:

Air Force Report by LTC Gordon McKay:  Discussed the Military Partnership between Civilian and Military,  having three committee's Joint readiness Center  and the committee – COL Holsworth and LTC McKay C0-Chair,  Community Support Committee,  Web site committee is up and running but no WEB site.

Navy Report by Captain Karl Ludwig - Reviewed that the only Department of Pa Navy Chapter is Chapter 50 and they continue the same activities as in past years.  CAPT Ludwig also discussed Reimbursement for offering a Sword to Carnegie Mellon graduate.  They support ROTC awards at University of Pa, Villanova and Carnegie Mellon.  JROTC Penn Hills High School (Navy) and West Allegheny High School (USMC).

Army Report by LTC Bill Pentecost stated he is working with COL Chip Holsworth to keep military installations in Pa. and not lose them to closure. He stated that the 99th was a two star command and they closed but the 316th is a one star command and they took over the building.  He discussed the possibility of joint ventures with facility, and a study by the governor’s office to include a National Guard Air Wing with the 911th air wing.

ROAL Report by Betty Lehman & Betty Doty - has two clubs with in the state of Pa.  -- Cathy Luke from                                                                              Mass. is a strong advocate for “Stand Together for American Reservists” - works with a program to educate teachers about the difference with students of Deployed Reserve Soldiers.

Recessed for Lunch at noon, reconvened at 1:10

Historian's Report - Col Paul Platek talked about the old Web site versus the new web Site. He wanted to update the web site with past presidents at the state level and wanted to track any Dept of Pa members who were National Presidents and National Service VP from Pa.

Resolutions Committee – LTC Redenbaugh stated she did not get any resolutions to bring forward at this time.

ROTC/JROTC MAJ Zimmeman reviewed & received many updates to latest Chapter ROTC/JROTC units, in the Minuteman.  Paul Platek discussed programs at Trinity High School, Washington Pa. and Albert Galletin High School.   Minuteman Newsletter article which indicates Chapter funds being reimbursed by the Department was in question by LTC Warren Hull.   LTC Warren Hull asked that Butler HS be listed as Chapter 18 and not Chapter 99.

Retirement Service Committee - Warren Hull is taking over for COL Kay Shiccatano and has nothing to report

Department Surgeon - Captain Karl Ludwig reported about the insurance proposed by the civilian government and how it doesn't work cooperatively with Tri-Care.  Discussion was weather MOA and ROA work cooperatively, no formal proposal at this time.  It was stated that from time to time, the two organizations legislative committee’s do work together.  

LTC Dan Daley brought up about the different government offices define what it takes to be a Veteran has different requirements to be considered a Veteran - 180 days of continuous active duty -not on a training status is the Dept. of Defense definition of a Veteran. ROA has worked with congress to get this adjusted to read 180 days total active duty.

Endowment Fund - LTC Don Aravich has nothing to report

Constitution and By-Laws - LTC Ruth Redenbaugh has no report. LTC Don Aravich is reviewing the 2003 modified Dept. Bylaws and comparing them to the National By-Laws.

Upcoming Dept & National Events - Reviewed LTC Pentecost for discussion;

  - 26-30 July 2015 - ROA National Convention, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC

  - 12 Sep 2015 - Dept Fall Excom at Penns Creek

  - June 2016 - Dept Convention is scheduled for Pittsburgh by Chapter 99 June 11 or June 25. LTC Pentecost will check for availability and provide more info at our Fall ExCom.

CAPT Karl Ludwig made a motion to donate $200 toward the combo Hospitality room with Dept of SC & the SE Conf, seconded by LTC Dan Daley.  Motion passed

Old Business - Merging of Departments being approved at the National Level.  Dept of Pa has turned down ventures of consolidating with Delaware, New Jersey & WV.

New Business - Paul Platek received an email about a proposition for military personnel to get authorized all credits while attending military schools.  In Pittsburg - Passing of the Armies at Hartwood Acre's where Civil war reenactors are doing a demonstration 27-28 June. 2015

Dept Elections (changes) of Officers (2 year period, 2015-2017) -

   - Lt Col Karen Aravich will take over as Dept President

   - Navy Senior VP is on board for this election period; the Navy section is waived and deferred to the Army. Senior VP is TBA.

   - John Marino from Chap 53, Dubois will be Army VP for the upcoming year.  Motion by LTC Karen Aravich seconded by LTC Gordon McKay, Motion passed. 

   - The rest of the Dept of Pa. state slate of officers is duly elected by acclamation.

Meeting Adjourned @ 1600. Banquet will commence @ 1830. 


