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The Reserve Officers Association is the professional association for all uniformed Reserve services of the United States. Chartered by Congress and in existence since 1922, ROA advises and educates the Pennsylvania & United States Congress, the Governor & President, and the American people on issues of national security, with unique expertise on Reserve issues. ROA advocates for adequate funding of equipment and training requirements, recruiting and retention incentives, and employment rights for all members of our Reserve forces.

Reserve, National Guard, active, retired & former commissioned & non-commissioned officers, warrant officers of the Uniformed Services, ROTC & Military Academy cadets, as well as spouses, widows, or widowers of current or former ROA members are cordially invited to join the ROA and the Department of Pennsylvania.


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Recent/Upcoming Department & National Events
* 22-23 Jul 2016 - Dept of PA Convention, Pittsburgh, PA
* 11-14 Sep 2016 - ROA National Convention, Reno, NV
* 24 Sep 2016 - Dept of PA Fall EXCOM, Zimmerman/Zerbe Cabins. Penns Creek, PA
* ? Oct 2016 - ROA STARS Foundation Reception, ROA Minuteman Bldg, Washington, DC (Tentative)



* Our ROA Dept of PA Annual Convention will be July 22-23, at the Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station in Corapolis, PA, sponsored by Chapter 23. 

Additional details and Registration form in Attached Document (pdf)

Summer 2016 Convention
22-24 July 2016
Hosted by: ROA Department of PA and Chapter 23, 99 & 50
(POC Lt Col Gordon McKay c:(724)344-7714 or
Cargo Bay Community Center@Pittsburgh Air Rsv Stn (Bldg 213)
1160 Browns St,
Coraopolis, PA 15108   
Telephone: 412-604-8314

Hotel/Lodging Reservations
Hospitality Inn @ Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station (Bldg 226)
2374 Defense Ave., Coropolis, PA 15108  

Telephone: 412-474-8230 (ask for Kelly)

REF: "Reserve Officer's Association (ROA) Conference" to reserve blocked rooms/rate.  

  • Room Rate: $60/night plus tax (single or double occupancy).
  • $69/night for DV suites (Col and above)
  • Lodging Reservation/Pymt must be made directly with the Hotel. 

Registration Fees

Full Conference Fee with registration and all meals = $70 

Partial Conference Fees (for guests & partial registrants):
  • Registration. Fee: $23 - Each Attendee Full or Partial Conference  (includes hospitality room, snacks, limited bar, coffee).
  • Breakfast: $9
  • Lunch: $13 - Baked Ham     
  • Banquet: $25 - Buffet (choice of chicken or cod, potatoes, vegetables)    

Additional details and Registration form in Attached Document (pdf)

* ROA's 2016 National Convention will be 11-14 September at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno, Nevada. Registration will open in July. Watch the ReserveVoice and the ROA website for more information as it becomes available.



Chap  11 – “CENTRAL” – Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Gettysburg Area

          14 – “CONNEMAUGH VALLEY” – Johnstown, Altoona, Ligonier, Greensburg Area

          18 – “ERIE” – Erie, Franklin, Edinboro Area

          23 – “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Beaver Falls, New Castle Area

          33 – “LEHIGH VALLEY” – Bethlehem, Allentown, Stroudsburg, Easton Area

          34 – “LUZERNE COUNTY” – Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton Area

          50 – “SEA SERVICES-PITTSBURGH” – Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Monroeville Area

          53 – “TRI-COUNTY” – Dubois, Clarion, Clearfield, Centre County Area

          62 – “MILITARY GOVERNMENT” – Philly, Doylestown, Bensalem, Bala Cynwyd Area

          63 – “PHILADELPHIA RESERVE” – Philly, Norristown, Doylestown Area

          99 – “TRI-SERVICES” – Pittsburgh, Oakdale, Greensburg, Butler, Grove City Area




LATEST DEPARTMENT MINUTEMAN NEWSLETTER - Spring/Summer 2016 - Emailed to all department members on 4 May 2016

Attached is your Summer 2016 issue of the Pennsylvania Department Minuteman Newsletter. 


ROA DEPT of PA EXCOM MEETING, Carlisle, PA, Feb 20, 2016

Call to Order (LTC Karen Aravich)

Pledge of Allegiance

See attendee list (attachment 1)

Minutes of Sep 12 2015 meeting approved as amended.  (attachment 2) Minutes are published on the PA Website

Treasurers Report:  (LTC Smith) Accepted as published and amended

            LTC Smith distributed the current Department of PA ROA budget.(see attachment 3)  Adjustments are being made to current budget to account for the lack of any funds distribution from National ROA.  Transfer of $500.00 approved from Jr Officer/ROTC budgeted expenses to cover expenses of National Council meeting in Wash DC in March.

            LTC Smith distributed proposed budget with 2015-16 revisions and 2016-17 proposal  Adjustments were made and approved with individual allotments shifted to best distribute Expenses where necessary. (see attachment 4)

            LTC Smith reported on current status of investment funds and Dept of PA Balance sheet (attachment 5)

             LTC Smith reported the Department’s IRS Form 990 was filed and accepted by the IRS on January 29, 2016.

National Council Report:  (LTC Daley)

            LTC Daley reported monthly National Council conference call and invited anyone with issues to raise contact him or arrange with him to join the conference call.

            LTC Daley reported on some of the issues discussed including the ROA/USAA Credit Card soon to be released, refurbishing construction currently underway in Minuteman Building, loan on building status and hopeful payoff soon, law center closure and calls referral to ESGR, ROA still maintaining website law review but entries are voluntary, ROA medal to be established soon, ROA membership recently fell below 50,000, discussion of new military retirement system as it affects Reservists, March ROA Leadership Conference will be attended by 4 PA representatives.

Membership:  (Col Gross)

            Col Gross reported on continuing decline of membership.  Drilling Reservists very small portion of membership.  Problem is largely lack of emphasis by Unit Commanders.  Discussion held on things to do, events to sponsor, to help resurrect Department membership.  LTC Don Aravich Motion passed to sponsor membership reception at 911th club for Chapter 23 with matching funds from state up to $350.00.  Navy and AF at base to be invited.  Funds also approved for the same funding for similar event for Chapter 99.  Col Holsworth, LTC McKay and LTC Pentecost to coordinate.

            Eleven Chapters in existence in PA at present.

President Report:  (LTC Karen Aravich)

            LTC Aravich reported on ROAL reception/fundraiser held in Philadelphia and state of the Chapters in PA.  She also led discussion on the State and National ROA meetings of the past year and ones for 2016.  She also led discussion on changes in the military retirement system and ROA led changes in it related to Reservists.

Army Report:  (None)

AF Report: (Col McKay)

            Col McKay reported on C-17 aircraft assignment to Pittsburgh with FY 17 MILCON budget of 85M in President’s budget to begin construction in first year. 8 aircraft to be assigned to replace the C-130’s there now.  Planes coming from active duty.

Naval Services Report: (None)

Committee Reports

            JAG, (Col Holsworth, LTC Pentecost) C&BL review in progress.

            ROTC, (LTC Zimmerman) Reported on ribbon ordering and presentation of ROTC medals.  He distributed ribbons already ordered.  Discussion on current rules on number of ribbons distributed to each ROTC/JROTC Unit.  National ROA and Department guidelines are for awarding one ribbon per JROTC unit.  Only Universities are authorized 3 ROTC medals (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Any further ribbons awarded beyond the authorized amount must be at either Chapter, School or individual expense.

            LEGISLATIVE, (None)  PA ROA legislative visits to be set up with March ROA Leaders Conference at ROA headquarters in Wash DC  Attendees from Dept of PA at that Conference were established.

            SURGEON, (None)

            DENTAL SURGEON, (None)

            HISTORIAN, (None)

Minuteman Newsletter:  (Col Gross)

            Articles needed for next issue by April 1.  Denise reported that almost all newsletters are now sent electronically

Department Convention:  (LTC Pentacost, Col Holsworth)

            ROA Reunion (ROAR) was proposed as a theme for bringing back former ROA members in Pennsylvania who have dropped out of active participation.  Individual invitations will be prepared and sent out to all those members to the next state convention trying to bring them for a reunion of sorts.

            A proposal was made by Bill and Chip to have the state convention at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh combining similar state meetings of other military associations and commemorating the 25th anniversary of the filming of the “Silence of the Lambs” movie at Soldiers and Sailors and the Pittsburgh area.  Bill and Chip will meet this week with S&S personnel to further discuss the subject and try to establish a date.

            If arrangements cannot be made for the Soldiers and Sailors event then Seven Springs Resort near Somerset PA will be a second choice.

            It was also pointed out that the National ROA Convention will probably be in Reno Nevada on September 11-14 although final details are still being worked out.

            The STARRS banquet will probably be in Wash DC in October.

            Fall EXCOM tentatively planned for September 24, 2016 at Penns Creek.

Website:  (LTC Daley)

             Increased interest shown lately by more hits on website. Dan is open for ideas and requests for things to be included.

PMCEC: (Col Holsworth, LTC Pentecost)

            The Governor has appointed the new senior military Commissioner in Admiral Fallon and a new Executive Director in BG Sullivan.  Chip and Bill as Commissioners reported that the Commission has received funding from the PA Legislature through DCED which is allowing it to provide some grants around the Commonwealth for special projects aimed at the enhancement of our military installations.  A report was given on grants provided to the Pittsburgh area providing for a public relations project including website development and video production on the military/community interactions there and for an economic impact study on the military impact on western PA.  A grant request has been submitted for a renewed study of a Pittsburgh based Joint Readiness Center, a project that was initiated during the 2005 BRAC and went dormant a couple years later.