Minutes recorded & submitted by

Bob Zimmerman

Acting Secretary


Minutes edited and formatted by COL Denise Gross 6/30/15




ROA Department Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Army Heritage & Education Center (AHEC), Carlisle PA

21 February 2015

(draft submitted by COL Denise Gross, 21 March, 2015)


1. Call to Order @ 1000 by LTC Karen Aravich - Sr VP / President Elect, along with Pledge of Allegiance.

    - Attendee Roster-Roll Call - Quorum – approved

Attendees present:

 - LTC Karen Aravich, Chap 53 (Sr VP/Pres Elect)

 - COL Denise Gross, Chap 11 (Secretary-for-Life

 - LTC Dan Daley, Chap 11 (National Council Rep)

 - LTC Alan Smith, Chap 99 (Treasurer-Extraordinaire)

 - Lt Col Don Aravich, Chap 53 (First-Husband Elect)

 - MAJ Bob Zimmerman, Chap 11 (ROTC/JROTC Chairman)

 - SGM Tom Zerbe, Chap 11 (Premium Cigar Chairman)


2. Secretary’s Report (COL Gross)

    - Approved minutes from 9-20-14 – COL Gross will send copy of minutes and copy of current C&B to LTC Daley for Dept website & facebook page


3. Treasurer's Report / Budget Review-Approval (LTC Smith)

Report distributed, after discussion, motions made and approved the report as amended.

Minuteman largest expense. Although ROTC and JR Off program is significant expense consensus was that the program remains relevant and important to keeping ROA name out there.

Money not coming in from National.  LTC Smith sent informal email notifying chapter treasurers, formal letter from President noted as needed. Also should be included in minuteman.

Taxes filed on 2/5/15 – accepted by IRS

Outstanding actions:

·         Change IRS filing period from calendar to fiscal account

·         Transfer funds in Clearview Federal Credit Union (FCU) CD to money market account

·         Email IRS filing for 2014 to National. Do not know POC since Laura Sieders left. LTC Daley suggested Kim Echols.


4. National Council Representative’s / Report (LTC Daley) National EXCOM

·         New Executive Director, MG Jeffrey Phillips

·         USAA wanted naming rights for building which was rejected – ROA still soliciting  for organization/company to do this and partnering with a law firm hoping to reduce debt.

·         National still looking at option of outsourcing staffing.

·         Discussion about need for more communication from National on Legislative issues and need for more information regarding membership status.

·         National is asking Departments to consider forgiving all or a portion of outstanding national debts.

·         National did not publish a fall edition of Officer Magazine.


Upcoming events:

Next National Council meeting is March 16-18, 2015 in DC        

Meetings will be attended by LTC Daley, COL Holsworth and LTC Pentecost, STARs Gala attendees evening of  March 17th will include  LTC Pentecost, COL Gross and possibly COL Holsworth. 

July 26-29, 2015 – National Convention, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC (DOPA considering camp ground accommodations may be taking camper/RV)


5. Department / Chapter Membership Report (COL Gross / LTC Daley)

Problem with renewals and membership reports from National


6. Officer’s Reports

- Senior VP/President Elect (LTC Aravich) NSTR

- VP Army (COL) Bhagwandien)  NSTR

- VP AF (LTC McKay) – NSTR

- VP Naval Services (CDR Krawec)  NSTR


7. Committee Chairpersons Reports (Surgeon; Dental Surgeon; Historian; Judge Adjutant; ROTC )

ROTC Report:  MAJ Zimmerman ordered and distributed medals that were centrally ordered.  Need new certificate with new Executive Director


8. Legislative / Resolutions Issues

Constitution & Bylaws –  New National C&B needs to be  reviewed  LTC Don Aravich appointed  as subcommittee chair, COL Holsworth and MAJ Zimmerman will serve on committee. Resolutions: None  Legislative Issues: None


9.  Chapter Reports / Updates: None                                                                                                                      

10. ROAL Report : NSTR

11. Minuteman Newsletter:   Next edition will be prepared by COL Gross within two weeks of receipt of details NLT April 1 emailed/posted on website NLT April 15, 2015 with RSVP NLT May 1, 2015  COL Gross will include notice  to all members listing names hardcopy requests and reinforcing need for valid email address

12. Upcoming ROA Department Convention (LTC Aravich ): Discussion regarding planning for our Dept State Convention, 19-21 June 2015 Dubois, RSVP May 20, 2015

13. Additional Old/New Business Issues: None

14. Motion to Adjourn

LUNCH – @ AHEC Cafe; no host

DINNER – no host; plans cancelled due to inclement weather conditions (lots of snow, Again)



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