Chapter Reports: (None)

ROAL Report: (None)

Minuteman Newsletter:  (Col Gross)


            Col Gross reported that the deadline for the next Minuteman Newsletter will be April 1, 2016.  Articles will be greatly appreciated.



1. Call to Order (LTC Karen Aravich - President )

    - Pledge of Allegiance

    - Attendee Roster-Roll Call-Quorum : LTC Karen Aravich, LTC Don Aravich, MAJ Bob Zimmerman, LTC Alan Smith, LTC McKay, COL Denise Gross; LTC Warren Hull, COL Chip Holsworth

2. Secretary’s  Report (COL Gross)

    - Comments/Approved minutes  – 6/20/15 previously distributed via email & posted on Dept website,

3.  Treasurer's Report / Budget Review-Approval (LTC Smith)

   - Report distributed, after discussion, noted that President needs to coordinate adjustments  and budget limitations to ensure sufficient funds are available for support to National Meetings.

Motion made and EXCOM approved the report.

   - COL Holsworth made motion, seconded by Maj Zimmerman to give the President the authority to review the budget, make necessary changes & solicit electronic vote for approval by EXCOM. Motion approved.

4. National Council Representative’s / Report (LTC Daley/ refer to National Convention minutes recorded on National website dated 26-29 July 2015

5. Department / Chapter Membership Report (COL Gross ) NSTR

6. Officer’s Reports

    - Senior VP/President Elect (No Navy Candidate available) NSTR

    - VP Army (LTC Bhagwandien)  NSTR

    - VP AF (LTC McKay) – DOPA Members active in Western PA Pittsburgh Joint Readiness Center Committee to leverage Community Regional services and work together as a team during emergency. Legislative Initiatives include the acquisition of aircraft. Coordination with state underway for resources, ramp space. This is critical in protecting the Air Base from potential closure in the future.  Military and Community in W PA promoting  transition from C130 to C 17 at 911 AirLift Wing and KC135 to KC46 at PA Nat Guard  171ARW

    - VP Naval Services (CDR Krawec) NSTR

7. Committee Chairpersons Reports (Surgeon; Dental Surgeon; Historian; Judge Adjutant; ROTC).

   - Judge Adjutant NSTR

   - ROTC Report:  MAJ Zimmerman ordered and distributed medals for most chapters no problems with medals that were centrally ordered.  New certificate with new Executive Director is available. Need to coordinate changes to school assignments with COL Gross before next issue of Minuteman. Changes provided 10/29/15: Chapter 18 will be handling award for Butler Intermediate HS and Seneca HS.  Chapter 11 will be handling the award for Chambersburg HS (USN). Need to delete Butler from Chapter 99 list of schools and delete category subheading titled, Chapter 43. The next edition of the Newsletter should reflect these changes.    Motion made by COL Chip Holsworth that the Department provide payment if requested for ROTC medals as assigned for schools outlined in Minuteman and we adopt the guidelines as published as DOPA policy.

LTC Gordon McKay seconded the motion. Motion passed    

 8. Legislative / Resolutions Issues

   - Constitution & Bylaws – New National C&B being reviewed by LTC Don Aravich who was previously appointed as subcommittee chair, he will send updates to COL Holsworth and MAJ Zimmerman who serve on committee

   - Resolutions: None

   - Legislative Issues: None

9.  Chapter Reports / Updates: Chapter 23 and Chapter 99 will help coordinate next state convention in June 2016 – date TBD Bill Pentecost will be the lead for the event.

10. ROAL Report: COL Gross read the Chapter Newsletter

11. Minuteman Newsletter:   Next edition will be prepared by COL Gross within two weeks of receipt of details NLT April 1 emailed/posted on website NLT April 15, 2016 with RSVP NLT May 1, 2016  COL Gross will mail first class hard copies to the members who requested it – all others will be posted on website with email notice to link.

12. Upcoming ROA Department EXCOM in February at Carlisle Barracks – COL Gross and LTC Daley will Coordinate – LETORT or AHEC 

13. Additional Old/New Business Issues: Discussion about ROA’s role as related to USERRA and support to ROA Law Center.  The ROA Law Center has been terminated for lack of funding.  Bill Pentacost and Chip Holsworth involved in discussion and negotiations to merge ROA’s Law Center with ESGR

14. Motion to Adjourn

LUNCH – no host


DINNER – no host – Union County Sportsman’s Club




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